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Warning: Shonen-ai and implications…


By: Hiki-chan


Yami groaned to himself. Why was he doing this?

This, referring to hiking up this green hill. "Hill," Yami moaned, "This is more like a mountain."

His light insisted on doing on. Yami was holding onto a picnic basket in his right hand because his light had packed a picnic lunch so there could have a picnic at the peak. At least he was nearing the top…

One of the main reasons he was doing this was, one, Yugi had shoved his tongue down his throat and pouted a lot, and two, Yugi told Yami that the top of the mountain was pretty secluded.

Now, all might think that Yami was a real pervert as his mind constantly revolved around things like… that. But hey, comparing himself to Bakura, Marik and Kaiba, he was pretty normal.


Yami snapped out of his thoughts on hearing Yugi's voice. His light was far ahead of him. In fact, his aibou was right at the top!

Suddenly, Yugi jumped and then disappeared. Yami promptly dropped the basket and ran up the hill.

"Aibou! Where are you! I'm coming!" The Pharaoh cursed softly, 'Something must have happened to him to make him disappear! Like the evil dried leaves! Even though they were fun to play in…'

Yami stopped dead in his tracks as he took in the view before him. It was a field of yellow flowers.

Yugi's head then popped out of a bunch of them, "Look Yami! It's a whole field of carnations!"

Ah, so that's what they were.

Yami watch with keen interest as his aibou frolicked in the field of flowers. His light ran through them and some of the pretty yellow petals dropped off and swirled around his light, and with the sun beaming down on his angel in the right angle, well, his aibou really did look like an angel.

Yugi ran up to his dark and glomped him. "Spring is one of the best seasons Yami! Everything begins anew!"

He had to agree with his aibou. Spring really was like the best season. Everything was blooming. The birds were singing the flowers were springing. And his aibou was prancing around him.

The dark chuckled. Yugi really was like a little kid. But that just made his love for the young boy grow more. The darkness caught Yugi by his waist and brought the younger boys body closer to him before he used his other hand and brought Yugi's hand up and kissed it softly.

Yugi blushed adorably before his stomach made a noise that made the blush darken. "I'm hungry Yami, where is the basket?"

Yami's crimson eyes widened, oh Ra, he forgot! He dropped it when he ran to find his aibou. "I-I dropped it aibou when you disappeared. I think I better go look for it now…"

Yugi smiled softly at his Yami before he intertwined their finger together, "I'll go with you."

So, once they found it, they made their way back up.

Once settled, Yugi laid out the picnic mat next to the field of carnations. Yami observed his little light as he plucked a carnation and started to sniff it. The pharaoh couldn't help but smile at the innocence that was his hikari.

Yugi was always so sweet, kind, gentle and everything a darkness would want…

Now, Yugi looked up from the flower he was holding gently in his hands to see his Yami staring at him with a dazed look.

Yugi grinned at his Yami therefore snapping his darkness out of his daze before Yugi dug into the picnic basket and brought out sandwiches, sodas, chocolate chip cookies and other yummy stuff.

The young boy passed his darkness a sandwich before he helped himself to the cookies.


Yugi turned to look at his Yami who was staring out onto the field of flowers, "Hmm?" Yugi hummed in his throat while continuing to munch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

"How many more weird events are going to happen?"

Yugi swallowed before answering, "Weird Yami? What are you talking about?"

The pharaoh blinked once before he took a bite out of his sandwich, "I'm talking about all that has been going on. First was the hot, hot sun, then all the leaves started to fall to become the evil things, there was this… sow," Yami frowned, that didn't seem right, "I mean snow that was very cold and now there is this."

Yugi laughed, "Oh Yami, you call these seasons!"


"That's right." Yugi beamed and bounced onto Yami's lap and made himself comfortable. "Now we're having spring."

Yami nodded before he let his arm wind around Yugi, "Yes light, I know. But I want to be prepared for the next one, so I need to know what it is."

Yugi frowned lightly, "Next one?" he mused to himself before he let out a soft laugh, "Oh Yami, there are only four seasons."

"Four seasons? So there's no more?" Yami questioned while tightening his grip on his light.

"Yep." Yugi replied enthusiastically, "Next would be summer."

Now Yami frowned, "I presume that will the extremely hot period when we will go to the beach again?"


"So," Yugi turned to look up at his Yami. Yami was using the tone that meant he was going to pounce soon. "Do you want to repeat what happened in the beach with me again, aibou?"

"You mean you think I might do it with someone else Yami?" Yugi teased.

Yami growled at the thought of Yugi with anyone else but him and used one hand to tilt the younger ones chin up. Yami gazed fondly into violet eyes that gazed back with love.

"Nope, better not." Yami replied to calm himself before he brought his lips lightly to his light.

"Every season, a new memory." Yugi breathed through half-lidded eyes as his Yami continued to graze his lips with his own, "We create our own."

"I'm beginning to love every season." Yami murmured with a small smirk on his lips. But before he closed the gap between his light and him, he murmured a few last words, "As long as I'm with you." And closed the gap.


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