The beginning

Isaac glanced at Jenna. She was white and shaking. They had just come back from sol sanctum with her so-called dead brother and she had been scared ever since. Felix was on the other side of her trying to comfort her and tell her he was sorry but it had no affect.

"Felix, just leave Jenna alone" Isaac muttered and Felix glared at Isaac but stopped speaking. Jenna had refused to speak to her brother and it had not helped Felix's mood.

"My, my, aren't we a bitter bunch" said a voice and all three teens swung round to see Menardi standing there. Isaac hissed, Jenna started to tremble and Felix narrowed his eyes.

"What do you want' spat Isaac and Menardi laughed.

"We need an earth adept to come with us.'
"You've gotta be joking" hissed Felix and Menardi shook her head.

"So, its either Isaac or Felix. You're choice Jenna"

Jenna glared at Menardi but stayed silent.

"Fine, ever since that incident at soul sanctum, you've taken to being silent have you Jenna"


Isaac grabbed the Mars star and the ground suddenly started to shake. Isaac grabbed onto the statue for dear life. He thought of Garet and how lucky he was to be grounded but then his thoughts switched to Jenna. He glanced at the platform and saw Jenna hanging off the edge with Felix just barely hanging onto her arm.

'Jenna" Isaac yelled but his feet had slipped and he to hung off a platform but instead of someone hanging onto him, he was hanging onto a slippery statue.

He scrambled to hang on but it was impossible. His fingers slipped and he fell.

I'm a goner he thought and then he fell onto firm ground. He stared. He was back in the centre platform. When he fell off the other platform he fell from the ceiling. It was impossible but it had happened. He suddenly remembered Jenna and with horror he saw that Felix's hands were slipping off his best friend. Isaac lunged forward and grabbed Jenna's other arm and with all the boys strength he helped Felix pull Jenna back up. In his haste, the mars star had fallen out of Isaac's pocket and rolled over to Menardi. Alex grabbed Menardi and Saturos and teleported away. Isaac, Felix and Jenna ran through the sanctum and out the doors.

End flashback

"Shut up" Jenna hissed and Menardi sighed.

'If you can't decide, we'll just take the three of you.'

Felix stepped in front of his little sister but Saturos and Alex appeared. The teen's reliesd that they didn't have a chance against three experienced adepts but they wouldn't go without a fight. Alex sighed and held out his hand. Isaac and Felix blacked out suddenly and Menardi grabbed Jenna's hand. Jenna started to struggle but Menardi's grip was like iron. Alex grabbed Felix and Saturos took Isaac.

'Alex, help me with the girl" Menardi's voice hissed because Jenna was now resorting to use physenergy to try to escape. Although Menardi was also a Mars adept and Jenna's attacks didn't harm her, it was rather annoying. Alex sighed and used the same thing that he used on the boys on Jenna. Jenna fell limp and Alex, Saturos and Menardi dragged the teens out of the village.

Isaac woke up in a bed and reliesd that he was in an inn. He sat up and looked around. He was alone. He wandered to the door and tried to open it but someone had locked him in. Suddenly he remembered what had happened and he remembered Felix and Jenna. Where were they? Suddenly the door opened and an auburn haired girl entered looking at Isaac. He relaxed on seeing that it was Jenna.

'How did you get in?" he asked her and she held up a key.

'I stole the key from Menardi"

"Where's Felix"

"I'm looking for him" sighed Jenna and Isaac followed her out of the room.