A Change For The Better

by Fatala

Not much changed here just some minor details, but it should fit in better with the upcoming chapters.

Introduction: Thoughts.

Wedge looked around at the battlefield where a few hours the Buildteam had been fighting the Decepticons, minus Scrouge. Thanks to the quick thinking, his stubbornness, and a streak of good luck his team and him had managed to form Landfill, defeat Ruination, and; miraculously, had gotten out of a huge oil explosion in one piece. 'That was a close one.', thought Wedge as he rubbed his singed arm. 'Almost too close.' He turned to see his teammates who were now enjoying a relaxing oil bath. They were the most important people in his life, they were friends; practically brothers. Heavy Load, Hightower, and Grimlock each was an essential part of the other but this was a normal bond that every team, combiner or not, experienced. As a combiner group they shared a very special link with one another, a bond which could never be broken no matter what came between them.

"Wedge!" Wedge turned at the call to see Heavy Load waving at him.

"Hey Wedge! You gonna stand there and rust or you gonna come and join us!", called Hightower enthusiastically. Grimlock laid back sinking farther into the relaxing pool of oil as he and the others smiled at their leader.

"If you want me you got me!", he yelled before making a big splash with a cannonball into the still hot oil. Today they had shown the Decepticons that they were not to be underestimated and had heard their place beside Team Bullet Train as one of the Autobot's top combiner squads. Things were looking good, very good indeed.

To be continued . . .