Lauren Nelson walked in the door after a long day at work. She had just finished an 8 hour shift and she was completely exhausted. She started to make her way to her room, but her mother caught her before she got there. "Lauren, you were supposed to do the dishes before you left." Her mother said in an angry tone.
"Well mom, I didn't have time to do them, I had to go to work." Lauren retorted sarcastically. She was in no mood for her mom's constant nagging.
Her mother gave her an evil look and walked past her into the den. Lauren went into her room and changed out of her work clothes. She decided to take a nap since she was so tired from work. She layed down in her bed and her little Chihuahua, Snuggles, layed up against her.
"If only I lived like they do on Three's Company. Life would be so much easier." Lauren mumbled as she drifted off to sleep.
"Lauren! Lauren wake up! You're going to be late for work!" Lauren felt someone shaking her, so she rubbed her eyes and then opened them. Jack Tripper was standing over her and gently shaking her. Her eyes opened wide in shock.
"Were am I?" She asked in confusion.
"What do you mean where are you! You're at home, silly. And if you don't hurry up, you may get fired and be here permanently." Jack said with a laugh.
"I don't believe this! I'm actually here!" Lauren thought as she tried to gain composure.
"Ok Jack, I'll get up." She said with a smile. As Jack left the room, she found a robe and put it on. She decided to go into the kitchen. Janet was sitting at the table drinking coffee while Jack was cooking breakfast.
"This is just too good to be true!" Lauren thought as she sat down at the table.
"Morning sleepy head." Janet greeted her with a smile. "Work late again last night"
"Yeah, my boss made me stay late." Lauren said as Janet poured her some coffee. "Breakfast is served!" Jack said with a grin as he placed a cheese omelet before each of the girls.
Lauren took a bite of the omelet. "Mmm! This is delicious!" She said as she savored each bite.
"Thank you. It's a new recipe I was trying out." Jack informed them. When the 3 of them had finished breakfast, Lauren and Janet went into their room to get ready for work. Lauren had no idea where she worked, since there were no Target stores back in the 70's. She decided to figure out a way to get Janet to tell her where she worked.
"Janet, are you coming by to see me at work today?" She asked casually.
Janet gave her a funny look. "Why would I need to come to a Veterinary Hospital?" She asked curiously.
"Oh right, how stupid of me!" Lauren said with a laugh. She had always wanted to be a Vet, so this sounded like the perfect opportunity. The girls grabbed their purses and headed toward the door.
"Bye Janet, have a good day." Jack said as he kissed Janet.
"Bye Lauren, you have a good day too." He smiled as he gave Lauren a kiss.
She had always had a crush on Jack, ever since she first saw him on the show. When he kissed her, her heart did a flip flop.
Lauren and Janet left the apartment and got on the bus to ride to work. The bus stopped at the Veterinary Hospital where Lauren worked. The girls said goodbye and Lauren went off to work.