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Hermione Granger boarded the Hogwarts Express, chatting with her friend, Ginny Weasley. She pushed her honey brown hair out of her face, shoving her trunk into the overhead baggage areas. Sitting down, she watched as Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, her best friends, entered the compartment, lugging their trunks and owls with them. Hermione reached down and unlocked the crate holding her orange cat, Crookshanks. She stroked him thoughtfully, staring out the window as the train pulled out of Platform 9¾.

"'Mione?" came Ron's voice. She glanced absentmindedly at him.

"Don't call me that, Ronald," she muttered, turning back to the window. Ron sat down across from her, Harry beside him. Hermione leaned close to the window, staring intently at her reflection. She had changed a lot since the summer after the trio's sixth year. Her hair was no longer wild and untamable, but wavy, falling around her face in gentle waves. Her hazel eyes gazed back at her as she studied the rest of her body. She had gotten taller and womanlier. She was slender with curves in all the right places, enough to make half the boys at school drool. At the moment, she was wearing a blue, billowy skirt that went to her ankles and a red tank top.

Hermione turned and studied the boys, who were now engaged in a heated discussion. Ron was now 6' 5", with broad shoulders, a lean abdomen and handsome features, including the flaming red hair and ice blue eyes. Harry was 6'3", with the same untamable raven hair and emerald green eyes, adding to his now attractive figure. She returned to the window, not paying any more attention to the other occupants of the room.

The compartment door slid open and Draco Malfoy stood in the doorway. He had grown to an impressive 6'6", with now platinum blonde hair, and lean figure. But what took away from his striking pose was the coldness that masked the emotion in his eyes. Harry stood, pulling out his wand, Ron behind him, both of them anticipating a fight. Hermione, however, just looked anxious. Malfoy smirked.

"Really, Scarhead, Weasel, do you think this fight is fair?" he asked, reaching into robe pocket and pulling out his jet-black wand. "At least go get Longbottom or someone. Everyone knows that you can't take me on with only two." Ron moved forward, anger shining in his eyes. Hermione was immediately between the two.

"No!" she shouted, pushing Malfoy's wand down while holding Ron back. Ron stopped, breathing hard as he glared daggers at Malfoy, who returned the gaze willingly. "If you both start, I will take house points and give detention to both of you! Yes, Ron, even you! I am a Head!" She then rounded on Malfoy, who was smirking at Ron. "I don't believe you could be a Head and start fights with anyone you see! Stop it, or I'll report you to Dumbledore."

"Whatever," he said, waving away the threat.

"Do you have a reason for being here, ferret?" Harry asked, his wand still out. Malfoy gave him a look of absolute contempt.

"I wouldn't be here, Potty, if I didn't have a reason. Who would?" Rolling his eyes, he turned around to leave. Pausing, he looked back over his shoulder.

"Unfortunately, Granger is to come to the Head's Compartment. That is where she is, unfortunately for me, to stay for the next hour, when we are to check the halls. Then she can return for an hour and then she, unfortunately, is to stay in the compartment for the rest of the train ride." With a disgusted look on his pale face, he walked off. Hermione frowned and turned to Harry, Ron, and Ginny.

"I'm sorry, guys, but he is right," she said. Ron looked worried.

"If he tries anything…" he started.

"Than you'll be the last to here it, Weasel," came a voice from the door. Malfoy was leaning against the jam, a cold grin on his face. Both Harry and Ron took a step forward, holding their wands menacingly. Malfoy rolled his eyes and left again. Hermione gave them a meaningful look and followed him down the train. He opened a compartment and walked in, Hermione bringing up the rear. She walked to the window, and looked out at the world whizzing by. She heard the compartment door slide shut and strong arms engulfed her. She leaned her head his chest.

"Unfortunately?" she asked. Draco smiled wanly.

"You know me," he mumbled, planting kisses down her neck. "I like to lie." She giggled, leaning further back so he could get the front of her neck. He grabbed his wand and lazily flicked it at the door while still nipping her neck affectionately. She heard the door lock and the shades whoosh together. She turned to face him, still letting him get to her neck as she pulled him closer.

"I know you a lot, Draco," she groaned as he bit down harder. "But I still don't know you well."

"Well, we can change that," he growled and caught her lips in a passionate kiss. His hands moved slowly up and down her back as she moaned into his mouth, pushing herself closer to him. They fell onto the bench seats. Hermione, straddling his waist, ground her knees into his sides, making him groan. She pushed off his robes and started to pull off his shirt. They broke the kiss for a millisecond as the shirt came over and off his head. She ran her fingers over his bare chest, feeling the hardness of it. He shivered as he started on her robes.

Hermione slipped into the carriage beside Ginny, both whispering softly to each other. Ron and Harry slid in opposite, watching the girls curiously.

"Hey, what's so important, that you have to whisper?" Ron asked. The girls glanced at him, and then at each other and, when Ginny started laughing, Hermione began blushing furiously.

"Shush, Ginny!" she pleaded. Ginny continued to giggle, looking like she desperately wanted to blurt what was hiding on her tongue. "You promised you wouldn't tell! You promised! You can't tell!" Ginny smiled, but nodded.

"I won't tell, Hermione," she said and Hermione looked relieved.

The carriages stopped and the trio and Ginny entered Hogwarts, heading for the Great Hall. Sitting down at Gryffindor's table, Hermione looked around. Her eyes found that familiar flash of blonde hair and smiled as the gray eyes winked at her. Noticing Harry and Ron looking at her, she blushed and looked away, turning instead to the teacher's table. Professor Lupin was back in the table, upon Dumbledore's request. She waved at him and he nodded back, giving her a tired smile. She didn't see Hagrid, but knew he was probably still bringing the first years across the lake.

The first years were marched in, Professor McGonagall leading them. As the Sorting began, Hermione's brown eyes drifted over to the Slytherin table.

He felt her gaze, but could not look, as he was being watched by many Slytherins at the moment as he lied, once more, about how his summer went. He did this every year. He fed them tales, telling them he had been to remote places, tropical islands, and magical areas. He told them that he had met famous Quidditch stars, met important Ministers of Magic and such, but it was all lies. He had been at home, locking himself in his room to escape the horrors that happened at Malfoy Manor. Draco was ignorant of his father's workings, but he knew better to act as if he wanted to do something about it. He had heard the words Crucio escape his father's lips more times for pleasure.

Dumbledore stood, said what he had to say, and the food appeared. Hermione pulled out of her revere, pushing her plate away.

"I'm not hungry," she muttered. "I'm going to the library." Ignoring the questioning gazes, she gathered her things and left the Great Hall. Walking down the corridors, she arrived at her favorite place Hogwarts had to offer. The library doors opened and she entered, walking to the back and placing her books on table. Going down one of the aisles, she ran her hand along the books, reading the titles and looking for something interesting. She had read many of the books there already and wanted something new.

"Looking for this one?" asked a drawling voice from behind her. She saw a book from above her be removed and turned around to see it being handed to her. A Secret Love, read the book. She looked up into those haunting silver-gray eyes, smiling.

"A Secret Love?" she asked. He nodded, stepping closer so that their lips were a second apart.

"That's what we have," he whispered. "And I wouldn't trade it for anything." Her arms wrapped around his neck as she stood on her tippy-toes to reach his lips.

Sitting curled up in the couch of the Heads' Common Room, Hermione snuggled closer to Draco. He had his arm around her shoulder as he stared into the fire. She looked up at him, watching the firelight move eerily across his features. The eyes were now unmasked and she could see in them a burning hate and rage that was waiting to be unleashed. But one conquering one subdued these emotions. Fear. And she knew what fear was in his eyes. The fear he had in his eyes was the fear that a father brings on his son. It was a respecting fear, one that had been cursed into him at the age of 1 ½.

"Draco," she murmured. He looked down at her and she saw unshed tears in his eyes. He turned away, looking across the room at something that wasn't there. She sat up, cupping his face in her hands and forcing him to look at her.

"What is it?" she asked, searching his eyes. He stared into those hazel eyes, losing himself in the two dark pools of concern. He pulled away, and stood up.

"My mother," he muttered, pacing the room. She frowned. He hadn't talked about his mother since the night she had gotten…

"Pregnant," he spat, dark rage filling his eyes. "He raped her, again. She's in St. Mungo's. The Healers sent me a letter this morning." He picked up one of the large candleholders on the end of the table and flung it at the wall. Hermione stayed silent, watching him let out his anger. This is how he had acted before.

"Damn him, he did this on purpose!" Draco yelled, throwing the end table. "He just wants to get me angry, see what I'll do." He let out an angry roar and slammed himself into the corner of the mantelpiece above the fireplace. He slid to the floor, watching his arm bleed. Hermione got up and kneeled down next to him, pulling out her wand and flicking it over the wound, sealing it. He rested his head back on the wall, closing his eyes as he breathed in. She watched him for a few seconds that spoke.

"There's nothing you can do anymore, Draco," she told him in a soft voice. His eyes snapped open and he glared at her. He leapt to his feet, anger shining in his eyes and shaking in his voice.

"Nothing I can do, Hermione?" he growled, stepping towards her menacingly. She slid backwards, staring up at him in fear. He cornered her into the wall.

"I could have kept her safe from him," he spat at her. "I could have prevented this from happening again, but nooooooo, I was sent to my uncle's house weeks earlier so that he could get her alone!"

"It's not your fault, Draco!" she yelled, pressing her body into the corner. "You didn't know what he wanted!"

"Of course I knew, Hermione!" he roared at her. "I've always known what he's wanted from every member of this family! Do you really think my mother married him because she loved him? Torture, that's what it was! Pure torture! He killed her mother, threatened her father and tortured her and her siblings until she gave in! Do you think I came into being because of some love fest in the dark? Rape. That's all he's ever done to her! That's all she is to him, Hermione! A toy to play with and abuse in anyway possible. Nothing I could have done? I don't think so!" She wouldn't look at him. She couldn't. The only thing she would see was hate, rage, fear, sadness, and pain that had been there since the first day she had known him.