"Yu-Gi-Oh! R: YuGiOh Resistance"
written by Shayne Thames, Yami, and Kathryn Shiver

Yu-Gi-Oh and related characters and indica © 1996 - 2005 Kazuki Takahashi

Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters © and ™ 1991 - 2005 Sega - Sonic Team

Author's Note: Wow, we're actually back!

Yami Yugi: Where's Yugi?

Sonic Remix: He's later in this new story.

Yami Yugi: And who's THAT? -Points to the name Yami in the author credits-

Sonic Remix: Oh, that's just my other persona. I called him Yami, cause he's like you!

Yami Yugi: Oh...joy.

Sonic Remix: And guess what! You're about to have a joyful bouncing baby brat!


Sonic Remix: Too lat! ;

Yami Yugi: -cries-

Sonic Remix: Oops, maybe I better move on with the story...I'M SORRY YAMI YUGI!


Prelude - "Protector"

Near the edge of the Great Forest, a village layed in ruin as large looking robots overlooked the scene. Prisioners were being led towards a ship that was sitting in the center of the ruins. At the edge of the village, blue eyes gazed from the bushes. A hand carrying a walkie talkie was brought to a white furred muzzle. "Little Fox to Big Red. Little Fox to Big Red."

Up amone the tree branches along the clearing, violet eyes peered out from the leaves. "Big Red here, whats the status Little Fox?"

"Got the Fox-Eye viewcam and the groundfire armory ready. Is the party all set?"

Absentmindly he nodded to himself before turning his walky talky back on. "Ruby Eyes is in place while the wolf and mutt are back at base."

"Okay then, time to deliver the present, Big Red."

"Alright, get in postion Fox. I'll keep an eye up here."

"Got it. Send in the package. Little Fox, out."

"Package on its way." Jabbing his knuckles in the wood, the red echdina crawled up the tree to where 'the package' waited. "Time to go."


In the village, a cloaked figure parted from the bushes and joined among those headed towards the ship. They stopped at a check point, where the guards were stripping prisioners of firearms before they boarded the ship.

Back up to his perch the narrowed violet eyes glared at the guards, keeping an eye on the one figure to make sure he made it past alright.

The figure made it up to the check point where the robot guards started searching 'im. The main part of the cloak parted to reveal weapons of all sorts strapped to the body. The guards looked at each other, suprised, before the figure whipped out two guns. The figure in the bushes shouted. "PRESENT HAS BEEN UNWRAPPED! TIME TO LOCK AND LOAD!"

Smirking now, the echidna jumped out of the trees, dreads wide as he glided towards the center of the guards, just as a faint sound of a cell phone went off.

Everyone froze and looked at the cloaked figure, the one who had the noise. Hands patted his body before they pulled out a small device and activated it. A deep voice spoke. "Is this important?"

An slightly amused chuckle emerged from the speakers. "Its time."

A pause. "Now? Really?" Robots cocked their guns and pointed them at the figure. The figure looked up and back to the cell. "Can you hold for one minute?"

"Make it fast, twirp."

The figure clipped the cell to the black shirt before letting out a battlecry and shooting guns at all the robots, lasers flying. Many animal-creatures ran from the forest to join in the fight, while a fox joined the echidna. The fox raised an eyebrow when several robots went flying quite a distance from where they were hit.

Knuckles chuckled softly before glancing over at the young fox, Tails. "Its time."

Tails grinned. "Awesome." The cloaked figure dropped-kicked a few more robots before whipping out a sword and slicing through the chains and freeing the prisioners. The figure pulled off the cloak, which went flying, and red-eyes of a human glared as he held up his twin swords. "Alright, Fighters, let's make this quick! I'm not about to miss the REAL action today!"

The voice over the cellphone yelled. "YAMI! Get your ass moving back to base before a certain blue someone takes a whip to it later!"

Yami grabbed the communicator and yelled into it. "Get a grip, Seto, I'm heading back! I was just finishing some work here!"

A low wolf like growl emerged over the communicator, just as a very pissed off voice sounded in the background. "YOU ARE SO DEAD YAMI! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THIS!"

Yami cringed horridly and quickly hung up before suddenly running from the action, quickly past Knuckles and Tails. "Sorry guys, gotta run! Can't stay! Captian Knuckles, you're in charge! See ya!"

Knuckles saluted the retreating human, jumping into the fray himself now.

- My name is Yami Mutou. I'm a commanding leader for the City of Light. I am a Dark Angel that protects the God of Light, Hope, who's also known as the hero Sonic the Hedgehog. He is the love of my life, and I will always protect him. About 9 months ago, I learned that Sonic was not just an ordinary male, er, as a mortal I mean. I found he was born with a special organ that allowed him to..well...concieve children like a female can. I was going to be a father to his child. I been waiting- -

-Yami, if you don't shut up with the narration act and get your tiny ass over here where I'm having that brat of yours, you'll find yourself without a bed mister!-

- -er, waiting for this moment for a long time. Now I'm on my way to welcome my little one to our world. This is the planet Mobius. And the Resistance is about to see a new era...I just never realized that it only gets bed from there. -