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The host of this program is in no way representative of me, in spite of the fact that we share the same name.

Audience: S-Michael! S-Michael! S-Michael!

S-Michael: Hello, and welcome to The S-Michael Show. I am your host, S-Michael. On today's show we have Some very special guests from the anime hit, InuYasha. Please introduce yourselves.

Kagome: I'm Kagome, an average Japanese school girl who goes back in time to fight demons.

S-Michael: That's average?

Kagome: Well, no I suppose not.

Sango: I'm Sango, a demon slayer questing to kill Naraku and avenge my family.

S-Michael: I understand that there used to be a number of you.

Sango: An entire village.

S-Michael: What happened?

Sango: Demons killed us.

S-Michael: I see.

InuYasha: Hey! Shouldn't you have known that? It's pretty basic information!

S-Michael: If you'll introduce yourself to the audience?…

InuYasha: Oh, um, my name is InuYasha, I'm a hanyou from feudal Japan. I'm searching for Shikon Jewel shards, and also to kill Naraku. Now as I was saying --

S-Michael: Hmm, I'm beginning to see a pattern forming.

InuYasha: Alright, there is no way you could possibly not know that if you have ever seen the show, --

S-Michael: Moving on. And you are?

Miroku: I, Miroku, am a most reputable monk, as pure as they come.

Kagome: Aside from the fact that he lies, cheats, steals, and gropes women.

(Audience boos.)

S-Michael: Is this true?

Miroku: No.

Everyone else on-stage: YES!

S-Michael (picks Shippo up by the tail): Look at this little guy! Isn't he cute?

Shippo (flailing frantically): Put me down, you big dumb clod!

Audience: Aw!

S-Michael: Precious.

S-Micheal drops Shippo on the ground, advances towards the next guest: And you are?

Sesshoumaru: Wondering why I ever agreed to appear on this show.

Audience: Boo! Boo! Boo!

S-Michael: I must ask you not to upset our audience. They're very feral, and we don't let them out as much as we should.

Sesshoumaru: Like I'm afraid of a bunch of milk-pale humans?

S-Michael: Look just give us your name so that I can move on to the next guest, okay?

Sesshoumaru: Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands. Now move along.

Audience: Boo! Boo!

Sesshoumaru: Bring it on, you beep!

S-Michael: Moving on.

Kagura: Yeah, um, I'm Kagura, and, um…(whispers) Those people are freaking me out.

S-Michael: The audience?

Kagura: Yes.

InuYasha: This, from someone who raises corpses for fun! Not that I blame you.

Audience: Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!

S-Michael: Calm down, Audience! Don't make use bring out the tasers!

Kagome: Um, can you even do that?

S-Michael: Sure. Jerry Springer does it all the time.

Sesshoumaru: Where's Jakken and Rin?

S-Michael: How did you know that they were going to be on the program?

Sesshoumaru: Kagome drove all of us to the studio.

S-Michael: All of you?

Sesshoumaru: Except for Kagura. She flew on her feather.

S-Michael. Well, there goes my surprise guests!

Kagura: Some of them flew with me on my feather, and I don't think that the others saw them.

S-Michael: Well, thank God for that! Because, really, this show is going nowhere without surprise guests. Hey, wait a second. Kagome, are you even old enough to drive?

Kagome (gives S-Michael a look that says he's being an idiot): I'm the only one here who even knows what a car is.

S-Michael: A point. Bring out Rin and Jakken, why not?

(Rin and Jakken enter stage right, sit on the floor to either side of Sesshoumaru.)

Rin: I saw Kohaku back there!

S-Michael (glares at Rin): Well, tell the whole world, why don't you? Yes, Kohaku, come on out, but no more talking about people you met back stage! For the love of God, people, I need those surprise guests! They're the lifeblood of this show!

(Kohaku enters stage left.)

Sango (gesturing to chair next to her): You can sit here, Kohaku.

(Kagura grabs Kohaku and sits him on her lap.)

(Audience boos.)

S-Michael: Wait. Isn't he, like, twelve?

Kagura: Yeah, but living under Naraku's thumb, it's not like we get out much.

S-Michael: It was Cabin fever, then?

Kagura: Mixed with that feeling that soldiers get, you know, we'll most likely die tomorrow so you might as well live today.

S-Michael: Yeah, but…

Kagura: Look, every other human being or demon I know is either related to me or someone I try to kill on a regular basis My options are limited.

S-Michael: I see.

(S-Michael walks over to Sango, who is glaring at Kagura venomously.)

S-Michael: So, what's the story here? Don't tell me you want him, too!

Sango (punches S-Michael out): He's my brother, you sick beep-ing beep!

S-Michael (getting off of the floor): So sorry. (Walks back over to Kagura and Kohaku.) So, Kohaku, what do you think of Kagura?

Kohaku (nuzzling his face into her neck): Warm. (Kagura squeezes Kohaku as close to her body as humanly possible.)

Kagura: Those people seriously are freaking me out. I'm warning you, I'm not responsible if I end up killing some of them.

Miroku: Should you really be saying that…you know, in front of them?

S-Michael: Oh, don't worry. They have no feelings of personal human value or worth. Watch. (Takes out a taser and zaps random audience member. The rest do not react.)

Kagome: You do realize that you're going to Hell, right?

S-Michael: Oh, I was going there before this evening, trust me.

Kagome: Just thought you should know.

S-Michael: Thanks, anyway.

InuYasha: Aren't you going to, like ask us questions and stuff?

S-Michael (rolls his eyes): No. Haven't you ever seen a talk show? I bring you on, hopefully you guys duke it out for a while, and then when it calms down a bit, I mix things up by throwing in a "secret guest." If all goes well, this makes for a half hour when commercials are added in.

InuYasha: Oh.

Sesshoumaru: On the show, when things get slow, we just have me come in demanding the Tetsusuiga. It's pretty much the same principle.

InuYasha: Ah.

Kagome: Will it help things out if I "sit" him.

S-Michael: " 'Sit' him?"

Kagome: Oh, yeah, it's great for a laugh.

InuYasha: You really haven't seen the show ever, have you? Go ahead, Kagome.

Kagome: SIT!

(InuYasha is sat.)

S-Michael: That was funny!

InuYasha: Why do I keep letting her do that to me?

Miroku: Maybe you enjoy it, like I enjoy Sango slapping the beep out of me. (Miroku grabs Sango's butt, gets slapped. Hard.)

Sango: I love you too, Miroku-darling.

InuYasha (in new chair): I feel so dirty.

Kagome: Must be something on the floor.

S-Michael: Oh, um, we only let the audience out to use the bathroom every six hours.

InuYasha: That's sick!

(Naraku enters stage right.)

Naraku: What kind of evil beep are you?

S-Michael: Get back backstage! We're not ready for you yet!

(Naraku exits stage right.)

S-Michael: beep, that's supposed to be soundproof. Alright, everyone, pretend that that didn't happen.

Inuyasha: I need a change of clothes. And shoes.

Kagome: And I need to see a priest.

Miroku: I'm a monk.

Kagome: Someone else.

Sesshoumaru (gestures at Kagura and Kohaku, who continue to be cuddly with each other): Is anyone else disturbed by the idea that these two might start making out any minute now?

S-Michael: Don't worry, it would just be a blur if they do.

Kagome: Really?

S-Michael: Oh, yeah. Didn't you notice that every time one of you swears, it's replaced with a beep?

Kagome: Yeah. I just didn't know I was supposed to.

InuYasha: I always thought that that was added in after the fact for whatever beep reason it is that you future people do these things.

S-Michael: Amateurs. Nope, it's a part of the studio.

Sango: Alright, how on Earth does that even work?

S-Michael: No one knows, but it does.

Sesshoumaru: This is all ridiculous!

(Audience boos him.)

Sesshoumaru: I'd like to see you bunch of beep beep beep beep try something! You beep beep beep! Get a life, every one of you!

S-Michael: Well, I'm out of good ideas, so Naraku, come on out!

(Naraku enters stage left, holding a baby.)

S-Michael: Weren't you just stage right?

Naraku: Yeah, but I decided to raid your fridge.

S-Michael (narrows his eyes): You machiavellian bastard.

Naraku (shrugs): I'm the villain. It's what I do.

(Naraku sits down next to Kagura, Kagura gets up and moves down to the last free chair -- which puts her next to Sango.)

S-Michael: Wow, you didn't even have to put Kohaku down to do that.

Kagura: Demons have superhuman strength.

S-Michael :So, a take it that there's a bit of animosity between you and your boss?

Kagura: Have you ever even seen the show?

S-Michael: Moving on. Hey, Naraku, I see that you've brought a baby with you on stage. Who's the mother?

Naraku: I am. Sesshoumaru's the father.

Sesshoumaru: WHAT! NO! How is that even possible?

(Audience boos.)

Sesshoumaru: That's your baby and yours alone.

(Audience boos louder.)

Sesshoumaru: What? It's what he does! He reproduces asexually!

Kagura: I'm not sure that these people know what that means.

Kohaku: Worse: I think they heard the "sexually" part and assumed from there.

Miroku: Sango? Are you alright?

Sango: Aside from being filled with homicidal tendencies towards this woman? Fine.

Miroku: Well, don't attack her just yet.

Sango: Why not? Why the beep not? The beep is molesting my brother! Give me one reason!

Miroku: She has a hostage.

Sango: Oh.

S-Michael: Don't let that stop you. A good catfight will do wonders for ratings.

(Sango punches S-Michael in the nose. Audience boos.)

Sesshoumaru: That's it! I've had ENOUGH of these people! (draws sword and slices it, resulting wave of energy kills most of the audience.) Hey…wha…but, I used the Tenseiga!

Naraku: Maybe it felt pity for them.

Kagura: Don't beat yourself up about it. Or about your baby with Naraku. How the beep did that happen, by the way?

InuYasha: Yeah, I mean, Sess, I never thought I'd have to say this to you, but you can DO better.

Naraku: What happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun.

Shippo: When were you ever in Cancun? Honestly, this story gets more inconsistent by the sentence.

InuYasha: Hey, Shippo, where have you been?

Shippo: Struggling for my life against this floor. Hey, what happened to the audience?

InuYasha: You didn't see?

Shippo: I heard you people talking about it, but quite honestly, they don't look all that different to me.

Kagura: That's because a large number of them are dead.

Shippo: Oh my gods.

S-Michael: Don't worry, we're insured, just in case of such a thing.

Naraku: Man, you are evil! You beep evil beep!

S-Michael: Well, things are slowing down again, so lets bring out our final guest, Kouga!

(Kouga enters stage right.)

Kouga: Hey, everyone! Um, why does it smell like dead and decaying human corpses in here?

Kagome: Sesshoumaru just killed a lot of people.

Kouga: No, this place smells like bodies that have been decaying a good long time.

InuYasha: I think you're giving this place too much credit. It smells like Hell itself.

Naraku (to S-Michael): Have I mentioned that you're evil?

S-Michael: And now the commercial. Stay tuned.

S-Michael: We're back.

InuYasha: What the beep was that all about?

S-Michael: Our writers went to bed. We keep them up until 5AM and longer if we can, but eventually they collapse, and we can't force them to continue.

Naraku: That is evil, AND stupid. The writers are people who you don't want to piss off.

Kagome: Wait. I thought that this was an actual talk show.

S-Michael: Look at the teleprompter. What do you mean, Naraku?

Naraku: The writers decides everything that happens to you, whether you liver or die, even. You don't want to piss them off.

Kagome: Well, I'll be. Everything we're saying, right now. Hey, are you sure that you spelled "Shippo" right.

S-Michael: I've been given to understand that there are a number of ways to translate his name.

Kagome: Which reminds me, Why are we speaking English?

Naraku: I mean, how do you think I have survived so long, with all the times I've fought InuYasha and Sesshoumaru?

S-Michael: We're speaking English because the writers don't speak Japanese.

Kagome: But I don't speak English!

Sesshoumaru: Is it because you flee like a coward every time you're on the verge of death?

Naraku: No. It's because the writers love me. I'm nice to them, get them gifts and such.

S-Michael: Well, you're speaking English right now.

Kouga: So, Sesshoumaru, how have you lasted as long as you have without being killed by some random falling object or something?

Sesshoumaru: I'm just that powerful.

Naraku: Someone's niece has a crush on him.

Jakken: Everyone's niece has a crush on him.

S-Michael: Oh my God! You can talk?

(Jakken glares at S-Michael evilly.)

Naraku: Seriously, you should be careful of how you treat writers. If they want, they can make a beam fall from the ceiling and land on your head, killing you instantly. Hint, hint!

(A rift in space-time opens, and emerges a man with curly brunet hair and hazel eyes, wearing blue jeans and an orange novelty t-shirt.)

S-Michael: Who are you?


S-Michael: Oh, yeah? (whips out taser.)


S-Michael: Quick! Someone, give me your sword!


InuYasha: Sorry, you heard the man.


Naraku: Well, he's dead. Now what?


Natasha (partially undressed): We'll be back after the break.

Sorry, that's it. Fin.