"Next pair: Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley." Mrs. Peterson called.

"All right!" exclaimed Tucker and he and Danny slapped hands. They both looked up when Mrs. Peterson called the class to attention. "As you know, this is a home assignment. It should be completed by the 14th. NO EXCUSES!"

"So," said Danny as they walked out of class. "We should definitely star this Science project now. Before a ghost comes up."

"Of course!" Tucker agreed. He looked down at his PDA. "So, how about 7 o' clock tonight?" Danny agreed. "See ya then!" Tucker said, then started towards home.

Danny started on the rough draft of the project-listing and giving examples of all of the elements in the table of elements. He glanced up at the clock-seven thirty. "Where is Tucker?" He wondered out loud. He picked up the phone and dialed Tucker's number; all he got was an answering machine.

Danny started to get worried; he had known Tucker for seven years and he had never been late for anything. He thought of going to Tucker's house, just to see if he was all right. Then he realized he didn't know where Tucker lived.

"That's odd!" He thought to himself. Looking back, Danny remembered that Tuck had always come over his house, and there was never any reason to go to Tucker's. All he knew was that he lived in a trailer park. After looking in the phone dictionary, he saw that Tucker lived on the other end of town, which had a reputation for being poorer and wilder.

Danny put on his coat and started the long walk to his best bud's house.