Title: Quiet

Author: kat8cha

Rating: G

Genre: General, maybe humor and a little romance

Pairing/Characters: TezuFuji/FujiTezu

Summary: Tezuka, Fuji, and quiet

A/N - Post Series, possible AU (I've only seen up to episode 70 so far, my disk space is limited, forgive me if I screw up) Also, first Tenipuri fic so don't shoot me! And tell me if you like it I'm debating a second part...

lj-cut text"Tezuka did not like people"

In general Tezuka did not like people. He liked certain people true, but as a whole he found most people to be loud, annoying and boorish. He preferred solitude and quiet to the teeming streets of Japan. He endured the noise his former teammates had created because he had to, and because once you got past their incessant need to make a racket they were decent tennis players and good people. It was because of the noise and attention that Tezuka hated the media. It seemed no matter where he went there was someone to hound the international tennis player. They were even louder, more annoying and far more boorish then the general populace that Tezuka did not like.

While the general populace annoyed him to great lengths and seemed to follow him when he wanted to be left alone they did not know how much they were annoying him, unlike the media.

Or fangirls.

It was then a big surprise to Tezuka's friends when they discovered he was dating famous photographer Fuji Syuusuke. Or, not a terribly huge surprise to those who had known him in Seigaku but on the whole it was a surprise.

Fuji was not one to hide from the limelight, in fact he enjoyed it's glow. He liked making noise and watching people's reactions to things he did. Fuji however liked people just as much as Tezuka did. He acknowledged that they were bothersome and often quite prudish but Fuji was a sadist and as such often found the annoyances to his life to have entertainment value if nothing else.

When they were alone with each other there was no need for words though. Tezuka and Fuji had known each other long enough to understand the silent signals that both often used in place of words. Kunimitsu spoke little to anyone who was not a friend and Syuusuke spoke only a little more but together they could exchange loving sentiments without a sound.

So it was no surprise to Syuusuke but caused much consternation with the rest of the world when Tezuka told a reporter the reason he was dating Fuji was because 'he liked the quiet.'

(Author: This was inspired by me almost having a panic attack at the RTA station.

Fuji: You just have a weak constitution.


Fuji: sniff They were irritating Mitsu-chan)