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Chapter 45

"Harry?" Wufei tilted his head to the side, watching as his husband, still dressed in his minister's robes, dug around in their closet.

"Hey love. Any idea where I put my gun?" He asked without pausing in his search.

"No, why?"

"Because I am seriously considering shooting all of those idiotic politicians and putting them out of their misery?" Wufei snickered, Harry sounded totally serious.
"I am serious Fei. One more day of their inane bickering and I will seriously borrow a page from Heero's book and shoot them all just to make them shut up."

"If you shoot them they can't complete the merger." With that Harry emerged from the closet, pouting at his husband.

"Are you sure?" He pleaded, puppy eyes begging his husband to say yes and causing Wufei to smile.

"Positive. I'll see if I can talk Heero into going with you, they'll be less likely to delay with him there."

"The patented Yuy death glare is very useful." Harry snickered.
"And I was so looking forward to shooting the idiots, oh well."

"Come on, get changed and we'll go out for dinner so you can relax." Wufei offered and Harry nodded, once again vanishing into the closet.


Harry smiled as he accepted the pen and added his signature to the long piece of parchment before signing the paper version as well. After over a year of deliberation the merger was finally complete, at least legally. As of today he was a free man, as free as a war hero and wealthy man ever got at least. His smile twitched slightly into a smirk as he thought of one of the things he had fought long and hard for and had kept a secret, even from his husband. He would do anything to make his family happy. He posed for pictures with the other politicians and key figures before slipping from the podium and into the crowd, ditching his robes as he moved.

Harry smiled as familiar arms wrapped around him and relaxed into the welcomed embrace.

"Congratulations on your retirement husband dearest." Wufei murmured in his ear and Harry tilted his head back to kiss the o9ther man.

"Thanks. Think we can get out of here?"

"Are you needed for anything else?"

"Nope, I made it clear that I won't give any interviews today and we've done the photos."

"Then home it is."

"Gladly." Harry whispered and apparated.


"Is this real?" Harry looked up as Heero stormed into the library where he had been enjoying some quiet time reading. He was pretty sure he knew what the ex-pilot was asking about.
"Harry what did you do? How did you do this?" He stood and grabbed Heero in a hug, trying to get him to calm down. He led Heero over to the window seat and pushed him down.

"Yes it is real. I made it quite clear that I would not support the treaty unless it was included and it is well known that without my support the Wizarding World would never have accepted the merger. You've given so much, its time you had some happiness too. It was the least I could do for my family."

"I…" Harry had to fight the urge to snicker at the sight of Heero Yuy stunned speechless but he didn't want to annoy his brother.

"Go Heero, I think you and Trowa have some special shopping to do." The wizard was the shocked one as Heero pulled him into a bone-cracking hug before swiftly walking from the room, presumably to find Trowa.


Harry smiled from his place at Heero's shoulder as his brother spoke his vows in time with Trowa and then Duo and Quatre spoke theirs. The double wedding was smaller than Harry and Wufei's had been but not by much. He met the eyes of his husband, standing for Duo and they shared a smile. The reactions to the law Harry had insisted on bringing to the muggle world, the law on marriage, had been a huge hit and there weren't enough officials to go around. Never before had they been able to marry and so they were flooding the available officials with requests much to the amusement of the wizards. Hopefully the rush would slow as people realised the new laws were there to stay, the treaty was bound in magic after all.

Harry moved around the room, speaking with friends and avoiding the politicians that had been invited reluctantly because of Quatre's status. He smiled as he saw Draco and Blaise dancing, he had the feeling there would be another wedding within a year at the most. The two went well together and Blaise deserved all the happiness he could find after what he had been through. No one knew that it had been Harry to unfreeze the Zabini accounts and he had actually added to them to compensate Blaise. The accounts had been frozen after Zabini seniors' death and the revelation that he had been a Death Eater. He would watch over the other wizard for the rest of his life, it would never make up for what he had done but it was something.


"Any idea what you want to do now?" Wufei asked, his arms wrapped securely around Harry, as they lay in bed together. He felt Harry shrug.

"I wouldn't mind travelling a bit. It's not like I ever have to work but I need to do something or I'll go crazy." Harry said, snuggling closer to his husband.
"Are you going to stay with the Preventers?"

"I'm not sure. If you want to travel I'll need to take some sort of leave or quit while we do and then I can decide when we get back." Harry twisted in Wufei's arms so that he could look at him.

"You'd do that?" Harry asked quietly and Wufei smiled, knowing why Harry needed the confirmation.

"Always. Wherever you go I go, forever love." Wufei smiled and raised Harry's hand to kiss his wedding band. Harry smiled and kissed him gently but the kiss soon became heated and hands began to wander across tanned skin. Harry pulled back from his husbands lips to gently kiss and nip down his neck, slowly moving down his body much to Wufei's enjoyment. He paused and looked up at the one person he loved more than anything and smiled in pure joy. He sent a silent thought of thanks to Dumbledore and Riddle, he may hate the bastards but if not for them he would never have met his husband or his new family and for that he owed them eternal gratitude no matter how much he wished otherwise.

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