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Warning: There WILL be sex…in chapter 2.

Note: Inspired by Watching, by artemisgirl.

Chapter 1

Raven had evil inside of her. She was literally sired by evil. The evil inside of her virtually precluded her from having a normal relationship. She wanted to be a good person, and that's why she became a superhero, but she'd be lying to herself if she said that she wasn't filled with a savage glee every time she hurt an enemy that had nothing to do with a desire to see justice done. The evil inside of her called out for violence and destruction. The evil inside of her was tied into her, into all of her emotions. Hence, any sort of emotional release usually ended with violence and destruction. It was a hell of a thing. The evil tainted all of her raw, baser emotions. Including lust. Sex and violence were not things you wanted to mix, not if you wanted to remain one of the good guys. Great. I'm going to die alone, virginal, and probably old and owning a lot of cats.

She couldn't have a normal relationship, so why even bother telling the one she was infatuated with about her feelings? All it could possibly serve to do was to make things awkward between them. Even if when she admitted to those feelings, he then confessed undying love for her, then what? If she ever had sex with him, really had sex with him, the way she wanted too, things would be more than awkward. Provided that he survived the experience.

Still, you have to have an outlet, what gets repressed only comes out somewhere else. At least, that's the way it worked for her. She didn't know how much she had in common with normal people. Raven strived to be completely honest with herself, if not with others, and she would like to think that she succeeded in that respect. So, she decided to watch.

After all, it was just a little harmless voyeurism. What could it hurt? Nothing, as long as he didn't spot her. That would be…awkward.

Robin was training. He did that more than all the other Titans. Why not? He was only human, whereas everyone else had some sort of powers. A lot of people thought Robin had some sort of power, super strength, invulnerability, something, but it wasn't true. He was just a man. No, he was just a boy. A teenage boy genius martial arts expert. Not a lot of bones were made about his intelligence, but he made all of his stuff, not to mention the Red X suit and gadgets, all by himself. Unilaterally. That took some major brains.

One of the robots crashed into Robin, knocking him to the ground. Raven winced; that looked like it had hurt. But Robin got up and went right back to training. He dodged robots, rocks, bombs, and took out obstacles. Those robots would have to be replaced. Yeah, that's what they were there for, but going through dozens a day was a bit wasteful.

He finally got tired and went inside. Raven teleported and phased through the shadows, being a shadow, staying out of sight. This was what she had been waiting for. He was going to take a shower. The whole point of this exercise was to, just once, see him naked. She had seen him fight. It seems like every week that something happens and they have to fight.

He entered the bathroom, and began to undress. Raven watched intently. His motions were slow and deliberate, like a striptease, but he didn't know that she was there, did he? He couldn't, could he?

He took off his shirt slowly, and then he started undoing his pants. Slowly. Very slowly. It was a striptease! Then he chuckled to himself and did it with more speed. Apparently, the show had been for his own amusement. What was that all about? Maybe he secretly wanted to be a stripper. Or maybe he was just that full of himself.

Raven put the issue in the back of her mind: the underpants were coming off.

She was disappointed to see that it was only average size. Oh, well. Maybe he's one of those men who are a substantially different size erect compared to flaccid. Not that she'd ever see it erect.

The mask was the last thing to come off. His eyes were blue, baby blue, and somehow made him look…innocent. No, not innocent, but younger than he was. Like a kid who had seen his life crash down around his ears. Then Raven remembered that that was exactly what he had been. His parents had been killed by criminals. That was why Robin the Boy Wonder, circus performer, had turned into Robin the Boy Wonder, superhero.

Robin got into the shower, and washed himself. Watching him cover himself with soapy suds was definitely a show Raven was going to remember for a long, long time. And then it got better.

He…He's touching himself. A voice in the back of her head said, Well, looks like we're going to get to see him erect, after all, but the rest of her was dumbstruck. Christ, doesn't Starfire scratch his itch? but then she realized that she didn't know for a fact that they were a couple. She had just assumed. She know that Starfire liked Robin, and could see why, but did not know for a fact that Robin liked her back. She just suspected.

Raven saw that her supposition was correct. It wasn't impossibly large, as she had hoped, but -- what? Did I say, "hoped?" Why had she said hoped? Why had she hoped? She wasn't going to get to use it. "Imagined" was the better word, but it wasn't what she said. She said hoped. She put the issue in the back of her mind. The point was, he was big.

Then he goes, and as he's going, he whispers something. Raven had to strain to hear it, but she managed to get it, and it shocked her. He had whispered a name, but not the name he had expected. Not Starfire's name. Her name. Raven's name. "Raven…"

Raven was shocked. Me? He wants me? Goddamn. God fucking damn. That was…incredible news. And that was the understatement of the year. Like saying that walking to Starfire's homeworld would take a long time. There weren't really words to describe what was going through Raven's head. Or rather, there were so many things going through her head so fast that it couldn't be recalled later.

And then she didn't think. She acted. She sprang from the shadows like some sort of horror movie monster and pinned his hands above his head before he could react. There couldn't have been more than an inch separating them and Raven moved hear face closer to his, looking him square in the eye.

From such an intimate distance, she said, "You called?"

Chapter 2 will be up in sooner than you think. See you then!