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For HP, ignoring all of HPB and certain parts of OoTP. Sirius is dead though.
All the boys are 17 except Trowa whose 18 and Harry who has to wait a few more weeks. War with Oz is still going and Harry doesn't have Order guards watching.
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Chapter 1

Wufei noticed the figure half hidden by a tree first.

"We're being watched."

"Probably someone curious about the new neighbours. Duo?"

"Gotcha. Hey! Come on out!"

"Subtle, real subtle." The braided teen stuck his tongue out at the other pilot. They watched as the figure stepped out hesitantly. It turned out to be a teen, maybe a few years younger than them who bore a startling similarity to Heero, except for the green eyes hidden behind thick glasses. The boy stood nervously, still watching them.

"Hi! We're new to the area. My name's Duo, what's yours?" Duo bounded over energetically but still with caution.


"You live around here?"

"Privet drive." Duo threw his arm around the other boys' shoulders, ignoring the way he tensed.

"You're practically our neighbour!" He steered Harry over to the other two who had stopped working.
"Guys this is Harry, he lives on Privet Drive. Harry, the cute blond is Quatre and the guy with a permanent scowl is Wufei."

"It's nice to meet you Harry." Wufei nodded his agreement, lessening his scowl.

"Same. Are the three of you moving in or just helping?" Harry's curiosity overrode his nervousness. He desperately wanted people to talk too since no one was writing to him, even to answer the letters he'd sent. He was once again completely cut off from the Wizarding World and what made it worse was his so-called family knew it. He knew better than to get his hopes up though, someone would scare them off in a few days, tops.

"Five of us actually. My boyfriend, Heero and Trowa, Quatre's significant other won't get here till tomorrow. I reckon they just didn't want to help unpack."

"Must be nice living with friends." Harry's smile was wistful.
"I better go, let you get back to what you were doing. It was nice to meet you." He tried to move away and Duo gradually let his arm drop.

"You could stay for a while, you won't be in the way and we'll be stopping for lunch soon. Maybe you could tell us about the area." Quatre ignored the others surprise; he could feel Harry's sadness, pain and longing and wanted to help.

"I shouldn't." Harry backed up a step."

"Is because of what Duo said? About our relationships?" Harry looked at him dumbly for a second.

"What? No. It's not that, promise." He backed up another step.

"Please stay." Quatre gave him the look that could even make Heero cave sometimes, like when he was half dead, but it still counted. Duo grinned as Harry began to cave, another person succumbed to Quatre.

"Okay, just for a little while." Quatre gave him a sunny smile, which Harry slowly returned.

"Great! Come on in, we'll leave these two to the boxes. I need to get started on the kitchen or we'll have nothing to eat with." Harry obediently followed Quatre inside.

"No one can resist that look." Duo laughed as Wufei snorted slightly.
"Skittish isn't he?"

"Quite. He doesn't exactly seem to fit around here, this is a high middle class area but his clothes."

"Look like something I would have worn as a kid. Think he lied about where he lives?"

"Quatre would have noticed."


"You don't want to associate with that boy." The pilots turned to see one of their neighbours; Harry had only just disappeared from sight.

"What, Harry?"

"The Potter boy, he's trouble. Nice young men such as yourselves shouldn't be seen with his type."

"His type?" Quatre looked at her in confusion.

"He's a criminal. According to Petunia, he's in a gang and everything." The boys shared surprised looks. That didn't seem to fit with what they had seen.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. Everyone does their bit to support Petunia and Vernon, after everything they've done for that boy. They didn't have to take the child in after his parents died in a crash, his father was drunk, always was apparently. They've done their best to raise him right but he's as rotten as his parents. They've had to send him to St. Brutus' since he was eleven; it's a school for criminal children like him. You best had best keep your distance, who knows what he might do."

"Thank you for the warning ma'am." Quatre called as Duo dragged him back to the house, Wufei following. The door had barely closed before Duo was pacing.

"There's no way any of that's true! Ok, so he's pretty much dressed in rags, that's neglect not gang membership! Back me up Quat!"

"Relax Duo, I felt nothing violent from him, just pain and loneliness. It seems that by spreading these stories his family have ensured he is alone. What do you think Wufei?"

"I think that if you really want to know you should check the student records at St. Brutus'."

"Great idea Fei!" Duo ran for his laptop. Quatre hovered over his shoulder while Wufei tried to act uninterested. The only sound for a few minutes was the clacking of keys.

"Okay, got the school." Another silence.
"Yes! No record of any Harry Potter ever attending! I knew the kid wasn't like that, he doesn't even have the attitude for someone like that."

"I think we should keep an eye out for him, let him know we don't believe the rumours. I think he's expecting us to."

"Why not? Obviously everyone else does, poor guy." Duo closed down his computer with a smile.


Heero paused at the entrance to the park. Sitting on the only unbroken swing was a boy who looked a lot like him from the back. The others had filled him and Trowa in on the teen when they'd arrived the night before. Knowing how worried Duo and Quatre were that they wouldn't see him again was the only reason he moved forward.

"Harry?" The boy started, nearly falling from the swing.

"Who are you?"


"Duo's boyfriend. Nice to meet you." Harry offered a small smile.

"He and Quatre are worried about you."

"Why?" There was genuine confusion in the other teen's voice.

"They believe you do not plan to come back."

"Surely someone's told them…" Harry's head dropped.

"The lies about you?" Harry looked up shocked.

"They don't believe?"

"No. Neither do I."

"Thanks. Maybe I'll stop by in a few days." Heero studied the boy, who much to the others embarrassment, they'd found was only three months younger than Quatre. Something was off with the way he was sitting.

"Quatre has planned a picnic. It would make him happy if you came."

"I can't, not for a few days."

"You are injured."

"It's nothing, I fell. Just clumsy sometimes." Harry moved away as Heero stepped closer. He didn't really want to have too much to do with the boy, they wouldn't be here very long but Duo and Quatre really liked him. Even Wufei seemed to care about the skittish boy.

"We'll treat your injuries for you."

"No, really, it's fine." Heero ignored him and grabbed his arm, intending to pull him along if he had to. He didn't expect the pained yelp it earnt him. Heero simply changed his grip and pulled Harry along towards the house.


Hearing a commotion from the drive Duo opened the door and then promptly started laughing, gaining the others attention. The four pilots stood in the doorway watching an annoyed Heero pull a struggling Harry along.

"At least he hasn't shot him."

"Yet, he keeps that up much longer and he might. Anyone else think it's creepy how much they look alike. Change the eye colour, build Harry up and loose the classes and they'd be nearly identical."

"That could cause trouble for Harry once we're gone if OZ starts snooping."

"Maybe. Hey Harry! Better give up, Heero's a pretty persistent guy."

"I noticed." Smiles were exchanged as Harry grumbled.

"He's injured." Heero let go once they were safely inside and the door was shut.

"What happened?" Quatre's were wide with worry.

"It's nothing, I fell. I shouldn't be here." He edged towards the door.

"Don't even think about it buddy." Duo blocked him.
"You're going to sit down and let us judge for ourselves. Then you can join us for our picnic."

"I can't, I still have chores to do."

"Sure you can. Now sit." Harry automatically sat but pushed himself deep into the couch, trying to keep them from getting to close.

"Harry no one's going to hurt you." Harry looked away from Quatre's kind eyes.
"You haven't met Trowa yet." He indicated the taller youth who nodded politely.
"He doesn't talk much."

"Yeah, Quat and I seem to go for the silent broody types." That earnt a small laugh from their guest.

"Please let us help?" Harry sighed and then removed his shirt, refusing to meet anyone's eyes. A variety of swear words were heard.

"You did not get those from a fall!Who did this?"

"Just leave it, please."

"Duo, go get the first aid kit. Water please Trowa." Harry was forced to sit still and endure the two more talkative teens mother-henning. Gradually he started to relax, their actions reminding him of madam Pomfrey in a way. Duo grinned as Harry's head finally fell forward, catching him easily as he went to slide off the couch.

"Mind if I put him in the spare bed in your room?" Duo asked Wufei.

"Go ahead." Quatre followed to help settle the sleeping teen.

"They're getting attached." Trowa commented.

"Hn." Heero kept his eyes on the hall the three had disappeared down.

"All three will be hurt when we leave. Harry the most I think, he obviously has no friends here." The three exchanged looks but knew there was nothing they could do.

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