All it takes


Harry shivered silently underneath his meager sheet. On the cold winter nights, it never even came close to keeping him warm. But still he curled into a ball, praying for some shred of warmth, to keep him from freezing. He knew that it wouldn't be long until Aunt Petunia opened the cupboard under the stairs and forced him to work.

Even though he was only four, his self-esteem had been whittled down to nothing. Every time he thought he had done something well, he would get insulted. Breakfasts cooked perfectly, garden weeded, floors scrubbed spotlessly. Never good enough for his Aunt and Uncle.

It was getting light outside his cupboard. Dawn had come. Aunt Petunia usually came by now. Today was Saturday, he knew. And Aunt Petunia had let him know that he would be polishing her silver today. She said he would be getting up earlier than usual.

Had she overslept? He hoped so. Though some part of him, deep inside knew that something was wrong. The morning sunlight had brought some warmth into his cupboard. Harry felt himself fade into a pleasant nap, where he had dreams of unicorns, dragons and a place far away from the Dursleys.

He awoke roughly an hour later. Now he knew that something was wrong. He had never been allowed to stay in this late in his entire life. But now he needed to use the bathroom. When he felt that he got desperate enough, he started fumbling with the lock on his cupboard. He couldn't get his hands through the grate to reach the slide. His fingers were too big.

He felt a slight tingling sensation and his fingers stretched out long and thin, and he opened his cupboard. His fingers looked normal now.. But he could have sworn that. Nevermind. Harry scampered up the steps and used the bathroom. He made sure to wash his hands, and was ready to sneak down the steps and back to his cupboard. He didn't want someone to know that he'd been out.

Then something struck him as seriously odd. There was no snoring. Uncle Vernon ALWAYS snored. There wasn't even a heavy breathing sound. Something had to be wrong. He crept into his Aunt and Uncle's room. The light from the windows allowed him to see clearly. And he would never forget what he saw.

Aunt Petunia had hung herself and was dangling lifelessly from the ceiling, a note was pinned to her chest. And Uncle Vernon wasn't breathing.

He remembered being taught from a young age (younger anyway) that if something were to go wrong, he was to go next door to Number Six Privet drive and let them know. That was exactly what Harry planned to do.

Harry went back down the stairs, his heart racing and he pulled on his shoes. He opened the front door and went next door and knocked. Miss. Clyde answered the door in her work clothes. She was in her mid thirties, and worked as a Lawyer. She wasn't married and had enough money to build a house out of pound notes, but didn't spend it.

"Hello Harry." She said sweetly. "What are you doing up this early?"

"Miss. Clyde, something's wrong with my Aunt and Uncle." He said calmly and clearly.

"Aunt Petunia's hanging from the ceiling."

Her face turned to a look of concern. Hanging from the ceiling couldn't mean anything good.

"Will you take me to see them Harry?" she asked.

Harry nodded, and the two of them trooped across the lawn and back into the Dursley residence. Harry lead her up to Aunt Petunia's room, but refused to enter. Miss Clyde let out a startled squeak, and immediately called the police on her cell phone.

At 11:13 that morning, Petunia and Vernon Dursley were pronounced dead at the scene. The official report stated that Vernon Dursley died of a heart attack during his sleep. When Petunia woke up, she discovered his corpse and killed herself in her grief by hanging herself from the ceiling fan with a pair of panty hose. Neither of the children, nor Miss Clyde were mentioned in the report.

Harry was sent to the London adoption agency that evening, and Dudley was shipped off to live with his Aunt Marge. The shock of his parent's deaths caused Dudley to go into a state of shock. Marge gave up on him in a week and sent him to a mental institution. He never recovered.

-----One week Later-----

Harry dozed peacefully in a plain wooden bunk bed with cheap sheets. The room he slept in was painted an unsightly shade of off white. The Surrey Adoption Agency where Harry slept had a ten day program. They would keep a child long enough to put their picture in their monthly catalog, before sending them to an orphanage to stay until someone chose to adopt them. If someone expressed an interest in a child, they would stay an additional ten days (even if the person backs out.) Every time a person expresses an interest in a child, the period is extended again. It was theoretically possible for someone to stay there for years without actually getting adopted, but it hardly ever happened. Besides, who wants to drive all the way out to Surrey to adopt a child when there's a perfectly good adoption agency right in London?

A woman in a white nurse's outfit walked the plainly carpeted hallway of the S.A.A., passing several doors and paying them no mind. She came to one door, and opened it as quietly as she could. She flicked on the light switch, bringing light into the previously dark room.

"Harry? Harry potter?" she asked. "Wake up please. You have a visitor."

Harry sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes.

"Ok Miss. Watson." he replied brightly. Harry climbed out of the bed, wearing some of Dudley's old cast off clothes. He pulled on his shoes and followed her into the lobby.

"Now, Harry, I warn you now that this man may look a bit scary at first, but he's actually a really nice person. Don't let how he looks scare you, okay?" Miss. Watson tittered.

"'Kay." Harry agreed.

"Now this man really likes you and wants to take you home for a few days as a test run. If you both agree that it's going to work out then he can become your new daddy. Would you like to have a daddy, Harry?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Harry replied enthusiastically.

"That's the spirit." Miss. Watson agreed. They had reached the end of the hallway now and were at the door to the Lobby. "He's in there, Harry." She held the door open for him to enter first. Harry walked in without showing an ounce of fear.

In one of the chairs of the waiting room sat Ex-Auror Alastor Moody.