To The Place Where Star Falls

Its noon he just got out to the plane from PLANTS. He sat at the couch of the airport's lounging room, waiting for his cab. He keep staring at the floor until an attendant call him.

"Sir your ride is here", she said.

He quickly left carrying his baggage into the car.

"Its looks like im back..", he let out

Driving to a familiar road. Mountain full of memories flashes before him. Staring outside on the window of the car. He gaze at the glimmering ocean waves. But what he remembers most is the beach.

Where he found HER.

"Ahhh…", she screamed

"What! a girl?" he withdraw the knife his holding.

"Yes, im a girl what is it with you men!", she retorted angrily with her glassy eyes.

Then another scene flooded his mind

"Im glad that I met you… you and I can protect each other", he pulled her closer to him and gave her a kiss. And then he hugged her securely.

End of flashback.

"Sir were here", the driver called out. Snapping Athrun to reality

He carry his luggage out of the car and enter a gargantuan mansion.

Its early afternoon now. He rings the doorbell.

A soft voice answered him. "Who is it?", she ask

"Its me Athrun"

He heard giggles coming out from the speaker and the gate suddenly open.

"Come in…", she continued

He walked in straight to the house passing the oh-so magnificent gardens of the Yamato's.

"This place haven't change a bit…", he smiled nearing to his destination.

He's already in front of the door.

Knock… knock… knock…

Not a moment too soon the door opened. Revealing Mrs. Lacus Yamato. "Hi Athrun nice to see you again".

"Yeah me too Lacus, where's Kira?", he questioned

"On the living room waiting for us, come on"

Athrun followed her. And they were on the living room. He saw Kira sitting on the couch with two of his cute little children.

"It looks like we have a guest today daddy", the little pink haired and lilac eyed girl let out.

Kira turns to the living room door and saw Lacus and Athrun.

"Mommy", their children rushes to Lacus.

"Mom, who is he?", the brown haired, blue eyed boy ask.

"He's the best friend of your daddy, Uncle Athrun"

The girl pull the end of the jacket of Athrun. "Nice to meet you Sir", she extended her arm. And Athrun bowed down his other knee on the floor.

"Nice to meet you too", he patted the girl's head

"Please excuse us, a bit", Lacus turned to Athrun and Kira. "Kids come on Daddy and Uncle Athrun needs to talk", she carry both of them.

Kira stand's up and approach Athrun still standing in the side of the door. He reached his arms in Athrun's shoulder. "Long time no see, so what are you been up to?"

"Nothing just the same as usual…", he replied

The two sit on the sofa. And talked for a while. When after almost an hour. Until somebody interrupted them.

She's running at a quite speed. Turning into some hallways. And then to the living room door. Before she entered she fixed herself first. Her office dress, a white blouse and her brown coat, with her skirt that reach below her knees and she tucked her long blonde locks to her ears. Catching up for her breathe. And then she steps in.

"Afternoon, sorry im late… again… coz I need to attend a sudden meeting I cant get out of", she saw kira on the other couch and saw another man sitting in the opposite side of him.

"Its ok, since you're here… care to join us", he complimented.

"You and who?"

Athrun turns around, seemingly that the voice is so familiar to him. And he found…


"It looks like im not the only visitor you have today, good afternoon to you too Athrun", she said nonchalantly.

Athrun was first on shock. When she saw him she just said hi to him like theirs nothing happened. Why is she acting like this? A thought came across to his mind.

She sat on the same couch as Athrun. "Well were here, so… what… is this some kind of a reunion?", she smiled cheerfully.

"Wait here ill call Lacus", Kira said

"I just got here and you're already living us?", Cagalli conveyed

"You two haven't seen each other for quite a while, I think you need to catch up from the lost times"

"Whatever you say Kira…"

Kira left the two alone. After a minute or two they still haven't talk. The gleeful eyes of Cagalli turned into calm one.

"It's been a while", she broke the silence between the two of them.

He didn't notice his self staring at her blankly. "Yeah… its been a while, I see that you changed a lot since then..", he replied.

She faced him and let out a forced a smile "You think? Not really I guess just my outside looks, im still the Cagalli inside in any other ways"

"Is that all you want to say?", he said with a bit of earnest

She sighed and shift her attention to the glass windows.

"Im not really use to this kind of conversation", she joked.

Noticing the tension between the two of them "Yeah me too", he agreed.

Cagalli sees Kira and Lacus with their children outside the window.

"Lacus and Kira, their a perfect family aren't they, do you agree?", she complemented, watching them admiringly.

"Im glad the two of them ended up to each other after all that's happen during the war", he looked at the window too.

Little Miss Lacus saw Cagalli and waved her hand. And Cagalli waved her back also, broking her up to a wide smile.

"Come on children lets go back inside and join your Auntie Cagalli", Kira carried the two, and Lacus followed him.

"Auntie", little Miss Lacus called. Running towards Cagalli, and jumping to her.

"Its nice to see you too Lara…"

And the other boy jump to her also causing Cagalli to lean back on the couch. "And to you too Lee"

"Untie have you met, daddy's friend, he seems to be a very nice guy", Lara

"Yes I have, and I think he's a really pleasant", she put Lara beside her.

"Auntie this is for you" Lee gave her a daisy.

"That's very kind of you Lee, thank you.."

Athrun watched Cagalli played with Kira and Lacus' children.

"Have you been a good boy and girl to your Mom and Dad?", she faced the two youngsters.

"Of course we are Auntie…", the two said in unison.


"Its getting late, I need keep on going now", Athrun started.

"Me too, I still have to go somewhere…", Cagalli seconded.

The two rose up. First Cagalli then Athrun. Followed by Kira and Lacus.

And then Little Miss Lara followed Cagalli. "Auntie aren't you staying with us for the night?"

"Im afraid im not sweetie, ill just see you the next time ok", her voice seems to be hush, she patted the girl and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Come on Lara, Lee, its time for bed now", Lacus called the two.

"Well, goodnight you two be careful outside ok", Lacus continued directing to Athrun and Cagalli.

"Here", Kira toss the keys of his car.

Athrun catch it.

"You can use my car to go home for tonight", he continued.

"Thanks", he regarded.

"Athrun, one more thing, can you drive Cagalli to her house this evening?"

"Don't bother doing it, ill be fine on my own", Cagalli rejected.

"Its quite late and there's already no taxi to drive you around"

Kira pushes Cagalli outside the door and into the car, beside Athrun (Of course).

"Take care of Cagalli, huh Athrun", Kira waved the two goodbye. And watch the light of the car fades until he enter back to the house.


Driving pass to forest near the beach. Cagalli still isn't talking.

Tick… tuck… tick… tuck… tick… (that's a sound of a clock ei)

Every seconds seems to bored Athrun while driving back. So he has no choice than to open up a topic…

"So, I see that your pretty good with kids nowadays", he started.

She faced him and smiled. "Really?"


End of discussion.

So he needs to think of another topic again. Busy thinking about what they can talk about now. Finally she talked but…

"Pull over…"

"What", he is completely confuse. Did he hear right did he just heard her said…

"I said pull over…", she repeated again.

"Here?", he questioned.

And she just nodded.

Their in a middle of road, he stop driving.

"But this is too far from the town yet", he said.

He looks around. And heard rustling waves of the ocean and with the trees seems to block the view of it.

She opens the door and steps out.

"Wait, Cagalli…"

"Its ok you can go now, I can walk my way back from here on end", she smiled at him softly.

"Are you sure about that?", he ask.

"Yes". "Goodnight Athrun, ill just see you next time". She bowed down and took a last look on Athrun inside the car.

"O-ok then, good night too", he smiled her back also. And he starts the car and press on the accelerator.


Stopping by a red light. His cellphone rang.

Ring. Ring. Ring.


"Athrun its Kira, have you got Cagalli with you?", his rushing and worried voice replied him.

"No, she told me to-" before he could tell all the details. Kira's hasty voice covered.

"Her advisers are looking for her and right now she isn't home yet, I called her for the third time around now but she isn't answering"

"Ok then, ill go look for her"

He makes a U turn, going back to the road towards the shore again. He grabs her phone on the other chair, and start dialing her number.

She answered. "Cagalli… listen, its-"

"Cagalli here, don't bother calling me tonight, ill be watching for the stars", a recording answered.

He hanged up. And concentrated his driving. Finally he got there, he walks down to the car, directing his path to the dark forest. He barely cant see something in the dark, passing by some bushes and some tree branches along the way, he's already outside the forest where there is a good view of the moon and the stars.

Athrun saw a familiar figure standing in the verge of a cliff. He didn't hesitate for a second, he hurriedly ran towards her taking a hold of her shoulders.

"Cagalli, are you planning to commit suicide?", he ask in a rather worried tone.

She faces him. "What are you talking about?", her perplexed mind forced an answer.

"What do you mean what im talking about? Your about to jump the cliff!", he yelled.

Soft chuckles came out from her.

He was much more puzzled from her reaction.

"Before I explain can you please calm down for a sec.", she insisted.

His furrowed eyebrows lessens in tension.

"I have some questions too. Haven't I told to you to leave me about an hour ago, what are you still doing here, and your asking a while ago what am I doing, didn't you called me, I told you that ill be watching the stars tonight."

"Your questions, well, kira called me a while ago, and told me that you weren't home yet, I felt the one being responsible if something bad happen to you, since I leave you all alone here"

That is only the time that he realizes that he and Cagalli aren't talking properly since this early afternoon. The atmosphere between them changes.

Sighing from his relief. "What came into your mind that you want to watch the stars tonight."

She bends down and took a sit. She scans the sky for possible changes. "That"

"That, what?", he started following the direction of her eyes.

"There", she pointed.

A meteor shower…

"Do you want to know what the stars says tonight?", she ask, not taking her attention out to the sky.

"What do they say?"

He waited for her answer as the cold wind blows in them, watching her shiver for a second after. He offers for his jacket.

He stands up went right back at her, and placed it on around her.

"Thank you…", she faced him and gave a soft smile.

"Its been along time since I saw those smiles", he stammered.

"Smile? I always smile, don't you notice that?"

"I meant those smiles, the one that you have when you're… with me", he shifted his eyes on the ground.

She seemed to look at the sky a lot. Changing the topic. "It is really a breathtaking view don't you agree? Tonight is a full moon the stars are so bright", she raises her arms and stare at the brightest star of the night she clasp her hands just like making a hold to it. "Our dreams are like the sky unreachable, and hopes as the ocean endless…"

"You really like the sky a lot, you see how it meets with the ocean and creates a horizon, with both of them united they create a limit."

"So your conclusions are…"

"You said that our dreams are like the unreachable sky, and our hopes as the endless ocean, I said that when you unite both, there will be a horizon, same as well when you unite your dreams with your hope, you can achieve what you want."

"You still haven't change, you still the old Athrun", she smiled softly at him.

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