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Characters(Not all are introduced in this chapter and some my not even be in the story.. I add them now just to save my ass later incase I do include them):

Korina "Kori" Anders - Starfire

Richard "Dick" Grayson - Robin

Rachel Roth - Raven

Victor "Vic" Stone - Cyborg

Garfield "Gar" Logan - BeastBoy

Roy Harper - Speedy

Karen Beecher - Bumblebee

Terra Slade - Terra

Barbara "Babs" Gordon - Batgirl

Amanda "Mandy" Anders - Blackfire

Katrina "Kitten" Moth - Kitten

And So It Is

Chapter 1

I stumbled down the hallway almost tripping over the occasional couple having sex. Why do I even come to these parties? I shrugged and continued to make my way down the long hallway to the staircase. I stopped at the full length mirror and looked myself over. I knew I was gorgeous.. a rare, exotic beauty with long dark red hair, brilliant emerald eyes, and a perfect body. I was tall, almost 5'9, and had lucious long legs. I had an ample chest, but not too big and a very slim waist. The lavender Armani dress I was wearing was a little short, but not nearly as trampy as many of the other girls were wearing. I looked at my reflection again and realized that I could still see clearly. I was not nearly drunk enough. I started to make my way down the stairs when I heard my name.

"KORI." The male voice yelled. I turned around and instantly regretted it. There was Roy Harper looking utterly delicious making his way over to me. Yeah, he was gorgeous... red hair, green eyes, and a glorious body, but he was way too into himself. Always looking in the mirror and fixing his hair. He was so not my type and obviously he couldn't take a hint either. Ever since highschool he's been trying to bed me, but I haven't let him yet and I don't plan to. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me against his body.

"Hey baby. I've been looking for you all night." He whispered in my ear. I inwardly groaned and removed his death grip from me. I continued making my way down the stairs with him in tow, like a puppy. I pushed my way through the crowds of people realizing that I didn't even know most of them and I seriously doubt that Rachel did, even though this was her house. I continued to push around people trying to catch a glimpse of my best friend. Rachel Roth.. the beautiful, mysterious heiress to Roth Industries. She had shoulder length black hair that had a violet tint to it and dark piercing eyes. She was 5'6 in height and very curvacious. Even though she could be very quiet and refined, she knew how to party and we did almost every weekend.

Roy was still calling after me, trying to keep up as I pushed around people. I almost made it to the bar when I saw Garfield and Victor. Garfield Logan is Rachel's boyfriend. He is pretty handsome guy and very much inlove with Rachel. They've been together since sophmore year of highschool. He was 5'11 in height and lean, but in no way scrawny. He had sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. Victor Stone was standing next to him talking to someone I couldn't see. Victor was about 4 years older than us and very attractive. 6'4, chocolate skin, and a bald head. Vin Diesel with a tan, I would always call him. Victor and Garfield were both loaded as well.. infact, we all were. I've known them since elementary school. Victor's dad owns the Titan Corporation and Garfield's father is a multi million dollar corporate lawyer. I, myself, am worth billions. My family owns the world famous chain of Tamaran Hotels and Spas. I was too busy looking for Rachel that I didn't see who the boys were talking to. I walked up to Garfield and put my arms around him.

"Have you seen Rachel? I can't find her anywhere."

"She's probably out by the pool, when you find her tell her I wanna talk to her." Garfield said. I nodded and was about to head towards the glass doors when I heard his voice. I stopped in my tracks. I knew that voice anywhere... Richard Grayson. Rachel's older cousin and my ex. Not that we ever officially broke up, but he made it abundantly clear that he wanted nothing to do with me. We grew up together and I always had feelings for him, but not until highschool did anything come of it. I was a freshman and he was a senior. I was so madly inlove with him and deep down I know I still am. He was my first everything. My first kiss, my first touch, my first boyfriend, my first fuck, and my first heartbreak. After we slept together we were inseperable. He used to tell me he loved me and that I was the only one and all that other bullshit men tell you to fuck you. That is all we did that year. Fuck. God, he was amazing. He made me feel things that I never thought possible. He made me feel like a lady in public, but a whore in the bedroom.. and I loved every minute of it. As soon as he graduated he left for college. After that he never returned my phone calls, he never wrote back my letters.. nothing. He was at my graduation, but I'm sure that is because he wanted to see Rachel. He looked at me only for a moment that day and then never again, I heard he had a girlfriend. After graduation he was gone again, traveling Europe or some bullshit. That was when I was 18. Now I'm 21 and at my best friends party in the same room with the bastard who fucked me over for everyone else. Yeah.. I forgot to mention that I haven't even been with another man since him, since my freshman year of highschool. A few make out sessions here and there, but no touching and definately no fucking. He was the only one and I hate him for it, yet I love him for it at the same time.

I slowly turned around to face him and I instantly wished I hadn't. God, he was so fucking beautiful. Dark ebony locks, bright piercing blue eyes, and a fucking body to die for. Standing at 6'1, he was the epitomy of perfection. Classy, Gorgeous, Strong. He was the envy of every man in the room and the eye candy for every woman. We locked eyes. He stared me down with some unreadable emotion trying to figure me out. I felt lost in his gaze and then I realized it... I'm fucked. All the emotions I tried to suppress came rushing back and I found myself even deeper inlove with him than I ever was. He was no longer the boy of 17, now he was the man of 24. Oh god, was he a man. I suddenly found myself picturing him ontop of me, glistening in sweat, telling me everything I wanted to hear. Not only that he loved me, but that I was the best fuck he ever had. It was funny, I was always the innocent, happy cheery one of the group, but he made me the dirty slut I am deep down inside.. inside... inside of me is exactly where I wanted him to be. I was still innocent to everyone except Richard.. he knew me, all of me. I was brought out of my trance by the beautiful red headed girl clinging to his arm. I smiled at her and introduced myself and I felt his eyes on me the whole time.

"Hi, I'm Korina Anders, but everyone calls me Kori." I shook her hand and saw her eyes sparkle.

"The Korina Anders?" She asked and I almost felt hope that maybe Richard talked endlessly about me, how quickly I was mistaken, "The heiress to the Tamaran Hotels?"

I nodded and waited for her to introduce herself. She was a very pretty girl and she seemed sweet, but I couldn't help but hate her. She had captured Richard's attention and by the looks of the diamond earrings with matching pendant, she had him wrapped around her finger for some time now. "Dick talks alot about his friends, but I never knew you were one of his friends. Wow, you are even more gorgeous in person. I wonder why he never talks about you."

"Friends.." I said bitterly and glared at Richard. He stared at me with indifference. God I wanted to pull him into a room and fuck him, then slap him, then fuck him again. I've built up years of sexual frustration because of that asshole, but obviously he has had no trouble at all.

"Red heads... I figured you grew tired of them your senior year of highschool." I said casually, as if assessing his knew girlfriend. He arched an eyebrow and smirked... God that eyebrow. Whenever he arched it I just wanted to throw him down and have my way with him. It was so unbelievably sexy.

"I never grew tired of red heads," He said cooly watching me intently, "You should know I've always had a weak spot for them."

I smiled sweetly at him. I knew my smile always made him melt. He used to tell me how breathtaking I was when I smiled. I looked back at his girlfriend. "Well, I'm sorry I didn't get your name."

"Barbara Gordon, but please call me Babs." I inwardly cringed. Babs? What the fuck kind of nickname was that? Babs? Ugh it was disgusting. Another reason not to like her. Fucking ridiculous. Richard sure knows how to pick his bitches... I should know.

"Well, Babs it was very nice meeting you. I must go find Rachel now. I'm sure I'll see you around, but if I don't then I hope you enjoy your time here in Gotham." I turned to walk away when Richard's voice stopped me.

"You'll see her around for sure Kori. You'll see a lot of us around. I'm back for good." I could hear the cocky tone in his voice and I instantly wanted to slap the smirk, which I knew he had on, off of his gorgeous face. I definately was not drunk enough.

I kept walking and made my way out of the double glass doors to the well lit up pool area. There were people drinking, having sex, snorting cocaine. The usual. I shrugged and found Rachel laying on a raft in the pool ruining her Gucci dress.

"Rachel, Gar is looking for you."

She smiled at me, "Yeah, I'll find him in a minute. You know you shouldn't go in the house. He is in there."

"I know," I replied casually, "I ran into him and his girlfriend."

I saw the look of pity on her face. She felt bad for me. Well, I was rather pathetic. The beautiful, rich, gorgeous heiress of the Tamaran Hotel chain was still hung up on her highschool sweetheart. Pathetic. I pulled off my heels and dipped my feet in the pool. It was cool, but not freezing. I watched Rachel slowly wade out of the water. She came and sat next to me . The silence was comfortable, but I knew she was dying to talk.

"So tomorrow we have that photo shoot?" I obliged her and lead her into meaningless conversation.

"Yeah. Something for Calvin Klein. Don't you have a doctor's appointment?" She asked.

I nodded, "Yeah. An annual," We both cringed, "I wonder why they have us do photo shoots. We aren't models."

"You know," She started, eyeing me, "He asked about you all the time while he was gone. He didn't want us to tell you. He always wants to make sure you wear it."

"Oh?" Was my brilliant reply. I looked down at my right hand. "It" in question was a promise ring he gave me the night of his graduation. It was a slender white gold band with tiny diamonds in the shape of a heart in the center. It was simple, classy, beautiful.. it was all Richard. He told me he loved me and made me promise to never take it off. Unlike his promise to love me forever.. I don't break my promises. I wear it always and I'm sure he probably got some ego boost to see me wear it while he had his new girlfriend on his arm.

"I think he is still inlove with you." Rachel said, jerking me out of my mental tirade.

"I don't think he ever did love me." I said bitterly, glaring at the ring on my finger.

Rachel shrugged and stood up, preparing herself to go find Garfield. I stood up also, preparing myself to get wasted. I needed a drink and badly. I followed her inside and watched as she quickly dissappeared among the crowd of people. I slowly made my way to the bar and ordered a screwdriver. I downed it quickly and ordered another. Then another. I turned around to see Richard and 'Babs' in a passionate lip lock. What fucking luck I have. His hands were all over her and her dress was riding up higher and higher. They would be fucking soon. I felt the anger rise in me, but I tried to supress it. Let him fuck her, let him do what he wants. I don't care, I don't care at all. Yeah, he still loves me and has the best way of showing it. God, I am so pathetic.I decided to leave the party. I have a doctor's appointment and a photo shoot followed by some intense clubbing. I do not need a hangover nor my heart stomped on. I pushed my way past them, but made sure they heard me say, "Just fuck already."

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