Prologue: The Escape

"Get him!" a man yelled who was part of a group of five men wielding shotguns every single one of the men had a tattoo on there arm of a skull with wings on it. They were running down a deserted street of a city.

"He went this way," yelled a man to the rest of the group as he pointed down a dark and rarely used alleyway.

"Don't lose him!" another yelled as all five men ran down the alley.

"He's climbing up the fire escape, shoot him!" yelled the man that looks to be the leader of the group he was wearing a mask that covered most of his face but little bits of purple hair could be seen sticking out. The masked man pointed a dark almost bluish tinged cat run up the fire escape.

BANG! A shot was fired from a shotgun wielded by a man with long blonde hair this guy was also wearing a mask but it was white and only covered half his face. The shot fired the man hit a rail nearly missing the target.

"Damn I missed," said the man. All of the men climbed up the fire escape after the cat.

"There he goes he's a bird now," the leader yelled pointing at a dark blue bird as the came to the top of the fire escape. The bird swooped down to a lower building turned into a mouse and scurried off. Several shots were fired all missing the target by a few inches or so it seemed. The mouse scurried off leaving a small trail of blood behind him.

"He's been hit he can't go far now," the men jumped down on the lower building after him. As the rat neared the edge of the building it turned into a husky and jumped off the building. As soon as the dog hit the ground he darted off into a crowded street turning into his cat form just in time not to be seen by anyone but the chasers.

"Stay in the shadows you don't want anyone to see us and ruin our mission," the leader whispered so only the group could hear him.

The cat ran down the street daring in and out between legs looking for a hiding place where the men couldn't find him or at least get to him with out being seen. Then he saw it the best hiding place ever. He jumped into a brown paper grocery bag with out being seen by the blonde haired girl who was holding it.

" Thank you Mr. Scorsby," yelled the blonde haired girl to a plump man with very little gray hair standing behind a cash register in a small grocery store.

" You're welcome Cagalli, have a good day and see you next week!" Mr. Scorsby answered back.

The girl named Cagalli walked off not knowing what was in her bag or what was in store for her when she got home.