CHAPTER UNO: Hermione's True Feelings

"All aboard!" The conducter called.

Hermione walked towards Harry on the train, figuring that they could sit in a car together. This was her 4th year of Hogwarts, so she had now known Harry for 4 years. Such a long time to hold in feelings, she thought. Since the time she first met Harry, Hermione had developed a deep liking for Harry. He was so interesting, smart, adventurous, brave, handsome... She made herself stop thinking about her true feelings. Otherwise she would start blushing as she talked to him.

"Hi, Harry!" She said happily. It had been months, a whole summer since she had seen him. His eyes were even greener than she remembered.

"Hey," He said, but his gaze was over her shoulder. "Ron!" He called, quickly motioning towards Hermione to follow.

She followed and rolled her eyes, boys will be boys. Harry slapped Ron on the back, they exchanged greetings. Ron looked over at her and his eyes brightened.

"Hi, Hermione! You look..." He started blushing so scarlet he couldn't finish. Harry's eyes glinted as he suggested with a dramatized passion, "So beautiful I must confess my true feelings. I love you Hemione, I must say it, I do!"

Hermione quickly put on a face and laughed at Harry's jibe. Deep down though, her heart stopped beating when Harry said her loved her. She knew it was only a joke, Harry didn't like her. Ron did. And everybody thought she returned his feelings. But everybody was dumb.

"Harry," She said with a bewildered look on her face, "I didn't know you felt that way!" Everybody laughed and went aboard the train. But Hermione was puzzled. Right as she said that, there was a fleeting look on Harry's face, like a puppy caught ripping up pillows. He looked guilty.

As they settled down, Hermione ended up sitting next to Harry, because Ron had brought too much luggage.

"Sorry," Ron apoligized.

"It's fine," She replied, because she really didn't mind at all. Hermione wished she hadn't gotten involved with Ron in the first place anyway. She only did that to cover up her feelings for Harry, though she did feel sparks with Ron.

Her mind drifted away as the train began to chug away from the station. She thought about the first time she met Harry, when she had asked about his scar. The lightning bolt-indention always intrigued her. Hermione almost wished she could reach out and touch it. Anything to make contact with Harry.

An Idea flew through her mind suddenly. She pulled a sketch-pad out of her bag and began drawing.

"Since when do you sketch?" Ron asked, suddenly interested enough to break off his conversation with Harry.

"Oh, I started over the summer," She replied brightly. "I'm actually rather good at people. Harry, would you mind if I sketched you?" Oh, please let this work. Pleeeeease let this work.

"Hey," Ron said, jealous. "What about me?"

"I'm sitting closer to Harry," Hermione said, "Besides, that isn't my fault."

"You're right, it's my mum's," Ron mumbled as he sat back in his seat, pouting.

"Now Harry, could you look this way please?" Hermione was nonchalant, but Harry looked a bit uncomfortable. "Oh, come on Harry, I don't bite!"

Harry smiled and looked at Hermione as she sketched busily. She sure is turning out pretty, Harry thought. No! Don't get yourself started. She likes Ron, not me. Besides, what could she find in a crazy, scarred-up kid like me?

"Harry, look towards me," She reminded him. Hermione began to work again, but seemed to be struggling. She looked up and saw Harry looking at her. She smiled.

"I'm having a little bit of trouble with something," She said, then reached forward and brushed his hair away from his scar. "There," She said contentedly sketching again.

Harry's forehead was buzzing. Hermione's touch... goosebumps pricked at his arm. He quickley rolled down his shirt sleeves, hoping he wouldn't blush. He couldn't get his mind off that moment. Her fingers, gently rolling against his scar... the sparks, sharper than electricity or any magic... sparks of feelings... deep, deep, feelings...

Hermione barely realized she had done it. She was still shocked. After all, she had done something she had been wanting to do for years... now, if she could only do the other things she wished to do. Hug him. Hold his hand. Kiss him. And top of the list: To know that he loved her back.

Ron stared at Harry and Hermione in confusion. He saw how they looked at each other, but he had been ignoring it. She was his girlfriend... sort of. All she had done was rearranged Harry's hair. But they were both acting like they had just made-out. Ron groaned. Why did things always end up this way? He likes a girl; girl likes him but has secret feelings for another guy; other guy likes her; they hook-up. Boring old Ron is forgotten, He finished. Ron felt a new determination growing in him. No way was his best friend going to hook up with Hermione.

But Ron, you can't exactly stop their feelings, The Good Little Ron said.

I bet there's a spell for that! The Bad Little Ron responded.

While the Little Rons battled it out, the train pulled to a stop. People went to their carriages, leaving Hermione time to think alone. As the carriage rode towards Hogwarts, Hermione tried to convince herself to quit it.

You like Ron! Said her Inner-Person.

You like Harry! Said her Inner-Rebel.

You like two guys. You must decide. Said her Inner-Peacemaker.

"No matter what," Hermione decided aloud. "I have to break up with Ron. It's just not going to work."

Hermione got out of the carriage (as they had arrived) and quickly left to her dorm. As she did, she passed Ron in the common room.

Tell him it's over! Said her Inner-Rebel.

You've made a decision. Now stick with it! Said her Inner-Peacemaker.

DON'T YOU DARE BREAK UP WITH RON! Screamed her Inner-Person.

Hermione quickly pulled Ron aside. "I have to talk to you," She said. A look of distress crossed Ron's face.

"What?" He gulped. Please don't break up with me now. PLEASE don't break up with me now.

Then Ron then got an Idea. A fabulous Idea, he decided. He quickly leaned forward and kissed Hermione on the lips. Lightly, but with deep feelings behind it. When he leaned back, she was speechless. Ron was so proud of himself that he didn't even blush.

"Hermione, I... I missed you over the summer... a lot..." With that, Ron rushed away. Hermione looked around and saw that the room was empty. She sat down and groaned. She had a lot of thinking to do.

The room wasn't actually empty though. Harry was in there, under his cloak of invisibility.. He watched Hermione as she thought. He couldn't help but wonder, Did she enjoy that?

Harry quickly stepped around Hermione to head to his dorm, but then he saw something. A horrible, annoying, rude something. Draco Malfoy was watching Hermione too, but with laughter in his expression, he walked out in front of her.

"What are you sniveling about, Mudblood? The Weasel didn't kiss you long enough?" Draco laughed cruelly. Harry became extremely angry. How did Draco get into the Gryffindor common room anyway? Harry walked around to Malfoy and hissed in his ear, "Go back to Slytherin, you snake!"

Malfoy jumped and looked around. No one was there, but he had heard something...

"Malfoy, get out of here, before I alert a teacher to come and take points from Slytherin for going into a different common room!" Hermione said, jumping up and pointing her wand at him. Malfoy growled and hissed, "Mudblood!" before leaving the room.

Harry walked behind Hermione and brushed his lips across her cheek before leaving.

Hermione saw that no one was in the room, but she had felt a kiss... Even though she was confused and angry, as she left the common room, Hermione felt safe and protected in a world of evil little Dracos...

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