Getting Back what Matters

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6 years later...

In the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo many factions worked throughout the city, street gangs, mob bosses, politicians, or your everyday citizens just trying to get by. Though a hulking tower shadowed the city...a place so hideous that it was common practice to pretend it wasn't even there. The lawless zone for the most ruthless criminals.

The limitless fortress.

"Get back here you bitch!" echoed through the streets and alleyways. Foot falls soon followed as a girl burst out onto the street tossing aside bystanders, shots ringing out behind her. Her eyes glanced back to see seven men in suits following close behind. She smirked and with a near inhuman leap perched herself on top of a street light. She stood straight without any problem and waited for them to catch up. She bright red t-shit that hugged tightly to her chest, complimenting her large breasts. Her cargo shorts hung a little loose revealing a cute midriff. Her sneakers had a slight platform to them to that pushed her to a little over five feet. But her petite athletic frame mixed with her long blazing red ponytail created quite an appealing sight.

"You punks ain't worth my time." She said in a rough tone which nearly ruined the femme fatale appearance. She cracked her knuckles and narrowed her steely blue eyes. "But I'll make an exception." She said in a cool dangerous tone. "You should be glad, it's not often lowlifes like you get to fight Haruna Inuzuka 'The Queen of the Pits'." She continued eyes flashing causing a few to take a step back.

"Haruna Inuzuka! The undisputed pit fighting champion three years running.!" One of the younger men squeaked, the lead goon snorted. "What's wrong with you idiots, you're scared of a little girl!" he growled causing the perched girl to twitch. "You're all talk girly. You shoulda run home ta mommy when ya had the chance." He sneered, not noticing the dim aura that had developed around the girl.

"Looks like you just volunteered to go first. Let's see what you got!" she shouted crouching down and pushing off straight as a bullet into the middle of the group, eyes filled with animalistic fury. It only took moments before screams filled the area...

"Oh god my arm!"

"Where she go, ugh!"

"Leon! I'll get you whore, augh!"

"She ain't Human!"

"Where do you think you going?"


"She's insane! Let's get out of here!"

"Don't run we've only just begun. YAH!" a small explosion followed with a group of screams and then it all fell silent. When the smoke cleared only the girl was left standing, baring a few small bruises and ruffled hair. Around her was carnage; the Yakuza lay scattered about, some half embedded in walls, others in craters burnt, and broken. She snorted, and flipped her ponytail. "Hmph, that's what you get." She said, calmly placing her hands in her pockets and walking off like nothing had happened.

In another area of the vast city lay a small café. Nothing seemed to special about it, just a hole in the wall little place with one cook and one waitress. A little glowing sign hanging over it read "Honky Tonk". Inside this little café there were apparently only two customers that sat in the far booth. Two young men with spiked hair, one blond one brown. They fought like seagulls over a platter of sushi. The brown haired man smirking cause he managed to get the lions share. He wore a long white dress shirt and casual pants. Sitting on the bridge of his nose were a small pair of purple sunglasses that partially obscured his eyes.

"Ban how could you? I hardly got any," The blond pouted, electricity arcing around his clenched fists. He wore a long sleeved white shirt with a green sleeveless vest over it. A worn pair of fingerless gloves covered his charged hands.

"N-Now Ginji, don't do anything hasty," Ban said trying to back out of the booth. But, the saddened blond grabbed him, sending electricity through his body. "Gah! Damn electric eel! Get off me!" he growled as the scuffle continued. Behind the bar a large manowered his newspaper and glanced their way, and sighed.

"Honestly if they have the energy to fight like that they should be out getting money to pay off their tab." He grumbled receiving a giggle from the girl dressed as a waitress on the other side of the bar. The brown haired waitress, a high school girl judging by her age, smiled.

"Oh cut them a little slack Boss. They just got back from a big mission yesterday." She said happily, getting only a grunt in reply. She went back to sweeping the floor watching the two friend's fight stalemate, as it usually did. Behind her the bell of the door rang and she turned to greet the customer. "Welcome to the Honky Tonk," she said with a slight bow, looking down to the shorter red head that had just entered. From what she could tell they girl was probably around her same age, and looked to have been in a fight. 'She must be here to see Ban and Ginji,' She figured, labeling the girl as a client. The girl looked generally confused.

"Ah hey. I wasn't aware any waitresses were working here." She spoke mostly to herself as she took a seat at the bar.

"Oh I've been working here a couple of months." The waitress interjected happily. "Though it's not often girls my age come here." She continued causing the red head to twitch. The man behind the bar laughed heartily, putting away his newspaper. He smirked a little before leaning back in his chair.

"Be careful what you say around this spitfire Natsumi. She's dangerous, even if she doesn't look it."

"Hey!" she shouted as her face slightly reddened. Her annoyance increased when the man laid a hand on top of her head. "You fond of that hand Paul?" she asked dangerously. The man laughed again, but took his hand back.

"Ah Haruna, you haven't changed one bit." He turned to his slightly confused waitress. "Natsumi, this is Haruna Inuzuka, another one of my regulars," he paused briefly, "though she had been missing for months. You had me worried." The red head snorted in reply.

"You just missed my income." She said, trying to hide her amusement. "Nice ta meet ya Natsumi." She greeted, shaking the girl's hand heartily.

"Um yes. Nice to meet you." The waitress managed with a sweatdrop, She's really strong, My hand hurts a little. "So you have a recovery service too?"

"Nah, I'm more of a run of the mill merc. Just making a living." Haruna said with a chuckle. "I let those knuckle heads handle the 'Getbacking'," she said turning back to Paul. "Now if you don't mind I'm starving, send some pizza this way." She cheered happily.

"Knuckle heads huh?" Came a voice from across the room. "Oh is that you Ban?" she said in mock surprise. "I didn't know you were here." She said, feigning innocence. Ban groaned and shook his head, both he and his partner stood and made their way over. Ginji smiled cheerfully, waving as they approached.

"Hey Haru!"

"Ginji, long time no see." She replied giving the former gang leader a hug, letting him take a seat at one side. Ban stood nearby but didn't sit down.

"It's been a long time. Where've you been?" the blond man asked with a slight frown. He'd missed her. The red head smirked, reaching into her shorts and pulling up a CD case.

"This is my meal ticket. I 'acquired' it from some Yakuza recently." She said with a smirk. Her companions all looked at the case for a moment.

"So, what's on it?" Ginji asked as the tension gathered.

"No idea." Haruna stated causing everyone to collectively sweatdrop. Ban smacked her on the back of the head.

"If you don't know, why are you so proud?" he shouted as she rubbed the back of her head.

"I over heard some of 'em talking about it, they were makin' a big deal about it. They mentioned a great treasure." She continued with a little pout, "But it's in some kind of code, so I wanted Paul to have a look at it." She handed the case to the bartender, who placed her order in front of her then plucked the disk from her hand. The redhead began to dive into her food with the ravenous nature not unlike the two men nearby.

"Hmm, well I'll check it out. Not like I have anything better to do." He shrugged, bringing the disk over to his laptop.

"Great treasure huh?" Ban trailed off, his glasses flashing menacingly. Haruna paused in her eating to glance back.

"Don't get any funny ideas Mido, I found the info."

"Didn't the Yakuza find it?" Natsumi spoke up suddenly.

"Well I guess. If you want to get technical about it." The red head relented woofing the last of the pizza down. "Mmm, that hit the spot."

"Damn. This some hardcore encrypting." Paul said as his fingers dancing across the keyboard masterfully. "This'll take some time to crack for sure. Whatever is on here must be really important." He continued without turning. Haruna gained a big grin.

"Ha ha, I knew it!" she cheered. "I'm gonna be rich!"

"I don't know Haru. I got a bad feeling about this." Ginji said with a frown. Still giggling, Haruna threw her arm over his shoulder. "Now now Ginji, You should know by now I can handle anything. Don't worry, I won't forget about you guys when I'm rich." She brushed aside his concern.

Natsumi sweatdroped at the whole scene. "My, she certainly is sure of herself."

"You have no idea." Ban said rubbing his temples.

"So you know Miss Haruna well then?"

"Fairly. We met her three years ago on a job." Ban said, thinking back. "We had only been working together a few months and it was a hard task. We had to find a client's necklace that was taken by Yakuza as protection payment. What we didn't know was that this particular family had some rather sick hobbies..."

3 years ago

Two men swiftly hop the outer wall of the Aoyama family compound and took out the surprised guards. Hugging the wall they make their way over to the back door. "If my info is correct it should be in his mistresses room. He gave it to her as a present from what I understand." Ban spoke softly as he broke the doornob and the lock mechanism of the back door.

"Right." Ginji said with a nod, slipping through the door to tazer the goon who had been intently watching a monitor. "Hmm, whats this?" he wondered looking at the program. It looked to be a feed from a security camera, but there was some kind of event happening. On the screen a crowd was cheering around a caged off area. Inside the cage was a young girl with several large men. It looked like bets were taking place., Ginji's eyes narrowed. The girl looked pretty ragged, apparently she had already been fighting.

"The hell is this?" he asked angrily, sparks arcing off his hand. Ban dragged him away from the monitor.

"We're only here for the necklace remember?" Ban said firmly.

"But Ban, this a close-circuit tv, that means it's nearby. We can't just let this happen. My conscience won't let me."

"Well my wallet will. We need this job to eat, and keep our car from getting impounded."

"But Ban!" the two locked eyes, wills battling each other until one relented.

"Fine," Ban sighed. "But, we get the necklace first, then we can clear your conscience."

His partner smiled brightly. "You're the best Ban."

The man in question merely sighed and motioned for him to follow. Retrieving the necklace was surprisingly simple, the whole estate had only a skeleton crew of guards. The pair began a quick search for the source of the video feed, noting that the warehouse nearby was particularly guarded. They made their way over, but were stopped by a large man at the door.

"Password?" the man asked at their approach. Ginji clenched his fist.

"I've got a password for yo-," he was about to slug the man with a charged punch, but Ban stopped him. He gave his partner a wink before He turned to the guard. Ban's eyes flashed over his shades. "I'm sorry, we didn't know there was a private gathering. Didn't mean to bother you." He led Ginji away. The guard snorted as he watched them walk off.

"Bunch of weirdoes. What the hell?" the man said as he watched the two men start across the street just as a huge semi came zooming by. There was a sickening crunch, and blood went everywhere. The two men were crushed by the huge vehicle right before the guard's eyes. "Holy shit!" The guard ran toward the street to get a better look. If someone called the cops, the pit fight would have to be moved to a safer location.

Though as he arrived at the sidewalk and surveyed the carnage a hand grabbed his leg. He looked down to see the upper torso of the brown haired man, bloodied from the accident, staring right at him. "You should wake up," Ban said with a wink, and all of a sudden the man was back at his post, thoroughly confused, and a little sickened. He didn't see the men anywhere, and there was no accident. Had they ever been there at all? "I must have eaten some bad sushi or somethin'," he grumbled trying to clear his mind of the disturbing images.

On the other side of the door, Ban snickered and continued up the hall. Ginji followed closely, shaking his head.

"You gave him the Jagan didn't you? Sly as always."

"Sometimes Ginji, it's better to use tact over brute force." Ban said arrogently. The pair started into the room...

"Ow!" Ban grunted as he took an elbow to the stomach. "What the hell was that for!" He growled, rubbing the spot as Haruna glare him down.

"I'd rather you not talk about THAT place. I have 'nough bad memories there and I don't need you dredgin' them up." she grumbled before turning her back to him again. Natsumi looked frowned.

"I'm sorry Miss Haruna, I didn't mean to make you sad. I was just curious," the waitress said softly. The red haired girl shook her head.

"Don't sweat it, maybe I'll tell you myself, when I'm up to it." She said softly. Paul sighed and stretched.

"It's no use. I won't have anything for you for a couple of days," he said with another sigh. Haru immediately threw on a smile.

"Heh, I guess I can wait a few more days to be rich." She snickered a little. The others shared a sweatdrop.

"Good, I could use an extra hand," came another voice. In the doorway stood a tall busty blond. The smirk etched on her lips spelt danger. "It's been a while Haruna."


to be continued

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