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Chapter 1


Do you think there ever stop, Trunks?"

"I don't know Bulla, I don't know."

A week later Bulma was signing her half of the divorce papers. A few days later Bulla and Trunks came home to find out that their parents were in court fighting for who got what and which child.

"Trunks I don't want to be separated from you or daddy, it isn't fair"

"I know Bulla who knows maybe they won't move us"

That was four years ago, four years since he saw Vegeta and Trunks, four years since her greatest fears became realized. Bulma has been going out with Yamacha and Bulla hates him she thinks that he is going to break her mothers heart like he did in the past.

Trunks pov

"Boy where have you been? You have to clean up this mess!"

Trunks just stood and stared at his surroundings a small 6-room house it barely had furnishings and it was filthy. Vegeta didn't work or clean all he did was train and expect everything to be done for him. The only thing trunks was happy at was the picture of the four of them, for every night he would stand in the hallway and watch Vegeta stare at the photo and hear him mumble something about how he can't believe how he lost the women of his dreams.

Everyone seemed to miss the way it was before except Bulma. She was always out on a date with Yamcha; it drove Bulla crazy so one night she went to the mall. While there she ran into Trunks.

"Oh my God Trunks is that you!"

"Bulla, is that you?" "I haven't seen since, since"

"It has been 4 years, I was eleven when you and dad left."

"So how are you and mom doing?"

"I am alright and don't ask about that whore"

"BULLA, she is our mother!"

"So, about two weeks after you left she started dating Yamacha and I don't like him. I swear he was waiting for this to happen"

Bulla started flipping out but Trunks grabbed her shoulders and told her everything was going to be okay. For the rest of the night the two shopped and talked then right before he left he gave her all of his information.

When she got home back she heard her mother upstairs giggling which meant that the ass was up there to. She took her bags upstairs and fell asleep. At school she told Pan about her seeing Trunks. Her day was going great nothing could ruin it until: " Oh your home"

"What mom?"

"You are going to be a very happy person!"

"Let me guess you are dumping Yamcha and getting back together with dad!"

"Oh no I will never get back together with Vegeta, no me and Yamcha are getting married"

With out saying anything she ran upstairs grabbed her phone and called Trunks. She told him that they had to talk and to meet her at the park were they used to hang out. Bulla heard her mother coming up the stairs so she opened her window and flew out. All she could hear was her mother screaming for her to come back. Trunks was already there so she ran into his arms and started crying.

"Ma is going to marry that bastard and I don't want her to, it's not fair!"

"I know it's not fair, life hasn't been fair for us."

They went to Trunks house, Vegeta was nowhere to be found so they sat on the couch and started talking.

"To bad mom and dad couldn't get back together."

"Hey Bulla why don't we try and get them to realize how much they still love each other?"

Later as Vegeta came in the door Bulla was just about ready to go. He stood in the doorway when she stood up she turned and ran to him.

"Oh daddy I miss you so much" Vegeta stood there and put his arms around her, he was happy to see her but at they same time it pained him because she looked so much like her mother. She let go, said goodbye than ran out the door.

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