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Mayor Manx: I've had an idea!
Callie: Ooh Mayor! Your so brilliant!

Ann Gora: I'll have a Double Whooper, supersized fries, and an extra large Mr. Pibb!

Pastmaster: Alright, who wants Chinese? No, seriously guys, I know this great restaraunt in 16th century China...

Pastmaster: I love the modern world! (from Crystalfox2)

Jake: Did you know I want to marry you?
CHance: Wow that's amazing... THE WORLD IS COMMING TO AN END! (from Suicide Angel 911)

C. Feral: Reminder, I do not own Swat Kats

C. Feral: (sees giant monster created by Dr. Viper and then his eyes bug out cartoon style and his mouth drops to the ground) Run away; run away (From Readerpal)

C. Feral: Miss. Briggs would you go out with me? (From Readerpal)

Dr. Viper: I think Im gay (From Readerpal)

Dr. Viper: I'm too sexy for my lab coat oh yeah! (From Readerpal)

Dr. Viper: genetic mutation is against God's will! (From Readerpal)

Felina: Does this Enforcers outfit make my but look big? (From Readerpal)

Dark Kat: why do I bother? (From Readerpal)

Mad Kat: I need to see a psychiatrist I'm just not funny anymore (From Readerpal)

Jake: we need to start packing some serious heat yo! (From Readerpal)

C. Feral: Never say diaper!

Dr. Viper: I'm going to become a male striper, I've been told my tale is enticing!

Chance: I'm pregnant.(from Purple Kat)

Feral: (sighs as he watches his chopper burn) I'm getting too old for this. (from Etherweil)

Callie: Oh something shiny! (from Etherweil)

Chance: Dude, I really need some flying lessons.

Jake: I really like that Ulysses Ferrel, I need to hang out with him more often.

C. Feral: I think I'll give Jake and Chance a break, I've been working them way too hard.

C. Feral: (screaming in a high pitched voice) I BROKE A NAIL! OH MY GOD!

Felina: (screaming in a high pitched voice) I BROKE A NAIL! OH MY GOD!

Callie: Mayor Manx, have I ever told you how attractive you look in that golfing outfit? (insert sexy growl)

Callie & Felina: We're lesbians!

Mayor Manx: Why don't I write my own speech this time, Callie, I don't like the ones you write for me, they make me sound stupid.

Mac: My daddy never hugged me.
Molly: You poor thing, come here (insert big android hug)

Dark Kat: Ferrel, why don't we try talking this one out instead of fighting?

Molly: Here, honey, you drive.

C. Feral: Go get 'em, Swat Kats! I believe in you.

C. Feral: Felina, I'm promoting you. Good work, I'm so proud of you.

Dr. Viper: Dark Kat, may I borrow one of your mutants tonight, I'm lonely.