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Chapter One

All I could see was an eerie black mist. It surrounded me and blocked my vision, preventing to me from seeing anything that wasn't directly in front of me. Not that that was important: there was nothing to run into anyways.

No ground, no sky, no walls…Just a great expanse of this smothering mist.

I wandered aimlessly through it, a bit apprehensive but ultimately calm considering I was walking on nothing. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears, but I couldn't feel my pulse. I assume this should have worried me, but for some reason, it didn't.

An abrupt figure crossed in front of me, and I jumped backwards as I recognized the unruly hair of Jack Spicer. He was muttering something to himself and completely bypassed me. I'm not even sure he knew I was there, even though I had almost run into him.

"Hey! Spicer!" I shouted to him, only to be met with a string of mumbles.

"Wuya….Always makes me do the dirty work…I tell her I've tried it before, but no-oo…Now she's needed…Couldn't have just told me that before…Why can't he just do it if he's so great…Stupid hag…Have to build robots…Magnets? That might work…"

I blinked and didn't bother to communicate with him anymore. Somehow, I felt more uneasy after he had passed, and now I could feel a bit of my nerves acting up. I shivered and rubbed my arms. It was harder to breath now, and I tried to take a deep breath, but something inside of me was constricting my body tightly. I clutched at my stomach and almost kneeled over. A strange presence was taking over my body, and it was evil. Very evil.

My knees buckled and I fell into the mist, putting a hand out for support for when I hit whatever was keeping me up. The force within me was stronger now and taking over my body. And I could do nothing to stop it.

An unwilling gasp erupted from my throat as I looked up back into the mist. Far off, I could see the silhouette of a dark figure faced towards me. I couldn't see anything but the shadows of his body, and suddenly, the force intensified. My body was being drawn to the figure as I felt the same evil presence encompass me.

And then, I was falling. The ground from underneath of me gave out, and I plummeted down through the mist. I was scared now, and I reached out in an attempt to grab on to something. Instead, a voice called faintly from above, and I snapped into action.

"Kimiko! You're drowning! You're drowning! Swim!"

As if on cue, the coolness of the mist turned into water, and I found suddenly I wasn't falling any more. I instinctively started to swim to save myself, when suddenly large peals of laughter were ringing loudly in my head…

I opened my eyes, and the laughter intensified. Something wet was sliding down my forehead and into my pillow, and I looked up to see a wet rag inches from my face. Quickly sitting up, I saw Raimundo laughing his head off with Omi and Clay right by his side.

"That was most amusing!" the shortest of the three laughed with childish excitement. I glared at the three boys as Raimundo continued to hold the rag above my head.

"What the hell are you doing? CUT IT OUT ALREADY!" I snapped loudly and swung my arm out. My fist caught Raimundo powerfully in the gut, and he toppled over into the wall, still laughing hysterically.

"Well, Kimiko, we all heard you yellin' in your sleep, and Raimundo here had an idea to tell you that you were drownin' in your sleep. Man, when he did that, you swam faster than a buzzard out to a buffalo dinner!" I glared at the abuser of the English language, Clay, and then focused my death glare on Raimundo. He grinned back at me.

Omi climbed onto my futon besides me and crossed his arms. "Yes, Raimundo's trickery proved most rewarding and amusing. I congratulate him for his fine jokes of practical use."

Groaning loudly, I kicked Omi off and pulled the covers back over my head. "Leave me alone…I want to sleep…" I mumbled into the pillow. My face was flaming red from my temper and a bit of embarrassment, and I didn't want the guys to see that.

Was I really yelling in my sleep?

The covers were pulled back roughly from my head, and I snapped my eyes open to see the perpetrator standing over me with the rag in my hands. "Actually, it's time to get up. Rise and shine!" Raimundo squeezed the rest of the water onto my face and I shot up on my futon.


The males, knowing of my temper and not wanting to be attacked this early in the morning, scrambled for the curtain that marked off my room. As they slipped through the opening, I heard Omi say, "High up, my friends!"

"It's up high Omi," Clay corrected. I groaned and pulled the blankets back over my head.

I waited a few minutes after they left before getting up, grumbling angrily about my wet pillow and rubbing my eyes. It wasn't until I stumbled down the hall to the bathroom and splashed water on my face until I remembered the bizarre dream I had.

I couldn't have been yelling in my sleep…I never talked at all when unconscious. Raimundo probably just used that as an excuse to get me angry. Sighing, I looked into the mirror to see a slight dark shadow under my eyes.

There was a slight flash out of the corner of my eyes and I let out a gasp of surprise as the weird feeling from my dream returned to my body. I clutched my stomach with one hand and gripped the side of the sink with the other, feeling very uneasy. The pressure of it was forcing my down, but I stayed upright and tried to make sense of what was happening. My senses kicked in, and I could feel a new presence of apprehension and evil surround me.

Then, as quickly as it had come, the force left. I blinked and carefully stood up, feeling a bit queasy. I hadn't imagined that, right?

As I returned to getting ready for the day as normally as I could, I couldn't help but try to figure out what was going on. I had never felt anything like this before, and the suddenness of it all was a bit unnerving. After returning to my tiny room, brushing my hair into the usual pigtails and tying my apprentice sash firmly around my robes, I looked around and then left for breakfast.

As I walked towards the kitchens, I considered telling the guys what was going on. But then, I thought better of it. They (meaning Raimundo) would just tease me about feeling the force and make a few crude Star Wars jokes. I couldn't think of another way to describe it, and I doubt they'd believe anything was wrong. I mean, even I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

Having made my decision, I walked in to find Omi, Clay and Raimundo stuffing their faces with whatever they could get their hands on. Dojo was in my chair with a pair of reading glasses and a newspaper, drinking a cup of tea.

"Good morning," I replied as sweetly as possible. I could tell by the looks of their faces that they were trying not to laugh.

"Mornin'," Clay mumbled, halfway through a stack of pancakes.

"A most joyous morning to you, Kimiko! For today, we train with the Shen Gong Wu!" Omi replied, bubbling with his usual energy. I didn't have the motivation to tell him that we trained with them everyday.

"Good morning Kimiko," Raimundo replied, in the same sickly sweet voice I had used on them. "Get to breakfast alright, or did you have to swim a little to get here?"

Rolling my eyes, I smacked him on the back of the head on my way to the chair before pushing Dojo out of my seat. "Very funny, Raimundo. We'll just see who has the last laugh during training today."

Raimundo snorted and grinned at me. "Whatever you say Kim."

I glared back at him and smacked Omi's hand away from my chopsticks before settling down to what was left of the food. My day had officially begun.

As soon as breakfast was done, we walked to the vault with Master Fung to get the Shen Gong Wu. I took the Star of Hanabi, while Omi got the Orb of Tornami, Clay the Fist of Tebigong and Raimundo the Sword of the Sword: the usual. Then, after receiving instructions from Master Fung, we retreated to the gardens.

I paired up immediately with Raimundo, and we walked over to a relatively clear section before going into fighting stances.

"Ready to get your butt kicked?" he teased, flipping the sword around in his hands. I snorted and went into my own stance.

"The only way you're going to win is if Dashi came to help you, Pedrosa."

He scowled back at me and then summoned his element. "If you say so. Let's go then."

Raimundo slashed the Sword of the Storm, but before he could say its name, I yelled, "Judolette Flip- FIRE!" Instantly, he was knocked down from my attack as I felt the familiar warmth of my element fade away from my body.

Our training session lasted the whole morning, with me usually winning and Raimundo stubbornly asking for a rematch. We were on our third match now without stopping, since Raimundo was so intent on beating me.

I was about to use the Star of Hanabi when suddenly, that evil force returned. I gasped and straightened my back in surprise as the now familiar pressure encompassed my body. It felt stronger this time, and it would have overpowered me if I hadn't been ready. My body began to feel like a magnet, and began to pull me towards whatever was causing it, which at the moment was every direction around me.

Raimundo didn't notice my sudden discomfort, and took advantage of my hesitance. Before I could balance the force and our math, he yelled, "Typhoon Boom- Wind!"

A huge tornado-shaped gust of wind came flying at me, and I blinked in sudden panic. Without thinking, I went into a fighting stance and released my element.

I think what happened next surprised everyone.

There was a sudden large explosion of flame from before me as a huge wall of fire flamed from my fingertips. It went flying at Raimundo's tornado, engulfing everything that got in its way, which included most of the garden. Trees, shrubbery, the fountains-everything- was suddenly surrounded by flame. I watched meekly as the fire reached his wind storm and all but destroyed his attack. A few loose flames spread to the neighboring trees, but the majority of the wall continued straight on to Raimundo.

He stared and gaped at my attack before the flames threw him off his feet and into the nearest wall. He hit the stone with a large crack and dropped, where he lay gasping for breath. The fire instantly disappeared, and I was left staring in shock at the destruction.

The force left with the flames. It had only taken me a few seconds to totally destroy the gardens and thrash Raimundo. After releasing my element, I had been knocked backwards a bit from the force, but now that it was over, I jumped up and ran as fast as I could over the debris to Raimundo. By now, Clay and Omi had stopped their match and came hurtling towards us.

"Oh, god! Raimundo! Are you okay? I'm so sorry!" I was practically screaming at him as he sat up and rubbed his head ruefully, looking around with surprise at my destruction.

"Yeah, but jeez, Kimiko! Are you trying to kill me? What the hell was that?"

"I don't know! One minute I had everything under control, and the next thing I knew I had released all these flames! I didn't mean to do it!" Pausing thoughtfully for a moment, I furrowed my eyebrows and looked around. "Damn, it must have had something to do with that weird presence around. As soon as it stopped, my fire stopped too…"

"What feeling, Kimiko?" Clay asked, crossing his arms. "I don't feel anything."

I looked around at their unknowing faces, and frowned, feeling a bit uneasy now. "You mean you didn't feel it? That weird force that felt like you had to go to what was causing it?" I asked cautiously, but everyone was shaking their heads. "Like…" I continued slowly, fear slightly crawling onto my face. "Like you know something evil is around?"

"No Kimiko…We all do not feel such a force…But I am concerned, shall we tell Master Fung?" Omi piped up, who was currently attempting to put out a few remaining flames on the nearest bush.

"No," I replied quickly, feeling nervous. "I'm fine. It must have been my imagination, don't worry." They shrugged and set to work repairing the damage I had done. After putting out everything I had set on fire and cleaning up a bit of debris, which left the gardens relatively clean, the guys left for lunch and left me behind.

I sat down on the nearest block of stone and rested my head in my hands, staring at the damage I had caused. I was horrified by what I had done, but at the same time, I wanted to know exactly why I had that power. There had to have been a force: I knew I felt it three times now.

A cold breeze swept through the trees and I felt the tiniest sliver of the force return to my body. Looking up, I saw that the sun had gone behind the clouds, and a shiver ran down my spine. Something caught the corner of my eyes, and I turned around to look at a row of burnt trees. It must have been my imagination, but I swore I saw a shadow linger and then quickly disappear. Now I knew I was imagining things. Sighing, I slowly got up and began to walk back to the Temple for lunch.

What was happening to me?