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" He wasn't suppose to ask me to marry him you know."

" Did you tell him that?"

An annoyed growl was the only thing heard as a reply to this rather flippant remark until, " No, I did not tell him that. Why would I?"

"Well you sounded so annoyed at him for doing so I was wondering if you had by any chance put him under some kind of legal clause that didn't allow him to ever do so."

" Why on earth would you think something like that?"

"It just seemed like something you would do is all."

"Making a man sign a document that would make asking me to marry him a legal offense sounds like something I would do?"

" Yes."

" ... I hate you."

" That's nice. By the way why did you think he wouldn't ask you to marry him?"

" You mean besides the fact that I both shot and stabbed him?"

" Yes, besides those facts."

" I treated him like dirt every time we met."

" Obviously you didn't treat him like dirt every time you met."

" Oh, really and why do you think that?"

" If you had truly treated him like dirt he would have back off . He isn't an idiot you know."

" All right, all right maybe I didn't treat him like dirt every time. But I treated him badly often enough to keep him from asking me to marry him!"

" Maybe he could see through your ploy to make him hate you."

This was answered yet again with growls.

" What's the matter? Don't have an answer?"

" Oh, sticking out your tongue that is very mature."

" Have I mentioned that I hate you?"

" Yes, at least once."

" Remind me to do so more often."

" If you really want me to I can, but that aside don't you think you should put on your shoes?"

" No."

" Come now stop being so stubborn and put on your shoes."

" Fine, there you go I put on my shoes are you happy now?"

" Quite."

" Was there a reason that you asked me to put on my shoes? Other than to change the subject?"

" Yes, while the subject has been rather silly and thus not needing discussion, I did have another reason for you putting on your shoes. The march has started it's about time for your appearance."

" Oh. Why did you think the subject was silly? I don't find anything silly about him asking me to marry him."

" I guess that isn't a silly subject no, but it is rather pointless to moan on about it."

" And why is that pray tell?"

" Because", and here the second young woman walked over to the first young woman and pulled her to her feet and shoved her towards the door way, "Dorothy you said yes. Now get out there and marry him."

" Being in office has made you bossy Miss Relena."

Relena merely smiled at this comment obviously meant to distract her from the worry in the other woman's eyes and said, " Don't worry Dorothy, Quatre will make you a very happy woman."

Dorothy strode out the door and down the hall to doorway that lead in to the chapel, and casting a rather haughty look over her shoulder at her long time friend she said in a her normal arrogant tones, " I know that is the problem. I kind of like having grumpy days."

Relena's laughter could be heard rippling through the whole building as Dorothy Catalonia soon to be Winner took her first step down the aisle her first smile of the day blossoming across her lips as her eyes caught sight of her groom.

As Dorothy put her gloved hand into Quatre's a stray thought darted through her mind. " I knew I wouldn't be able to stay in my bad mood. He really is frustrating when it comes to that, he never lets me stay in a foul mood.Maybe it's because he doesn't understand how enjoyable they can be,guess that will have to be the first thing I work on. Teaching him the value of a bad mood."

Some guests in the front row thought the brides smile to be a tad too vicious for their liking, but then again maybe it was just a trick of the lighting.


Author's Notes. Been wanting to do a Gundam Wing version of my Gundam Seed fanfiction Wedding Jitters. I am so happy that I have finally been able to get one written down. Now if only I could get over my writer's block when it comes to Peacecraft Hotel. Ah, well.

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