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A/N: Everyone loves Tori and Blake as a couple, and while their relationship is the main focus of this fan fic, I wanted to come up with romantic scenarios for some of the other characters from PRNS. This story takes place let's say the first Christmas after the Ninja Rangers have defeated Lothor, but between when they team up with Dino Thunder. I just got the writer's bug to put down a version of how I think the love lives of the Ninja Rangers could have gone after their days of saving the world were over.

One few warning about this PRNS story: there may have a few slight factual inaccuracies with regards to their ninja powers and character interactions, particularly given the later PRNS/PRDT team-up episode. With that, hope y'all enjoy and drop me a review with any comments/suggestions/ideas for future chapters.

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Chapter 1: Loose Ends

Tori Hanson stopped her dirt bike at the top of tall hill and took off her confining helmet, letting her long, blond locks flow free in the December breeze. The wind rippled at the peak, tingling her face and neck.

Or perhaps that sensation was just from recollections of Blake Bradley -- her fellow former Ninja Storm ranger, surfing partner, dirt bike buddy, but most importantly, the object of her affections. This very peak was where they had shared their fist kiss, right before he had left to join the motocross professional tour circuit.

Tori could still remember the moment of that kiss perfectly. They'd ridden their dirt bikes to the top of the hill and took off their helmets to better enjoy the view. "It's beautiful," Tori had said.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you are," Blake had responded. He had leaned across his bike and had given her a very short, but very sensual kiss on her lips. Blake had then immediately thrown back on his helmet and had zoomed down the hill, returning the shy self he usually was around her. But for so quick a kiss, it had certainly lingered with Tori for a long time. She hadn't heard from him Blake since left at the end of the summer for the motocross tour. Now Christmas was less than a month away.

"Typical Blake," thought Tori glumly. "You don't call, no letter." Tori would never admit it to him, but she missed the former Navy Thunder Ranger terribly.

"At least love has worked out for some people though," smiled Tori, looking downhill to where Dustin was trying to help an unskilled Marah drive their dirt bike up the hill.

"Dustin, heeeelllllppp!" screamed Marah as she veered drastically left to right up the hill with the former yellow Wind Ranger zigzagging after her like a bee. Tori couldn't help but laugh at the comical couple who had gotten together pretty much immediately after Marah and her older sister Kapri had joined the Wind Ninja Academy where Dustin and his fellow former Rangers taught.

"That was exhausting, Honey," said Marah, using her nickname for the former yellow ranger.

"Exhausting for you?" cried Dustin. "Babe, I chased you up this entire hill! Either way, I'm driving back to Storm Chargers."

"Fine by me!" perked up Marah, swinging behind Dustin on the dirt bike and pulling him back into her arms for a big kiss. Throwing on her helmet, Tori revved up her dirt bike and sped down the hill before she had to witness the couple's one kiss turn into many kisses.

Arriving a short while later at Storm Chargers, Tori was greeted by Kelly, the shop's manager. Kelly laughing pointed to Hunter and Kapri, who were engaging in some friendly bonding. "Well not exactly friendly," chuckled Tori to herself as a smitten Kapri followed an exasperated Hunter around the shop like a dotting puppy.

"Hunter, what are these?" asked Kapri innocently as she picked up a pair of riding gloves.

"Their just gloves Kapri," grumbled the former crimson Ninja Ranger. "You knew that. You own about ten pairs."

"How do you put them on?" asked Kapri sweetly, batting her eyelids at Hunter.

"I am not even going to dignify that with a response," sighed Hunter, ducking behind the shop counter to try and avoid the love-struck ninja student. Kapri pouted, realizing she was going to have to try harder to get his attention.

"Hunter, can you help me put this dirt bike helmet on?" sung Kapri.

"If you promise to leave me alone and let me get some work done afterwards," thought a riled Hunter to himself. Kapri sighed amorously, almost swooning, as Hunter fitted the helmet on her head. Tightening the straps, Hunter immediately spun and ran in the opposite direction.

"Thank you so much Hunter!" squealed Kapri. "You are absolutely the nicest, cutest, coolest….AHHHH!" screamed Kapri as, blinded by the helmet, she crashed into a rack of dirt bikes in the shop and sent them tumbling over like dominos.

"Kapri!" moaned Tori and Kelly in unison.

"Could you be anymore bothersome?" muttered Hunter as he went over to re-align the bikes. Meanwhile Dustin and Marah finally had wandered into the shop, and Tori noticed, a little disheveled which she had a feeling wasn't from the result of their dirt bike ride.

"Where's Shane?" asked Dustin, wiping his lips with his finger as Marah bounced in happily clinging to her boyfriend's arm.

"Shane's teaching a kung fu class," said Tori slowly. She mentally ran through the academy's weekly schedule the former Wind Rangers had set up for their ninja students. Tori's eyes widened in horror. "Speaking of which Dustin, why aren't you at your…"

"CLASS!" screamed Cam, bursting into Storm Chargers. "You're late AGAIN! And I always have to chase you down, but yet I'm the one who always gets in trouble with Sensei, my father, for your absence. You're students have been waiting for over a half-hour, and…"

"Lighten up, Cam," cut in an annoyed Kelly. "So he forgot he had a martial arts class to teach. Dustin's late for work here all the time, and you don't see me with steam coming out my ears."

"I'm late again," moaned Dustin anyway. "I'm going to be in so much trouble with the teacher. Wait. I am the teacher. Does that mean I am in trouble with myself?" Dustin wondered aloud slowly. His friends looked at him stupefied, and Tori worried she was actually loosing brain cells listening to him. Marah didn't seem fazed though.

"Honey, you won't be in trouble," Marah soothed. "Hold it. I'm in that class. Does that mean I'm in trouble with you?" she asked puzzled, looking at Dustin.

"Both you two chill out," said Kelly supportively. "Being late now and then doesn't make you a bad teacher or a bad student," she said, throwing a sharp glance at Cam.

"Well, if you were a good boss, you'd teach Dustin the importance of timeliness," chided Cam.

"Are you actually telling ME how to run my extreme sports shop, computer geek!" yelled Kelly.

"You know I actually manage something important," retorted Cam. "A school, you know, something that matters." Tori and Hunter exchanged horrified looks, but the cognitively-slow Dustin for once beat them to the punch.

"Cam, that was like way harsh," said Dustin surprised. "I mean dude, that could have been the meanest thing I've ever heard you say."

"Dustin just go get in the car," pleaded Cam. "You too, Marah," said the former Samurai Ranger looking at his cousin. "By the way Tori, this letter came for you," said Cam handing her the envelope on his way out of Storm Chargers. "I thought you'd want to read it right away," he said winking at her.

"Maybe while you're at school you could learn some manners," yelled Kelly at Cam as he and the others left. "Someday he's going to need me for something, and I will just laugh in his face!" huffed Kelly furiously to Tori. Hunter and Kapri followed Kelly into the back office in an attempt to calm her down.

Tori started to follow, until she remembered the letter in her hand. She flipped over the envelope, and her eyes sprung open in response to the name on the return address: Blake Bradley. Tori tore open the letter.

"You miss me, don't you?" Blake had written. "Hope you're not busy next weekend. Tori's heart practically stopped when she saw inside a VIP pass and a plane ticket to the location of Blake's next motocross race. Tori couldn't believe it. She was going to get to see Blake.