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Sometimes Naruto is quiet.

He rarely is when anyone else is around- it wouldn't do for his image- but sometimes, when he's in the forest, he goes quiet, so he can hear the sounds most people take for granted. He's quiet for Hinata, too, when they're alone. He's quiet because Hinata needs him to be, and Hinata's a sweet kid, if a bit naïve.

Sometimes Naruto scowls.

He only scowls when he's truly angry, not like when he glares at Sasuke, so he scowls pretty rarely. Usually when Gaara is doing something stupid, or another shopkeeper has informed him there is no way the Kyuubi no Kitsune is shopping HERE, thank you very much.

Sometimes Naruto glares.

He glares a lot more often the he scowls, but that's because his glares mean so very little. You don't even see his eyes when he glares, and his eyes are the key to everything, really.

Sometimes Naruto grins.

He grins a lot, actually, but like his glares, they don't mean much, because once again you can't see his eyes. Naruto will grin at any time really, no matter what he's feeling.

Sometimes Naruto cries.

He used to cry a lot more then he does now, back before he pretty much gave it up as a useless exercise. He could cry all he wanted to back then, and nothing would change. So now he only cries when he's happy, which is rare.

Sometimes Naruto smiles.

He only smiles at things that actually make him feel like smiling, unlike his grins. Iruka has seen him smile, and so has Hinata- and so has the forest he loves so much. No one else has ever seen him smile, though. 'Cause when he smiles, his eyes are open.

Sometimes Naruto laughs.

He'll force a fake laugh occasionally for his teammates or Iruka, but he doesn't truly laugh very often, because when he does, he scares people. Naruto's laugh is condemning and mocking- you can tell that he is always laughing at someone.

Naruto laughed at Neji, once, when he came out with that destiny crap. And he laughed at Gaara, when he told him that all he lived for was killing, and he's laughed at Sakura, and Ino, and so many others.

Right now, though, Sasuke is standing across from him, and they are about to fight, as usual, but something is different this time. This time, Sasuke is the one talking, and he's explaining about why he went with the Snake, about his brother and the fact that Sasuke has to kill Naruto- his alleged best friend- in order to get stronger.

Naruto is supposed to glare. He is supposed to be demanding, very loudly, to know what was going on, and why Sasuke wouldn't just come home you teme!

Sasuke is waiting for him to do exactly that- it's in the other boy's eyes. But Naruto can't. Because he does understand. He understands better then Sasuke does, understands the neat manipulation Itachi has used on his little brother, a manipulation that would make Sasuke miserable for the rest of his life. So no, Naruto isn't shouting.

Naruto is laughing.

"Oh what fools these mortals be . . ."