I am Emily Strange.

I believe that I am one of the descendants of the devil. Be it be any evil task, I will do it. I have the tendency to think larger than life and that is just one of the things I love about me. What do you love about me. Come on, I know you love me.

shakes head

Sometimes, I know that I am so kidding myself on these types of things. I have so much of an ego that I don't even know how I can control it in the first place.

Purr My Miles. Don't touch him. Deep inside he possesses dark, evil gifts which could be downright nasty if you want it all to happen to you. But I'd advise you to never get in the wrong sides of him.

Outside, I heard blinking sounds of shrieks. Now, this has to be interesting I staggered slowly toward the sound as if I has supersonic powers, as if hearing was the only sense that I had.


"Miles, be quiet, we'll have to listen for the predator."

I hid behind a gravely cave like structure, knowing that if I didn't hide myself, I'd be caught on the limbs of death. I mean, I wouldn't mind seeing how it would be like in the afterlife, with the firey rage bottling up in the landscape.

Oh, yes. I do except to see myself in the lands of hellfire, the underworld and everything in it. I imagine that it would be very cosy at the very least. With, fire all around you - day and night and night... and day... and day again .. and night.

Hm, maybe the thought isn't very satisfying at all. But I wouldn't want to be consecrated in the happy-go-lucky land of Heaven either. It's sickening really. I mean, we would have to go back to kindergarden rules.

1)Know how to share
Excuse me, but I will just keep my shit and you keep yours. I'm not sharing anything, especially not my Miles, thank you very much.

2)Be considerate to others
You have got to be kidding me. I'm not going to be nice to you if you keep acting like a stuck up bitch. Do you except me to pay you a million dollars because you called my cat a Grimalkin? I think not.

3)Be kind to your friends
Finally, one that almost makes sense. Miles is my friend. I'll kick you if you even dare to pet him. Nyah.

4)Be honest
I'm honest. HONESTLY! Search me, why don't you.

5)Stop, look and listen
What a whatiwa?

6)Click goes your seatbelt
WTF! Where is this all going. Kindergarden rules were enough but Ronald McDonalds little mantras? I'm giving up on this.

And that is why Heaven will suck. Okay, I've decided.

Hell - all the way for me.

I don't think I would survive a minute on "Happyland".


"Ohh, it's only you Miles. You almost got me there" Thank the devil I have Miles to get me out of those thought bubbles. I don't even know why I bother.


Miles purred and tilted his fur clad head toward the direction of, oh bother, it was only one of my Zonsters, damn it.

I was expecting more of a demon kind of creature, but a zonster. sigh I get worked up about the most injudicious things. I wish I found a demon right now.

At the present, that is one of my wishes.

- out of precisely 666.

What are are the odds?