Chase Young.

I stared at him, my heart founding in my chest. But he was facing me. Gasping, I turned my head to see someone smiling at me. My heart leapt.

Raimundo! Grinning ecstatically, I leapt out of his arms, turned and nearly tackled him. Omi and Clay ran up to us from where they had been watching, yelling enthusiastically as I was squashed in the middle.

Something wasn't right though. I stepped away from the guys to see Chase standing a little bit behind us. My body moved automatically to him, even though I wasn't obligated to anymore. I was free!

"Chase," I said quietly. He turned to look at me, not looking angry or upset or anything. Just standing calmly, the tiniest hint of a smirk on his face.

"You may go." There was no emotion in his voice. I was about to reply when he put his hand on my shoulder and he forced me to look into his golden eyes. "You have great powers, remember that Dragon of Fire. Powers that can only be put to use on the Heylin side."

Suddenly, I felt weakness overcome my body. I fell backwards and would have crashed to the floor if Clay didn't catch me. Wisps of deep red smoke rose quickly from my body and into the air, collecting with more from Chase.

The large mass quickly separated into two orbs, one of bright light and one of dark red. Slowly, the white one entered my chest, restoring my strength and my essence. I sighed with relief as Chase looked at me darkly.

"What did you do to Kimiko?" Omi demanded, brandishing the Eye of Dashi at Chase.

"Omi! NO!" I yelled. I leapt between him and Chase. "It's alright!"

"Leave now before I change my mind and let my cats tear you apart," a cool voice floated down from above us. Chase was standing at the top of the staircase, his arms crossed as he glared at us.

"Let's go," I said quietly. I walked towards the entrance to his lair with Omi, Clay and Raimundo, practically feeling like I could fly. But something deep inside me was weighing me down.

I turned around one last time to see Chase, evilly smirking at me like it was his plan to let me go. I nodded to him and exited through the doorway, hoping I would never again reenter. Bright light shone at the end, and as I got nearer, I saw that the sky was once again blue.

A purple ghost approached the man at the top of the marble steps, watching four retreating figures.

"That was it?! You let her go?"

"I merely wanted to test her capabilities. She has proven worthy for when the time arrives."

Wuya gazed at the small Japanese girl, dressed in red robes once again.

"The essence break between you wasn't fully complete. She still has some of your essence and hers in you."

"I am aware of that, Wuya."

"A spell that powerful should have completed the process once she was no longer under your control."


"This means that you two are truly meant to be connected. This bond will never be broken."

His eyes flickered with an unrecognizable fire. Within a second, he jumped down to the floor and went through the doorway.

Dojo was waiting outside, full sized. I jumped on his back, glad to feel the uncomfortable scales.

"One, two, three four. Welcome back, Kimiko."

"Thanks Dojo." He took off flying higher and higher until I could see the peaceful looking Xiaolin Temple off in the distance. But something wasn't right. Slowly, I felt a flicker of Heylin energy flow throughout me.

I turned around slowly to see Chase at the mouth of the cave, a smug smirk on his face. Our eyes connected as gold met blue, and a strange feeling passed through me. As we stared, connected, everything suddenly dawned on me.

This couldn't have been the end. Chase wouldn't have given up that easily. There was something hidden behind his smirk that I couldn't see, something deep. Where ever I went from here on out, I knew that he would be watching. And I would be waiting. This wasn't the end.

It was only the beginning.


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