I'm probably going to make this into a longer fic. At least, that's what I've decided. Though I didn't get the amount of reviews that I had wanted, it doesn't really matter anyway. This idea appealed to me, for some reason, but I'll have to take some time to think this out better. For now, this is a little list of terms that might've confused some people.





I think of the Makai as a world that is parallel to the Ningen. Makai houses demons and summoning spirits, and Ningen houses the humans and ninjas. Makai time travels faster, around ten days compared to the one day in Ningen, but since life on Makai age roughly ten times slower, basically its the same.


Demons are basically beings that have both a demon-form, where they're full-blown demons, and a demi-human form, where they're basically humans with animal characteristics. They can use a form of special chakra called youki, and are typically ten to ten thousand times stronger than a ninja counterpart. There are lots of different kinds of demons, like there are a lot of different animals. For instance, Kyuubi is a fox demon with no fox characteristics at all except for the whisker marks, the elongated canines, and the tails, while Hugo (demon equivalent of Kiba) is basically a full-grown husky with a humanoid body and the ability to talk and stand on two legs. Demons don't use jutsus, they manipulate their own unique youki to create effects that they want. Of course, this is not saying that a demon can't use jutsu. They just don't choose to.


Maoh basically translates to Demon King. It's a title of demon that is roughly equivalent to the status of a Kage in the Ningen. Maohs are chosen, not based on their power, but on their loyalty to the village and their skills of management. Of course, these usually come hand in hand so many demons have the idea that to be Maoh they have to be the strongest demon in the village.


Mokugakure is the Makai version of Konoha.





Kyuubi is the Makai equivalent of Naruto, obviously. At first his name was supposed to be Hiro Kyuubi, but I decided that it didn't sound quite demonic enough. Kyuubi is from a family of kitsune demons that grow tails as their mastery of their powers increase. Each tail quighly triples their youki amount, thus a full-blown Kyuubi is nineteen thousand times stronger than an Ichibi. The growing of a tail is often excruciatingly painful, inducing the demon into a thirty minute coma to get their bodies used to the power. This can happen without warning.


For those of you that haven't guessed, Ryuusui is the Makai equivalent of Iruka. He's a dolphin demon, and is a lot brighter than most people give him credit for. He prefers to teach instead of actual combat, as his clan wasn't particularly known for its fighting abilities. Ryuusui translates to Dragon Water, known in English as a stream.


Sasuke's equivalent. I named him Kageyama becaused kage means shadow and yama means mountain, to symbolize the fact that he's always in the shadow of his older brother. I won't divulge the name of the older brother just yet, though I assure you he won't be quite like Itachi. His family uses curse seals to boost his power, except their curse seals are much better than Orochimaru's. Kageyama's family don't have demon forms, though his older brother is, again, the only exception.


Sakura's equivalent. I intend on making her something more than a side character. From her description I assume you have no idea what techniques she employs. She's a tree demon, who can turn into a tree anytime. The tree form is immobile, though it is very defensive. Her demon form is, of course, a cherry tree in full bloom. Her name comes from the Haru part, which means spring, and Haruka is a common name among anime and manga characters, quite like Sakura.


I ran out of Japanese names around this point to use, and tried to reason with myself that since this is the Makai realm, some things should be different from the Ningen. I'm not sure I succeeded in convincing myself, but too late for that. Garou is the Makai equivalent of Kakashi, and I decided to make him a wolf demon based on his lone wold personality, and his gray hair. There was no better explanation. He's a demon with lightning powers, and if struck by an attack can memorize it until struck by another attack.


At this point my thoughts turned to summon spirits. How did Gamabunta know about Shukaku? My guess is that demons aren't really that different from summon spirits at all, except for classification. So I decided on a member of Gamabunta's family being the Jiraiya of the Makai realm, and I hope I succeeded. Oh, and on the Happosai quote, I don't intend on a Ranma crossover, it was just something that happened.


Hina means doll, which I basically thought was Hinata's function in her family. Kurokaze, Black Wind, is an opposite of Byakugan, White Eyes. I can't really say much about her combat abilities, as I want the Kurokaze abilities to be secret until later. However, I can explain why she's a feline demon. Hinata reminds me of a domestic kitten that has the potential to become a fierce tigress. Since she's a feline demon, I suppose the rest of the family has to be too. But Neji reminded me so much of a bird... I guess I'll let Vashu have a freak accident later.





There's really only one thing I have to say in this section, and this is it. I want to state one thing first. Konoha did not attack Mokugakure. You have to remember, even if they did they can't succeed. Ninjas are merely mortal beings, demons to them are like demigods. A village of ninja nearly succumbed to Kyuubi, a equivalent of a jounin in his village. This shows something, okay? If Konoha attacked, they wouldn't have stood a chance. But I'm not going to tell you more than that, that's all you're going to be getting today!


Alright people, try to wait patiently for the next chapter then. See ya later.