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Floating Scene


This scene is presented, without proper context, for Logan Cale's birthday. As this is 2005, I guess that makes this his 17th Birthday.


In this alternate universe, which is very close to full season 2 denial, Jondy was introduced in the second season to give the male viewer even more eye candy, and give Max a partner-in-crime. The two of them manage to obtain exclusive access to a private courtyard (with pool and hot tub) the night before it officially opens, November 10, 2021. Jondy, under an alias, has acquired a few of the condominiums.


"This is a switch," Logan said. He opened the box with a rather nice dark gray suit, white shirt and a new tie.

"Yep. Thought you might appreciate it, for a change," Max said from the other end of the phone conversation.

"Why do you want me to wear this outfit?"

"It's a nice outfit!"

"I have several nice outfits."

"And you're supposed to wear that one and get over to my new place. And you are not going to make it on time."

"I didn't think the condo's opened until tomorrow."

"Can you hear me rolling my eyes at you, Logan?"

"I'm just a little nervous."

"First, my cooking has never killed anyone yet. Second, Jondy helped with the food. I promise it's edible. So get dressed and get over here."

Logan didn't really want to go through all the effort it was going take him to change clothes these days, but he wasn't about to turn down a chance to be with Max. Since Jondy had shown up she had been spending less and less time with him. She and Jondy spent entire evenings racing around the city on their motorcycles, probably B&E, and eating at Bahamut, a Chinese food place that Jondy's boyfriend owned. Although why he was considered her boyfriend baffled Logan; Jondy and Max spent all their free time with each other. Max still did all the Eyes Only missions that he asked her to; with Jondy along as back up they were incredibly formidable. But, he missed just spending time with her. Logan missed eating dinner together, trying to explain why the world was worth saving, or even getting defeated at Chess. Perhaps this invitation was a sign that, maybe, Max felt the same way.

Logan struggled through changing into suit, answered three important phone calls, sent off two urgent e-mails, grabbed a bottle of wine and left. He was just under two hours late when he arrived. Jondy was waiting outside for him; he hoped it wasn't to punch him.

"You're late," she said.

"Sorry," Logan offered lamely.

"You don't have to apologize to me, but you should remember that word. Maybe even think of a few to go with it."

"Yes, ma'am. What are you doing here?"

"Technically, we are testing the complex for accessibility. Want a tour?"

"Does it matter?" Logan knew Jondy didn't like the way he treated Max at times; what really irritated him was that he couldn't even blame her.

"It will to Max." Jondy figured out early that guilt was the way to get to Logan. The man had way too much sense of responsibility. He was probably royalty in a former life, way back when noblesse oblige meant something. She gave him a cool look of disappointment and pointed up the ramp.

Logan had no problem getting up the ramp and into the courtyard. The entire courtyard was lit up, and warm. Four outdoor heaters had the temperature of the glass enclosed courtyard an unseasonably warm 72 degrees. There were lights everywhere. Old fashioned lampposts, Chinese lanterns strung from wires overhead, tiny lights where sparkling everywhere. The complex had been built around the existing cherry trees. It was going to be spectacular when they bloomed. The trees had been strung with lights. Logan was entranced by the beauty, until he saw Max sitting at a table, staring dejectedly at the time on her pager.


Her face lit up when she saw him. "You did come." She rose to come to him. She was more beautiful than he had ever seen her. Her hair was mostly up, with two or three strands artfully arranged on either side. She was wearing a necklace with three strands of sparkling crystals suspended at random intervals on clear wire. The earrings matched with three crystals dandling from each ear. A silver bracelet was on her right wrist. He thought that she was wearing make-up, but he couldn't really be sure. It was the dress that took Logan's breath away; it was almost identical to the dress from his dream. Sibelius began to play softly and Logan was utterly speechless as Max came to him and said, "Dance with me."


To be continued ….