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Uploaded: November 20, 2006

His Treasure

They'd come across a celebration in one of the larger towns. The Daimyo's wife had given birth to a son and a festival had followed. The group had gone their separate ways, agreeing to meet back up later at the inn.

She passed a booth filled with trinkets; bracelets, necklaces, boxes, rings, and other little bobbles hung from the wood posts or laying scattered on a piece of silk. A small comb caught her eye and she fingered the piece wistfully.

"A beautiful piece for a beautiful girl," the booth's owner drawled out, eyeing her. "Four gold coins."

She felt the tiny bag at her hip, knowing five coins lay inside, but there were other things they needed, like arrows for Kagome, rice, cloth for bandages, and spices. She shook her head and moved on.

Later that night, she was about to climb into bed when she saw the comb lying on her blanket, wrapped in a sutra.

"Who'd you con out of their money this time, bouzu?" Inuyasha inquired as the monk came into their room.

"You might say, I gifted my services tonight, Inuyasha," the houshi replied stealing a glance in her direction. "And that simply making the receiver smile was wealth enough."