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Swept Off My Feet

I didn't know it then, but two years ago someone I had just met swept me off my feet.

You know how in all those romance novels they have things like, love at first sight? Having your future obsession introduced to you via Manticore mating program was not the meeting I thought I would have.

But then again, I would never have thought he would be my future obsession either.

He was too full of himself, too sure. I needed to bring him down a peg or two, and to my disappointment I found that he wouldn't budge. He was stubborn too, now that I think of it. Cocky, arrogant, annoying…

Isn't it weird that I don't find him that way anymore? Isn't it weird that once his presence would irritate me, but now it makes me blush? Isn't it weird that once his touch was unwelcome, but is now savoured – even treasured?

Isn't it just so damn weird that once the thought of me falling for him was like being the leader of my own city?

So many things can change in two years.

Even him.

He's become what I thought he could never be. Reliable, strong, determined – he was my port in a storm. I was shocked to find myself starting to respect him.

I was shocked to find myself becoming friends with him, even though that was what I wanted least of all.

"A beautiful friendship," he'd joked one day. "I stop talking, and she stops using me as her punching bag."

Truthfully, I haven't felt like hitting him for a long time. More like hugging him. Or even kiss-

God, how deep in am I?

Pretty damn deep, it turns out.

I first realised my feelings towards him were more than sisterly when I was about to fall asleep at my desk and he came into my office.

"Maxie," he sighed, "You shouldn't work yourself to the point of exhaustion."

I can't remember what I said, but I remember his face. And his voice.

"You can't die on us, Max. Everyone at T.C. needs you. I need you."

I need you. Who knew that three words could have such an effect on me? Who knew that those three words uttered by the person I thought I hated would make me feel so… Warm?

It was also pretty clear what I felt when I could suddenly sense him even before he walked through the door.

The air would suddenly turn warm, pricking my skin with suggestive tingles as I would suddenly shiver. My heart would speed up, my breathing became irregular, my face blushed tomato red even before I saw him.

It was so obvious.

But I didn't want to believe it. I wasn't willing to give up the fragile relationship we had constructed from nothing for wants that could be overcome.

Overcome. Yeah, right.

Because really, only the person that swept you off your feet in the first place can bring you back down.

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