The Little Mermaid

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Summary: It took Sakura one day to plan it, two years to pluck up her courage and another two before she finally met him. But with soldiers chasing her, her father causing storms and her voice gone, her journey to happily ever after is everything but smooth.

Chapter 1

The day I did it… I never had such a rush before. My heart was thumping loudly in my chest and I could hear every sound. I was aware of every shadow, every item around me. Any movement made me anxious, even my own. And when I finally had it in my grasp I ran.

I came to this very shore where I devoured the prized bottle's contents and then I waited. I didn't have to wait long, and when it came it struck me hard. Every part of my body ached. It ached. It hurt so much that sometimes I can still feel it in my sleep. I guess I should have read the warning label. Ironic, if I come to think of it.

Then she found me. Old Mrs Kaho found me and took me into her home where she cared for me for days. There after she taught me how to walk and how to survive in this world. I think she knew from the start, even though I didn't say anything. It's not like I can really, having no voice and all. But that is beside the point.

I was eighteen at that stage. The world and everything in it was new to me. Each day was a new surprise to me and it still is to some great extent. I never know what might come. I never know when they might pick up my trail again.

If I linger here it will be soon.

I watch him swimming and I long for the water, but I know to go even close to it will lead to my doom. To touch it will definitely be my downfall. So I sit away from it. I sit as far away as possible from it and dream of its feel on my skin and the love for it that resides within my heart.

I could return I suppose, but now I will not be happy. I need to see the sun on the white sand and to see it shimmer on the dark ocean waters. I need the people and their city. It has become my home in some odd way. He too has somehow become part of it.

Xiao-lang Li, prince of the humans in the city behind me and the land upon which I sit. I never would have thought it possible to meet the man who inspired me to go against everything I was taught and to take the plunge. Though, he does not and never will know it.

I saw him when I was sixteen. He was swimming and I watched him. He was free, he had no constraints. Land and water, on and in both he could move freely. It made me jealous. Slowly my plans started to form in my mind.

It was perfect, really. No one would even suspect me until it was too late. But I was only able to gather my nerves two years later. My eighteenth birthday provided me with the perfect opportunity and the right amount of time.

And I did it.

I broke into my father's cabinet, the king's cabinet, and I stole the bottle. The liquid within it shimmered green when it moved. Before anyone noticed that I was gone I was already on the shore. I knew my father found out when the storm started to build as I lay on the sand unable to move.

I, his daughter, one of the heirs of the throne had done the unthinkable. I have become human. I, one of the future leaders of the proud merfolk of Tomoeda, have turned my fins in for legs and I have joined the humans.

"Sakura!" I look up at the man swimming. "Are you sure you don't want to come in?" I nod. If you only knew, human prince, you would not show such kindness towards me. For it am a thief and I am labelled a traitor of the worse kind. I am hunted and sometimes even haunted by those I left behind.

I, Sakura Kinomoto, am a princess forgotten by most and I would like to keep it that way.

AN: Hey guys! This is just a mini fic I wrote while I was supposed to be studying for my exams one Sunday afternoon. (Don't tell my mom!) Anyways, its the tale of the Little Mermaid retold by me. I tried to make it a little different, without losing the charm it posses. This was my favourite story growing up, and still is. This fic is a lot shorter than Happy Birthday to Me, since it only took me a day to write and then I did it by hand, which it why the chapters are so short. It looked longer in my handwriting and I don't have a big handwriting. Anyways!

Thank you for the reviews and stay tuned to see what happens to our little Mermaid.


PS. Yes, I have an obsession for rewriting fairy tales and putting a new, often rather disturbing spin on them. See Snow White if you like this kind of stuff.