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Chapter 5

Hermione, Ginny, and Ron gaped at him. "How do you know professor Lupin?"

"Umm…" Sirius looked around at Harry for help. "Well…He …uh… he works with Dumbledore a lot with the Order and all and I had the pleasure of meeting him over the summer a few times." He said all of this rather quickly.

"Oh, well that's nice!" Smiled Hermione "He's very nice isn't he? I've always thought how awful it is that it so hard for him to find work because of…" She paused here, blushing slightly, remembering that Michael might not now about Professor Lupin's…uh… fuzzy little problem.

"No need to worry! I know about the badly behaved bunny!" Harry began choking on a chocolate frog in what had been an attempt to keep from laughing.

"Cough Yeah, no need to cough chuckle cough worry about that Herm, He knows about Lupin." Harry chocked out through his laughter and coughing. Hermione just continued to blush.

"Yeah, anyway I might have, accidentally of course, heard Dumbledore and him talking about teaching. Something about no else taking the job." Sirius grinned.

"Oh, good! That sounds like he'll be teaching again this year." Hermione said trying to regain some composure.

"I hope so, but it sounded like Remus was trying everything he could think of to get out of it." Sirius pondered "Of course, he has never been one to turn his back… yeah… yeah I think he'll be there!" Sirius' grin widened.

It seemed like they group had known Michael forever by the time Hogwarts could be seen through the Express' windows. Hermione already knew she would have to work very very hard this year to keep them all out of trouble. This Michael boy was trouble… a fun charming sort of trouble but trouble all the same.

At the welcoming dinner:

"Michael! Ron! Cut it out! That is so gross! No Harry, not you too?" Hermione tried in vain to stop the 'who can shove the most food into their face the fastest' competition that her male companions seemed to be entertaining themselves with.

"Bap Hermfy ver unjri!" Which might have meant 'But Hermione we are hungry!' but there was no way to be sure. Hermione mutter something along the lines of 'Boys!' just as Albus Dumbledore stood up.

"Well now that we are all fed I would like to introduce the new staff members. This is Miss Baxter, our new Defense teacher..." Dumbledore continued to introduce a Mr. Millegan, the new charms teacher. (Flitwik retired)

"Damn no Remus" (that was Sirius) "Wonder how he managed to weasel his way out of teaching…"

Soon everyone got up, heading to the warm comfortable beds they new to be awaiting them. Sirius and Harry stayed behind, Dumbledore had gave them a look that said 'Stay at the Gryffindor table I have some things I wish to discuss with you on the matter of your stay here Mr. Black, Harry you can stay too, I don't mind. Mr. Black? …Mr. Black do not even think… Never mind its hopeless just wait awhile and hex Severus later.' ………… Or something like that.

"Well Sirius, I am glad to see you again, and in good condition too. I take it you had a good train ride?" Sirius nodded "Good, very good. I may be wrong but I assumed you would like to stay in Gryffindor, your things have been moved up there, and an extra bed put into Harry's dorm. I am, of course, expecting you to go to classes and not break every school rule more than fifty times until we can revert you back to your adult form…if we can, I do not know. This has never happened before; you may have to grow up all over again. Unless there is anything else you two need, or need to ask?" Dumbledore smiled as the boys shook their heads. "Very well, goodnight to you both" and with that Harry and Sirius scampered of to the Gryffindor tower.

Gryffindor Tower:

'Michael', Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat in some of the best chairs in front of the fire. Ginny was already in bed. Hermione was telling a very bored Michael everything about Hogwarts. Everything,

"And the back left corner of the library has books on history and……… (Insert other random facts)……… And Gildory Lockheart……… (More facts)………Giant squid……… (Blah Blah Blah) ……… Professor Snape" Here Sirius sat up and tuned into what Hermione was saying. "I don't know if you've met him. He works for the Order too. He's the potion master here. He is very strict and rather cruel. I don't like him much… But I still respect him! Harry and Ron would do well to follow my example!"

"Oh come off it Hermione! He's a git!"

"Harry! He is n-"(she got cut off)

"A greasy slimy git!"


"A Greasy slimy vampric git!"

"Harry! Really, stop th-"

"He's the bat of the dungeons"

"Ron! This is so immature! Really cut it-"

"He's Batman!"

Here Hermione couldn't help herself! She was muggleborn after all, and had grown up reading her dad's old comic books. Who wouldn't laugh at the mental image of Serverus Snape in tights and a cape?

In fact she was still chortling as she climbed into bed later that night. So was Harry as he showed Ron and Sirius an old Batman comic book that used to be Dinkiny Duddy Dum's.

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