Chapter 1 – Captured By Akatsuki

She was tired and she was too broken to continue really. Her life had begun to spiral down slowly since the beginning of her birth. A life without her real parents, and the death of love. However, she was forced to continue her fake façade that it begun to wear tirelessly on her when her adoptive parents died, and her team broken, the young chunnin decided that it was no longer necessary to fake it. To fake love; to fake happiness; to fake life itself, she threw the façade away. She showed off her frightening power, her incredible knowledge. She became the strongest Anbu in the whole hidden leaf. The Hokage herself knew that her student far surpassed her. That fateful day, the Hokage sent her on a mission that would change the young kuniochi's life forever. Or perhaps, it took the path that she was meant to take all along.

She walked slowly and confidently down the dirt path. There was no need to worry about weapons; they were all in reachable length. Her Anbu uniform concealed her feminine features, and the mask concealed her beautiful face. However, it was truly a hot stricken day, and she wanted to strip the heavy layers off. A rustle in the leaves caught her attention. She had stopped for a split second. Great was all she could think. She knew well enough two different groups were now following her. The one wasn't very powerful. Their stealth sucked too. Couldn't they get around without making noises? She had to roll her eyes. The other group however was quiet and quite skilled. They were concealing most of their charka, most shinobis wouldn't notice. They had been following her for half an hour now. Akatsuki maybe. Then it came, a barrage of kunai came straight at her. Then the group of water shinobi came out. She rolled her eyes again. Within a split second the kunai were knocked into nearby tees and the enemy shinobi were dead. The Akatsuki members were startled at the Anbu's speed. Before they knew it they were knocked to the ground. They couldn't feel the charka of the enemy. Millions of kunai came at the. Many of them were fake, but the real ones hit. There hats were knocked doff and their cloaks and clothes torn. She came at them with blinding speed. A tattoo on their shoulder caught her attention. It was good enough to stop her in her tracks. Itachi, being one of the Akatsuki after the scroll she carried, quickly appeared in front of her and punched her in the stomach. Her body went limp and Itachi thought that this Anbu was too thin to be male. Kisame, Itachi's partner, pulled the scroll out of her satchel. Itachi pulled the mask away from her face. They both looked at her face.

"Hey isn't that…"

Kisame was cut off as Itachi placed her over his shoulder and began walking away.

"Yeah she got me thinking too."

Naruto stretched his arms high in the air. Yawning loudly, his company glared at his laziness. He wore his cheap grin. Naruto was happy to finally be getting home to Sakura and Kakashi. Jiriya just shook his head and Sasuke smirked. He too was happy to be returning. He wondered how much stronger Kakashi had gotten. Sakura probably spent her whole time pining away for Naruto and him. Sakura truly was pathetic sometimes.

They finally came to a clearing and they could see a group looking at something. The group consisted of five Anbu and the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade. She held in her hand another Anbu mask with blood smeared across it. Naruto figured something was wrong by Tsunade's deep frown. The two groups looked at each other.

"Yo what's up?" cried Naruto.

They all sweat dropped. A rich laughter came from one of the masked Anbu.

"You never change Naruto. I see you brought Sasuke back."

"Kakashi-sensei?" questioned the two boys.

They were met with more laughter. Tsunade's frown deepened. The other Anbu's took off their masks. Naruto and company were met with the faces of Gai, Kurenai, Asuma, and Iruka. Naruto was happy to see Iruka that he tackled him. They all laughed except for Tsunade. She turned and walked back towards the village. Once insides, the returning three were greeted by all their old friends. However, Naruto and Sasuke both noticed someone missing.

"Where's Sakura?" They both asked in unison.

They were met with shrugs by everyone e except for the select six. Tsunade held up the blood smeared Anbu mask.

"This belonged to the one, Haruno Sakura. We believe that she has both been killed and taken for disposal or she had been kidnapped by the Akatsuki."

Sakura woke with a violent start. She had jumped out of bed and had raised her fist. She then noticed that the kunai that was usually there wasn't. Her eyes quickly darted around the room. It was familiar but not that familiar. She looked around for her weapons but couldn't find it when she turned her head she was met with red Sharigan eyes.

"Uchiha Itachi." Sakura growled out.

Leaping out of the bed with her incredible speed, she moved into a defensive but also offensive position. Itachi was not easily amused or impressed, but Sakura not only did both, but exceeded all expectations.

"Haruno Sakura. First Anbu Captain of the Hidden Leaf; selected student of the Fifth Hokage; completed 26 S-ranked missions as well as 100 A-rank in less than a year. Rumor has it that you're even more powerful than me and the three legendary Sannin. That's a nice record 'Cherry Blossom'."

Sakura wanted to stab him just for giving her such a dumb ass nickname. With all anger aside, Itachi laid a layer of fright. Even though she was rumored to be stronger, she wasn't that strong. Sakura had no death wish.

"Calm down little one or I'll be force to hurt you."

Sakura narrowed her eyes. Who did he think he was? Just because he was a little stronger didn't mean anything. Sakura could still give him a run for his money. She wasn't going to budge and Itachi knew it. With his amazing speed, Itachi came at Sakura. She could see it all though. She easily blocked him. But Itachi somehow ended up behind her. She hadn't noticed. Itachi threw her on the bed and pinned her there. Their bodies were close together. A blush rose onto her cheeks. Itachi leaned into her ear.

"I told you that I would be forced to hurt you."

Sakura could feel heat from both their bodies. There was something about Itachi that Sakura actually didn't make her afraid. Itachi pressed harder into her making her squeak.

"It would be my pleasure to hurt you, you know?"

With that Itachi rolled off and left the room. As soon as hr mind stopped racing her blush disappeared, Sakura noticed something that made her lush all over again. Uchiha Itachi had changed her clothe.