I decided to start yet another Halo fanfic. This one takes place before the Human/ Elite alliance.

Here it goes,



"Get the Councilors out of here!" A Sangheili yelled.

High Councilor Oehy Resutee stood; he and the rest of the Councilors looked at the Zealot. "What is wrong?" he asked calmly.

"The Humans have somehow got past the Honor Guards. They're coming this way."

"How many?"

The Zealot shook his head. "A hundred maybe. All of them have heavy weapons. Capable of killing a Sangheili in a single shot."

The gold Sangheili looked scared, and if a high ranking Sangheili was scared; it was usually a big deal.

"The Humans would dare to board our ship?" One of the Councilors yelled in anger as he drew his energy sword. "It will be their undoing!"

Other Councilors drew their swords; Resutee couldn't help but draw his.

Councilor Eisadee held up his sword. "Let us destroy these foolish Humans!"

An Honor Guard ran into the room. "The Humans are here."

"Seal the doors!" The Zealot ordered the Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard nodded, he pressed a few holographic buttons on the control panel and the door to the Council Chamber shut and locked.

Resutee could hear explosions on the door, the Humans were coming. He wondered if they win. If they did, Resutee and the other Councilors would make sure that the Prophets knew about this. Some of the Councilors here were old, some were middle-aged and others were young.

If the Zealot was correct, and there were hundreds of Humans onboard the ship; then they would without a doubt loose this battle. It didn't matter; none of the Sangheili in the room would go down without a fight or bringing a few Humans with them.

A whole unit had passed since the Humans started trying to blow the door, but to Resutee it felt like forever. Standing there waiting. He tightened his grip on the handle of his sword and shifted his mandibles around nervously.

"Nervous?" Ahromee asked.

"A little."

Ahromee smiled. "Aren't we all?"

All of the Sangheili's gazes snapped back at the door as it exploded into the Sangheili. A large group of Humans poured into the rom like water.

Eisadee jumped off the raised area that the Councilors sat in when in a meeting and charged. A dozen others, including Resutee followed roaring a loud battle cry.

Some of the Humans took a few steps back while others stood their ground and prepared to fire. Resutee swung his sword at one of the Humans; it stepped back and fired its shotgun. The tiny bullets bounced off Resutee's shields, they flicked then dimmed. He stabbed the Human right in the chest; killing it instantly.

Resutee looked at the others, there were a few Councilors lying on the ground; dead. Only a small amount of Humans had died so far. This wasn't good, if they kept loosing Sangheili at the rate that they were; the battle would be over soon, and the Humans would win.

That couldn't happen; Resutee wouldn't let it. He charged at a small group of Humans that were standing in the corner. He triggered a plasma grenade and threw it at a Human; he stuck it to the Human's head. The human ran around screaming for someone to get it off when it exploded. Resutee shook his head in disgust. How pathetic of a human to run around screaming in the middle of a battle.

Resutee felt something hit his shields, and then he felt something hot hit his right leg. He looked at the human and charged at it; despite the enormous pain from his leg.

In a simple motion he stabbed the Human in the chest and muttered, "That hurt."

After the human fell to the ground something hit Resutee in the back of the neck. He fell to the floor, confused about what had just happened. He heard footsteps coming up to him; he knew that he was going to die.

If I must die, so will they.

He grabbed hi last plasma grenade and triggered it, if he was going to die; so were the Humans that were stupid enough to be close to him.

The explosion sent him flying and he heard a few screams of Humans as they died. He landed on his stomach and everything started to fade away.

Before Resutee closed his eyes he saw a Councilor running out of the chamber; good, at least one Sangheili would survive.

Resutee closed his eyes and let out his last breath of air before he started the Great Journey.

For those of you have read my other story, Halo: The Interregnum might recognize a few of the names that I'm going to be usuing in the upcoming chapters.

And I am taking a break from writing the Interregnum.