Five years ago I was setup by a corrupt San Andreas on charges of 1st Degree Murder during a bank robbery. I went to court, and even though all evidence was in my favor I was determined to be guilty and sent to prison on a life sentence.

I now sat in my prison cell wondering how my life would've have been different if I had not felt the need to go to the bank that day. I did not exactly need to make a withdrawal, I had enough money on me to do whatever I needed to do that day, but I went anyway and it was the worst decision of my life.

"PI time Dewitt," said a guard so I got up and got ready to go to work.

Being a murderer I did not ever talk to anyone in the San Andreas State Prison except for on PI duties. Last week another one of the innocent people, named Larry, charged 5 years ago confronted me and told me that he had a plan to break out and get our revenge on those who set us up. I told him that it was an interesting idea but we could not talk about during PI with all the guards around.

I thought maybe my luck was changing when I recieved news that me and my new breakout buddy were moved to do work on the new guard house. During the two hours each day we worked there the guards only entered periodically to make sure we were working and stood guard at the door the rest of the time. This gave me and Larry a chance to set up a plan to breakout of this shithole they called a prison.

Larry's plan amazingly relied on the guard room we were working on for our breakout. His plan was very stupid and dangerous but I couldn't think of anything better. There was a door at the back of the guard's room that was bolted shut. If we could knock the door down we had a 100 yard sprint to the fence. The only guard tower near us was almost 3,000 yards away and it would take a professional sniper to take us down from that distance. Once we got out the guard's room we had approximately 20 seconds to climb over the fence before causing a disturbance and getting a guard's attention so we would have to run and climb very fast. We decided the best time to do it was tomorrow because we only had about 10 minutes left of PI for the day.

As I left PI and went back to my cell I thought to myself that tomorrow would be a day that changed my life forever.