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"Are the flowers set up correctly?"

"Yes, Hilde." Came the rather patronizing reply to Hilde's 18th question about the wedding arrangements in the past hour.

Pausing as she shimmied her wedding dress past her hips, Hilde Schibecker gave the closed wooden door a dirty look, vainly wishing her friend and matron of honor, Relena Yuy, could see it.

But since she couldn't Hilde decided the only thing she could do was vocally display her displeasure with her friend's sarcastic tone.

"You know Relena, not every bride has hundreds of lap dogs eager to look over all the details of their wedding so they don't have to, some of us actually have to go over the details ourselves."

All she got in reply to this dripping with annoyance comment was a string of giggles,and an unexpected question.

"Hilde, what's really bothering you?"

At the real concern in her best friend's voice,Hilde's dark blue eyes darkened as the worry she had been trying to push away into the deepest corner of her mind came rushing to the forefront of her consciousness.

And while a part of her told herself to ignore it to just push it away again, the other part of her told her to finally address it. And after all who was better to talk the worry over with than her best gal pal?

So, after taking a deep breath Hilde finally aired the worry that had been plaguing her for so long.

"Do you think Duo and I will really be able to stay faithful to each other?"

For a few moments the question was met with silence and then Relena said quietly,"Hilde, why are you worried about this?"

Pulling her wedding dress up and over her shoulders, Hilde took a few minutes to think through her concerns before answering Relena's question.

"You know mine and Duo's dating record right? About how we both dated around twelve different people in just the past year and at times more than one person at a time?" Hilde finally said in a voice almost to quiet to hear through the door.

At this comment the reason for Hilde's worry became very clear to Relena and for a second she was at a lost as to what to say to ease her friend's fear.

Then the words came to her and in a careful manner she began to reassure her friend. "But Hilde didn't you and Duo stop dating other people after you confessed your feelings for each other?"

"Yes." Came Hilde's soft reply.

"And didn't you say to me recently that you were hit on by a guy three times as good looking and charming as Duo and all you could feel was disgust?"

"Well, yeah but..."

Ignoring the but, Relena continued on,"And aren't you the same woman who ran screaming into my office skipping, dancing and crying for joy the day after Duo proposed?"

At the sound of a soft giggle as Hilde replied once more with a "Yes." Relena knew that her plan was working and in fact she was so absorbed in the act of comforting her friend that she didn't realize that someone had come to stand beside her at the door and was shamelessly listening on to their conversation.

But at Hilde's next question the presence of this other person was quickly brought to the two women's attention.

"All right, all right. You have convinced me that I will never fall out of love with or stray from Duo. But what about him? Do you really think he will be satisfied with a flat chested tomboy like me for the rest of his life?"

Blushing a little at the now really personal territory that she was wandering into and realizing that they had finally come to the real root of the problem, Relena put a finger to her lips in intense concentration as she tried to figure out how to answer this question without using all the old clichs.

Before she was able to think of anything though the question was answered for her by somebody else.

"Ah, come on,Hilde babe, do you really think anyone could compare in my eyes to you?"

Identical shrieks were heard as both women shouted,"Duo!"

Grinning down at Relena, he said, "Yep, that's my name. And now if you don't mind Princess, I would like to speak to my bride privately."

Looking up at Duo's eyes which were not even looking at her but were instead focused on the thin wooden door that Hilde was currently hiding behind with a look of deep love and compassion dwelling in them, Relena felt confident that her friend would be just fine and so with a happy smile said cheerfully,"Sure, Duo. Just don't peek at her, all right?"

Holding two fingers to his forehead in a mock salute Duo said,"You have my word, Princess."

Smiling indulgently at him, Relena walked down the hallway to the room were the rest of the bridal party was waiting relieved that her anxious friend was now in much more capable hands than her own.

His cheerful smile was quickly replaced by a much more serious expression as Duo turned his attention onto his nervous bride.Going up to the door he said gently,"Hilde, why didn't you tell me that you were worried about this?"

At this comment, Hilde's fear that Duo had heard the entire conversation was confirmed and in a timid and tearful voice she said,"Oh, Duo, I just didn't want you to think that I was having second thoughts about marrying you!"

"Are you?"

Flinching at this question asked in a low emotionless voice, Hilde said in a loving and pained filled voice,"No, honey, no. I'm just afraid that I'll disappoint you!"

As the relief flooded Duo's body at this answer from the woman he loved, he said softly with a small laugh,"Hilde baby, the only way you could ever disappoint me is by not marrying me. And you are going to do that right?"

Wiping away the tears that had slipped from her eyes and trailed down her cheeks, Hilde said in a voice that clearly proclaimed that her fears had been laid to rest."Yes, Duo."

"And you know that I will love you for the rest of my life,right?"

A bright smile spread across her lips as she said,"Yes, Duo."

"And you know that the wedding march has started right?" Came the dry monotone voice of Heero Yuy.

Glancing at his best man, Duo held back his laughter as his bride to be let out a soft, "Crap!" and said,"Nope, didn't know that. Hilde babe, I'll see you in a few!"

"Get out of here!" Was all the reply he got in return.

Two hours later the new Mrs. Maxwell, was smiling up at her new husband from her position on his chest were she was resting as the limo drove them to the airport for the start of their honeymoon.

Her eyes growing dark with love for him she asked him in a teasing tone,"Love me?"

Smiling down at his now back to her normal mischievous self wife, Duo said with answering love in his eyes,"Yep."


Leaning down to kiss her smiling lips, Duo paused just above them and said in a very serious tone,"Forever." before giving her a kiss that sealed his promise to love her forever and as she returned that kiss she also whispered her promise to love him forever.

A promise that they both kept. Forever.


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