Author's Note: So, having found out that Bryan Dick (Joseph Nagel in the movie) is going to be in a movie actually released in the United States, I'm quite excited. I've decided to write another story about him, since, to my great surprise, there are hardly any that even mention him. Shame. Shame upon you all. I also noticed a great many shameless romances. I might do that too. That seems to work out nicely. Does anyone besides me even like Nagel? I'd like to know that too.


The waves crashed against the shoreline. She watched them from a distance, knowing in her heart she could never look at them the same way again. She could never see them as he had seen them. He had been a lover, but most importantly, he had been a friend. He had listened to her, had helped her. He had taken her under his wing and protected her at a time when no one else would. The salty air brought tears to her eyes. It had been such a short time, such a short and lovely time, but they would never meet again. She knew that for sure. What she didn't know was how she would ever live without him.

She folded her arms across her chest and let her dark hair whip in the wind as it would. A small boy was running along the beach, his white britches tattered from overuse and rough terrain. He was yelling, she realized, as he came closer. "¡Paca, Paca! ¡Señorita, aquí!" He was holding a large bottle in his hands, stopped with a cork. And inside was a rolled piece of parchment. "¡ Los marineros!"