Things Remembered by Maria656

Subtitled: 3 Challenges and a Birthday

Answers: Sim's challenge L's B-day and X-318's challenge and Babyangel's Fluff Challenge

Setting-After IAIAAC but before or instead of HASB

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, except for the little bit of talent that may be seen here and my son, but if you take him you'll be bringing him back quick.

Thoughts are in (parentheses) and italicized.


Max is talking to Bling in front of Logan's apartment.

"I need your help."

"What for, Max?"

"I want to do something for Logan's birthday-What do you get the guy who has everything?"

Bling looks thoughtful for a moment. "Oh...I can think of one thing on his wish list that you have the power to supply for him." He looks intently at her.

"What?" Bling continues to stare at her. "You're kidding right?"

Bling gives an exasperated laugh. "I love you guys, but you know, fortwo intellectually superior people, you sure are stupid when it comes to each other."

Max bristles at the comment. "Hey-"

"Just listen to me then go with your gut, " Bling interrupts. "Logan loves you; he's been in love with you since I've known him, but he has other hangups and issues that he thinks prevents him from pursuing it further." Max starts to talk, but Bling raises his hand to silence her. "I know what you're going to say-It doesn't matter to you and it never did, because you, Max Guevara, are in love with him too. And if you say 'we're not like that' I'm gonna break my rule about not hitting girls."

Max give him a 'yeah, right' look at his comment, but she listens to what Bling is saying.

"Now I know that the last time you tried to take a step toward Logan it ended badly, and for the record-I tried to get him to pay attention to you instead of work, but I think you should try again and his birthday is the perfect opportunity. And I promise to hold him while you kick his butt if he doesn't cooperate this time." Bling smiles at her.

Max is still pondering what she's heard. "Do you know his favorite color?"

"I don't know about his favorite, but he mentioned how pretty a certain someone looked in her light blue top when she gave him a second transfusion." Max blushes at the comment. "Didn't know Super Girl could blush," Bling observes with a smirk.

Max gets a stern look on her face. "It never happened."

"I saw nothing."

"Smart man...I have an idea-just promise me he won't be working and he won't stand me up."

"He'll be there, even if it's in a body cast." They both laugh at the idea.


10 November, the day before

The phone rings at Logan's. Bling answers.

"It's me," Max informs him. "Don't say anything to give me away."

"Sure," Bling replies. "How's it going?"

I need you to meet me at 1410 Main St. at 9 pm with Logan. I'm going to invite him, but in case her turns me down I need you for back up. Now let me speak to him. Please."

"Alright. Here he is." Bling hands Logan the phone. "It's Max."

Logan smiles when he hears her name. "Hey you. Sorry I don't have any news on your sibs."

"It's okay. That's not what I'm calling about. I need you to check out a place with me tomorrow night."

"No B & E?"

"No, we're going in legit this time, I promise. I just need your 'mental powers'. It won't take long-I'll have you back to your precious computers in no time."

Logan notes the sarcasm in her voice, but doesn't say anything. "Alright, but let me get back to work if I'm playing hooky tomorrow. Bye."


Bling comes back to the office. "If you're playing hooky tomorrow you have to do an extra workout now."

"Slave-driver," Logan replies blandly. Bling brings in a punching bag on a stand. "Something new?"

"Since you have better upper body strength, figured you might as well put it to use." He puts a pair of boxing gloves on Logan's hands and shows him what to do.


11 November 2005, early evening-

Bling comes into the Penthouse.

Logan looks surprised. "What are you doing here? I did the extra workout."

Bling hands him a business card. "This was downstairs at the desk for you."

"Things Remembered," Logan reads aloud. "1410 Main Street. '9 pm Don't forget and Don't be late!' What's this about?"

"That's the address where we are going to meet Max."

"We! What are you going for?"

"I'm Max's insurance that you will be there and not have to work suddenly like you did when she made dinner for you-and I don't need to remind you how that turned out."

"This isn't a date," Logan says firmly. Then after abrief pause he looks at Bling uncertainly and asks, "Is it?"

"Hey I ain't in this. I promised to deliver you and I will. But if you want to shave and change your shirt that wouldn't be a bad thing. Here, this was in the mailbox." Bling hands him an envelope.

Logan opens it. "It's from Bennett. 'Happy Birthday from your Favorite Cousin'. I forgot all about it." Logan thinks for a moment. "Is that why Max needs to see me? Some surprise party or something?"

"She honestly didn't tell me Logan," Bling explains. "I was just asked to make sure you were there. I don't think its a party; she didn't invite me anyways and if it was a party I think she would. Just go along with it."

"Alright." Logan sounds defeated. I'll go clean up and change. There's zucchini bread on the stove I just made if you want a snack."



11 November 2005, 8:58pm At Things Remembered

Things Remembered is a small art gallery and shop. Max is in the foyer looking in the mirror and checking herself. She adds a touch more lip gloss and runs a hand through her curls, and ends up making it look just-got-out-of-bed tousled, unbeknownst to her. She raises her skirt and adjusts her stockings (why'd I let OC talk me into these things anyway? Pantyhose are bad enough) when she hears a knock at the door and sees Logan and Bling. Max hurries up and pulls her skirt back in place (it was just a leg) and goes to the door.

Logan smiles when he sees Max. She has on a light blue V-neck angora sweater and a black skirt that just stops above her knees and black stockings (stockings!) and high heeled pumps. Her smile gets bigger when she sees him and looks at the clock. (Right on time. Bless you Bling.)

"Good evening Gentlemen," Max says as she opens the door and invites them in. "Go right through those doors."

"Hey Max." Logan says as he wheels himself in.

Bling pulls a bottle of champagne out of his jacket and hands it to her and kisses her cheek. "I hope you have a great night. I'll see you tomorrow." He hands her the keys to the Aztek.

"Hopefully not too early." Max smiles and blushes. She locks the door and joins Logan in the other room.

Logan has been looking around and has grown curious about what is up. "Why are we here Max? Looking to 'acquire' some more art?"

"No. Close your eyes." Max comes behind him and pushes the wheelchair into another room. "Open now."

Logan opens his eyes and sees Max standing next to a blanket on the floor with a picnic spread out. Candles are lit all around the room and there is soft music playing on a portable stereo. "Happy Birthday Logan." She bites her lower lip as she waits for his response.

Logan fights the sudden lump in his throat. (I can't believe she did all this for me.) "I'm stunned. This is beautiful Max. Thank you, very much."

"I thought since we both love art this would be a nice place for a picnic since November is too cold for an outdoor one. I know the owner."

"It's great. I don't remember being here before though."

"I'll show you around, unless you want to eat first."

"Don't want it to get cold."

"That's okay-everything is cold except for the soup and its in a thermos so it will be fine. The place isn't that big; it has some nice pieces though."

"Lead the way." Max turns and leads him back to the first room they were in. (Seams! They make her legs look even longer. Makes me want to run my hands up and feel—Focus man! Pay attention to her.) Max points out some of her favorite pieces and some of the more rare pieces in the gallery and then just lets Logan browse around. She sits on a bench in front of her favorite, Monet's Waterlilies and daydreams a bit while she waits for him. Next thing she knows Logan has pulled up perpendicular to her and is taking her hand.

"Thank you again Max." He kisses her hand. "This is truly lovely." He tugs on her hand to pull her closer while he leans toward her and kisses her gently on the lips.

"Glad you like it," she replies softly. Not giving in to the urge to sit in his lap and kiss him senseless, she stands up. "Let's eat now."