Author: Finally! An YY/Y. I need a change for now. giggles Basically this will consist of four chapters. All sort of one-shots… really short ones.

Warning: Shonen-ai.

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By: Hiki-chan.


Yami leaned back on the beach chair. Lifting his sunglasses with a finger to eye his Hikari who was in the water playing with Jou. Yugi had insisted on him coming with him to the beach with Jou and Kaiba.

Yami thought it was a stupid idea. Why would Yugi want to go out into the scorching heat while he could stay in the air-conditioned game shop?

Why was he here anyway?

Oh yeah, Yugi used his famous puppy-dog expression on him and he had no choice. How could he refuse his aibou?

Yami was in a pair of dark green swimming trunks and he had on a white t-shirt which was unbuttoned all the way down. His aibou was just wearing a light green swimming trunks while Jou was wearing a dark blue one and Kaiba was wearing a black one and a white t-shirt like Yami's but he had the top 2 buttons off.

Yami heard a grunt next to him. Kaiba sat next to Yami and said with a grumble, "Remind me never to come here again."

"You didn't have to." Yami simply replied.

Kaiba mentioned over to Jou. "I had to." Kaiba grumbled again, "Jou also had to force me to leave my laptop at home."

Yami smirked, "He's smart."

"This would somehow be like ourselves in ancient Egypt if you recall."

"Yes it would seem so. If my memory serves me right something like this has happened before."

Kaiba just nodded his head before promptly ignoring him and just slipped a pair of sunglasses over his eyes and chose to watch Jou.

Yami decided to keep his eyes stuck to his aibou.

It was around noon. Yugi and Jou were now playing with the sand. While Yami was suffering under the hot and scorching sun.

Yami rubbed his temples, feeling a headache slowly appearing. Yugi had better make this up to him later. He could be at home sleeping right now, or better yet, doing things with his aibou…

Yami didn't notice Yugi sneaking up to him before he pounced.

"Gah!" The pharaoh almost got a heart-attack.

"Yami! Why don't you come and play with us?" Yugi turned to Kaiba, "You too Kaiba!"

Kaiba just muttered something about him not being an immature kid like his pup and that CEO's don't play.

Yami took of his sunglasses, "No thanks aibou. I rather be a spectator in this."

"But Yaaamii!"

Yami made a point to turn to look the other way before he could see his aibou pout. He could almost FEEL the pout.

"Oh come on Yami! Please please please!"

"Don't you have Jou to keep you company?"

"Yes! But Jou said he had something to do and to come find you. Onegai!" Yugi begged before he added, "For me?"

Dammit! His aibou didn't fight fair. How was he suppose to say NO! "Fine fine…" The pharaoh muttered, "But you so owe me for this..."

Yugi smiled widely at his other self before he dragged Yami to the water.

Yami heard Kaiba snigger behind him and wanted to turn around to glare when he saw Jou running up the shore to Kaiba with a bucket full of water.

Yami smirked when he heard a big "SPLOOSH!" and the high priest shouting at Jou. Turning his attention back to his aibou, Yami knew what was bound to happen next, Jou would always find a way to keep Kaiba quiet.

"I'm really happy you came with us you know." Yugi said shyly before he slipped his hands into Yami's.

/For you my love, anything/ Yami switched to the mind-link.

Yami couldn't help but find his aibou so much more adorable when he blushed.

Yugi pulled Yami to the water. "Aibou! The water is so cold!"

Yugi giggled, "Yes I know. But I knew you were burning up so this is the best way."

The pharaoh smirked, "I know a better way."

"Do you?" The little one asked innocently.

"Yes yes. A much better way." Yami answered before he pulled the little one into a steamy kiss.

After awhile, Yugi pulled away, breathlessly, he said, "I thought something like that should make you hotter. I can almost swear the water around me raised about 10 degrees."

Yami chuckled, "Good to know I still can make you feel like that."

Yugi just smiled at his other self before he went underwater before coming up again, "Yami, you always make me feel like that"

"Yes..." Yami smirked as his arm snaked around Yugi's waist before he whispered huskily in his ear, "Always make you feel like that."

Yugi shuddered, "Yami, you're not becoming- yip!"

Yami bit Yugi's ear slightly, "Yes I am."

"Not now Yami. Only when we get back. Not now"

Yami pouted a bit before he pulled his aibou back into another kiss before breaking it off, "Fine. And when we get home, you are mine."

Shivering a bit at the others tone, Yugi answered, "Hai..."

"Hey guys..."

Both turned to see Jou and Kaiba there. Jou had his hair messed up while Kaiba's shirt was wrinkled here and there.

"What is it Jou?" Yugi asked.

"Aw its nothing actually but I was wondering whether we could head back now?" Jou linked arms with Kaiba, "I'm sure moneybags is anxious to get back."

Kaiba just huffed before he said, "Hurry up both of you." Before he stalked off pulling his pup with him.

Yami grinned evily, yes! Finally! Its about time they headed back. Time to teach Yugi a little lesson about making him wait.

End of summer.

Please don't kill me (begs) I'm not used to writing YY/Y fics yet. Give me time I'll try to make a much better one… since I'm still so used to Seto/Jou ones… keke. Anyway, next chapter should be Autumn. (smiles)