Title: Photograph

Characters: Juliet, Domovoi

Prompt: #10 – Years (fanfic100), Remembrance (af100)

Words: 158

Summary: Taking down another's memories.

Two months after Juliet's death, aged twenty-two, Domovoi was drunk. He smashed the mirror in her room, and shards spangled the images which littered her walls. Later, sober, he cleaned himself up, calling someone else to fix it.

He cried a year later.

Two years after Juliet's death Domovoi stands at the doorway. Her life still covers the walls – friends and lovers and parties, captured in never-changing instants. Years mapped on walls. He roughly pulls photographs from walls. He neatly rolls blue-tac into small, crusted balls.

her friend Nick…

jumping on a bed…

overexposed, sticking her tongue out…

blurred tiger on a white leg…

He remembers that one. A temporary tattoo, American cousins affixing it with water. She'd wanted to keep it forever, taking a photo with a disposable camera. Frozen time. Never changing. She kept it to remind herself of change.

He doesn't take down another photo, spreading the others upon the floor.

He doesn't cry, anymore.