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Sirius the Kid

Chapter 1

Harry sat on a swing in the park. Glancing at his watch he registered it was midnight. He'd had another spat with the Dursley's earlier and ran off. The situation reminded him vaguely of last summer. It seemed so long ago that he was fretting over lack of information, now all he could think of was …Sirius. Harry glared at the ground a few angry tears dripping from his cheeks. He brushed them away stiffly.

Harry's head jerked up and he stared around. He wasn't sure but it sounded like a twig had snapped nearby.

"Could have sworn…" he muttered looking around. Then he heard it again definitely something. He stood up pulling out his wand and pointing it at the bushes that were shaking violently. Just then a boy about Harry's own age stepped out of the bushes. The boy was tall and lean with long hair that fell into his face with amazing grace. The boy grinned at Harry as he freed himself if the bushes. It struck Harry then the boy looked like the Sirius he'd seen in Snape's memories. But … no … how?

"Oh! Hi, I didn't think any one but me would be here this late. My name is Sirius. What is y…? Harry!" Sirius Eyes widened and he began to talk very fast "But then this isn't the world of the dead! Then why am I a kid! I thought…"

"Sirius!" Harry jumped up ran over and was about to through his arms around Sirius when it hit him "How do I know your not a death eater! How do I know this isn't a trap! And if it's not how did this happen! You fell through I saw you!" then at the same time they both said

"I have no idea!" And flopped onto the ground. Sirius was the first to talk

"You know I'm Sirius because… your potronis is a stag like prongs?" he suggested

"Yeah ok…um I don't know why you are a kid but… you're not in the world of the dead? What ever that is… your here so your… your not dead!" Suddenly Harry began to laugh and cry at the same time as he threw his arms around Sirius. "You're not dead! Oh Sirius you're not dead!"

"No I guess I'm cursed to be with a Potter for all time!" Sirius grinned giving his bark like laugh "but how did I survive?" he asked himself "We should probably owl Albus."

"Right," Harry agreed trying to regain control "come with me." They stood and started towards number 4 grinning at each other. Sirius slipped quietly behind Harry as the entered the house and snuck upstairs.

Sirius looked around Harry's room exploring every corner as soon as they made it safely upstairs. "Nice." He said in approval.

"It's not much really." Harry said still grinning and watching Sirius like he was afraid if he blinked Sirius would be gone. Hedwig hooted startling Harry reminding him of a certain letter he should be writing. He got out a piece of parchment and a quill.

"Dumbledore's going to think I'm off my rocker when he reads this" Harry said laughing to Sirius who had flopped on the bed.

"He's not wrong!" Sirius laughed "What are you going to say?" he added watching Harry begin to write.