The Little Mermaid

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Chapter 8

"A voiceless princess is a disgrace." I jumped at the counsel man's younger voice. All around me my memories popped up. Memories from when I was a little girl, memories from my explorations as a teenager, memories of plans to go to the human world, my trouble learning to walk, when I ran away from the guards and into Li, when I met him again in the garden, when I became ill… All my loneliness, turned into happiness and then stolen away from me again.

What was happening?

I looked around and saw Kaho pointing here and there, everywhere she pointed another of my memories popped up. Most where about the counsel man scolding me in school, telling me that I am worthless and would never amount to anything. I am the second forgotten child of a great kind no one cares about. My brother is the important one, not me.

I looked at Li. He was gapping at what he saw. Slowly his brows furrowed into a scowl. "How worthless must a man feel to take his anger out on a little girl who cannot defend herself?"

"How dare you? I put my daughter in your care." I look at my father as he looms over the counsel man. I have never seen him this angry before. Never. "You are banned from this kingdom counsel man. You will leave this place and never return, for so help me… If I ever see you here again you will be dealt with."

"You cannot ban me. Without me you are nothing!"

"Without you I am the father I should have been to my daughter! I would have happily left her in the human realm. I know she is happy there, but you insisted that she be returned. That it is for the good of the people. Yet, the people do not even know that their princess cannot speak. The people do not know that she is a free spirit you wanted me to cage."


"You used her! And I shall not tolerate it any longer. Out of my sight!" I held my breath as my father walked to us. Li held my hand tightly as I looked at my dad. "Starfish, I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive your old foolish father?"

"My perfect princess." I looked up at my favourite memory of my father. It was when I got a cold when I was fifteen. He stayed and took care of me the entire night. His face was soft and caring and the orange light against the dark room made his eyes seem more warm can caring than usual. He looked young, still full of life and hopes for me. Daddy…

I nod. "As the people as my witness, I hereby withdraw all charges laid against these two young people. And from this day forth all are allowed to visit the human realm when they wish. For I would wish to visit my daughter from time to time, if she is willing to entertain me."

I smile at my dad and hug him. "Sir…"

"My boy, you are now the one to care for my daughter. Do it well and succeed where I have failed.

"I'm allowed to marry her?"

"Yes." I beam at my father and Li. Even through all this confusion… I do not know how my father forgave me so fast, but… I smile up at Li and he down at me. I am allowed to be with him, my father gave permission.

In the background I can hear some people cheer and others whisper in confusion. But I could care less about the people at this moment. Li leans closer, a small smile on his lips. "You have a beautiful voice, Sakura." I giggle silently, and for once I don't mind that no sound will come from my lips. "But your smile say so much more."

The End

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