A/N: (2011) Some of you may have read Anniversary when it started six years ago. A lot has changed since then. I've had a chance to go through and make a few edits and what not to get things organized. When I started writing this 'epic' I was a snot nosed fresh outta high school kid with a lot of clever ideas and no experience. I'm a lot different now. Anniversary is a lot different now. And while I don't think I'm ever going to be completely happy with it (it must, after all, end up Sorato) this is my 'baby'. It's my most ambitious work of fiction I've thus far attempted. It's the fic I've gotten the best and worst reviews for, and it's the fic I want to be remembered for when I finally leave FanFic writing and move on with life.

If you're just now reading Anniversary, welcome. If you've been keeping up, grumbling under your breath about how I haven't updated in two years, please re-read things to reconnect with the universe. A lot has changed, but everything is still the same.

I hope you enjoy reading the coming years as much as (if not more than) I had fun writing them. Thank you for reading.



August 1st, 2003

3:30 pm

"I can't believe this!"

As he spoke, a thirteen-year-old Japanese kid leapt over a fence in front of the Odiba Grade School. The wind whipped through his spiked brown hair as he held tight to a sports duffel and gritted his teeth, pressing onwards with the length of each stride. Inside his blue duffel bag sat a small bluish dragon squealing in delight. The boy, Davis Motomiya, was anything but happy however. "I can't believe you're laughing at a time like this."

"What did I do?"

Davis groaned as he dodged a pedestrian on the sidewalk and forced DemiVeemon's head down as he passed her. "We're going to be late now DemiVeemon!" He let the creature up again. "We were supposed to meet Yolie and Cody at their apartment an hour ago, but instead you get me stuck in detention. T.K.'s going to get to make all the moves on Kari now!"

"I'm sure she'll save some moves for you Davis," DemiVeemon smiled innocently.

"Why'd you keep laughing anyway? You know we have to keep you guys on a low profile!"

"He kept saying ma… masti… mastication!"

"So? He was talking about chewing…"

DemiVeemon laughed again. "But isn't it a funny word?"

"Anatomy isn't funny DemiVeemon! It's my hardest course!"

"It was funny to me…" DemiVeemon whimpered.

Davis sighed. "Tai's going to hate me. Why am I the only one late to the Digidestined Grand Reunion?"



August 1st, 2003

4:00 pm

The campsite as a whole had seen better days. The cabins were old; most of the equipment was rusty. Graffiti lined park benches and the paths were lined with sticks and debris. But there was an atmosphere to this place. It was something Tai Kamiya could feel even then as he stood on the ridge looking down over it all.

This is it, he thought to himself. The place where it all began.

"This place brings back a whole lot of memories doesn't it?"

Tai blinked and turned to see the approaching Izzy Izumi, smiling to his friend with a wave of his hand. Tai returned the greeting. "Yeah," he grinned. "A lot of memories."

The younger teen stretched pale arms skyward, his smile still stitched to his face. "It's been a while."

"Five years," Tai whistled at the thought. "Are we that old?"

"I wouldn't say that."

"It'll be great though. Won't it?"


"Just us and our Digimon. Fun for the whole weekend. "

Izzy sighed. "I'm just glad there's no press up here. We don't need another public relations nightmare."

Tai blinked. "Diaboromon's dead and gone. The world knows about Digimon…"

"It's still very tense Tai," Izzy reminded him. "Humanity doesn't know what to do about us right now."

Tai frowned. "They can't do anything. They need to just leave well enough alone. They don't bother the digital world, then digital world doesn't bother them."

"It's more complicated than that Tai."

"Look, we'll worry about the real world when the real world worries about us," Tai decided. "For now, we'll just have some fun. There's no harm in that right?"

Izzy blinked, regarding his leader, before sighing with a shrug and nodding his head. "If you say so."

Satisfied, Tai nodded and changed the subject. "So, who isn't here yet?"

"Well there's you, me, and Kari…" Izzy thought for a moment. "Sora, T.K., and Matt came up with Mr. Ishida."


"Joe got here a little earlier, and Ken's just now entering the cabin."


"Mimi is coming," Izzy nodded. "She's catching a plane here but she is coming."

"Good. And… eh, that just leaves… Yolei, Cody and Davis, right?"

"Well, just Davis I guess. Yolei's parents dropped her and Cody off a couple of minutes ago. I just ran into them on the way to see you."

"So everyone's pretty much here except... Davis?"

"…Uh. Yeah." Izzy brought a hand to the back of his head, well aware that this wouldn't bode well.

Tai frowned. "Where is he?"

Izzy blinked. "I don't know. I haven't seen him."

"Who was he supposed to ride with again?"

"Eh… Yolei and Cody I think."

"Ah man, that guy…" Tai folded his arms across his chest and frowned. "Don't tell me they had to ditch him at school."

Izzy shrugged again. "That's actually a likely scenario."

"He'd better get up here soon," Tai grumbled. "Or he'll completely miss out."

August 1st, 2003

4:10 pm

"I can't stand it."

Sora Takenouchi looked up from her unpacking and noticed Yolei Inoue glaring angrily at a school uniform. The two were in the girls cabin, not far from the lake, unpacking their things for the weekend. Yolei had laid the uniform out and groaned.


"High School!"

"Yolei you just got there."

"I know!"

Sora allowed herself to laugh at her friends melodramatic breakdown, remembering her own last year as a middle school student. "What? What's so wrong with it?"

"I just get into a groove in Odiba Middle, I've just gotten past the 'nerd' label. I'm finally being accepted by my classmates as more than a computer geek. And now I have to get up and go through the same process all over again."

Sora smiled patiently. "I'm sure you're over reacting."

"I'm not. My mother is." Yolei fumed as she produced a list of items carefully written by her mother only days before. She handed it to Sora with a pout. "Look, she's made a list of all the things I'll need for my first year of Highschool and expects me to carry it around with me twenty-four seven!"

"Why are condoms listed on here?"

"Eek!" Yolei blushed and snatched the list.

Sora laughed nervously. "I'm sure you'll be fine."

Yolei moaned, slumping against her cot. "It's not just that mom's so excited for this. I…" Yolei sighed, her eyes adjusting over a slip of paper delegating the things she would need for the coming semester. "I'm worried about being stuck in classes while everyone else is making plans at Odiaba elementary. I don't want to be on the sidelines, while Davis goes out and clowns around in the digital world making a fool of himself!"

"That, and you're worried you won't see Ken."

Yolei blushed. "I'm… I don't…. That's not the only reason!"

"Listen, you're going to be fine." Sora smiled and sat beside her. "It's not like you'll be leaving them forever. School isn't a prison. You just have to leave a little later that's all. And besides, you'll have us."


"Sure! Me, Tai, Matt, Izzy. We'll still be around. You need something, we'll help you out."

Yolei smiled. "Thanks Sora."

"Sure. What are friends for?"

August 1st, 2003

4:45 pm

"Thanks for letting me hitch a ride Mister."

Davis sat shotgun with the man he'd bought a cab from. He was a stocky man, with a strange air about him, but otherwise he appeared normal. Davis had flagged him down after riding the train as far as he could towards the local hilltops and – in a rare flash of genius – decided not to scare the locals by having Veemon Digivolve. He'd used the last of his PlayConsoule money to get it, but Davis figured getting to Tomodatchi was more important than playing the new GassEffect game.

This man's cab seemed a little run down, with weird signs all over it. One interesting sticker was a large tree with the words 'One World' over it. He was weird, but Davis was late. He'd pushed DemiVeemon back into his duffel bag and he took the first cab he could get.

The large man drove the truck through a yellow light and sighed. "You're only going as far as Tomodatchi campsite, right?"

Davis smiled. "Yeah, that's me. Got a big reunion going on…"


"Yeah, it's going to be fun." His duffel bag moved a little. Davis thumped it hard, and it stopped. "Real fun."

"Like a class Reunion?"

Davis shook his head. "Not so much a class reunion as a… family reunion."

"Aw, that's sweet."


"You're a cute kid."


The strange man raised an eyebrow at Davis. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing. I just… Eh. Have to make a phone call."

Davis laughed nervously while he desperately searched for his cell-phone, opening his duffel bag only enough to reach a hand inside. After his fingers twirled around a bit (tickling the impish dragon in the process) DemiVeemon finally handed Davis his phone from within the bag. Quickly, while flashing the now terrifying man a quick grin, Davis dialed Kens number in a desperate attempt at letting someone know the trouble he may be in for… and to tell them he was late.

All he got was dial tone.

He blinked and tried again: still nothing. He groaned, dropping his head between his knees and muttering curses under his breath.

"What's up?" The old man asked.

Davis sighed. "My cell phone isn't working."

"Sorry to hear that". The old man cleared his throat. "So. Kid. Would you like to-"


The weird old man stared at Davis, bewildered. "-Listen to some music?"

"Oh. Hehe… Sure." Davis felt a bead of nervous sweat slide down his forehead.

The old man grumbled to himself about he next generation and switched on his Radio. Davis, having calmed considerably from the embarrassment, turned to stare out the window as the trees flew by. Not far now, he thought. He could almost imagine the beautiful Kari Kamiya in short hiking shorts and rubbing sun screen up her arms…

The blare of the radio kept Davis' mind from wandering too far in the gutter, and he instantly learned to hate the machine. The old man had interestingly settled on a talk radio show with its own shock jock. Davis learned too hate the radio for different reasons then.

"…Then there are these reports of more mysterious giant spiders haunting the woods near Odaiba. More of these stories are pouring in this week. Kids get attacked by these giant mecha-spiders with sword arms and foul attitudes. You know what they are don't you? Digimon – Digital Demons. That's right. Those cute little creatures you heard about that live in your computer.. You may remember these monsters appearing over the last few years, with the most recent attack happening earlier this spring."

"Darn monsters." The old man swore as he puffed on his cigar.

Davis shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "Hmn?"

"What do you think kid? What are your standings with these 'Digital Demons'?"

Davis's blood ran cold. "Uh… well?"


"I don't really have an opinion either way," Davis lied, forcing a wide grin on his face to hide his terror. "I'm just a cute little elementary school-er."

He then proceeded to attempt his best impression of Kari's puppydog face she tended to use when she wanted her brother to do something for her. The attempt fell flat. The old man glared oddly at Davis, before grunting and turning the radio up even higher. The voice emanating from the speakers continued his ranting, while Davis struggled not to panic.

"Now I know I'll get some younger callers wanting to play demons advocate: 'Oh but Style, Digimon are peaceful at heart. They wouldn't hurt a fly'. Well I'd tell those little punks to wake up and smell the roses. Some of you may not remember when that Vampire came through and nearly wiped out Odaiba all those years ago. But some of us do. And what was the final death toll? Thirty, fourty… a hundred killed in the onslaught? The way I see it, these Digi-freaks can do more harm than good."

"Yeah," The old man nodded in agreement with the shock jock. Davis seeped deeper into his seat.

"I think if I had the chance I'd kill one of those suckers. Send them a message. You can't take over humanity." There was silence for a moment. When he returned, the shock jocks voice was bright and cheery. "This is Style and you are listening to J93.1. Your source for classical music."

Davis held close to his duffle bag, suddenly very much hating 'Bolero'.

August 1st, 2003

4:57 pm

"My mom is going to kill me…"

Cody Hida sat on one of the benches outside, frantically trying to get some reception outside. With him, T.K. and Kari sat side by side, enjoying the view. T.K. turned to the younger boy.

"Why's that Cody?"

The youngest Digidestined sighed. "I told my mom we'd be watched over, but there's only one chaperone up here. She's already nervous about Digimon stuff. I don't want her to get sick worrying about me."

T.K. laughed. "She'll be fine. Dad's a great chaperone."

"Are you sure."

"You worry too much Cody…"

As if on cue, Mr. Ishida came walking by, already picking a cigarette out of his pocket and fishing for a light. "Alright son," he called out as he passed T.K.. "Have a good weekend."

T.K. blinked in shock. "Eh, dad! Aren't you supposed to-"

"I'll come back up tomorrow morning to make sure you haven't burned the place down. Don't worry."

"Eh… alright. I guess."

Mr. Ishida gave a silent wave, puffed a ball of smoke, then proceeded to walk off towards his car; leaving the teens on the bench a little silent. Cody sighed, shook his head, and walked off.

"My mom's going to kill me…"

Kari sighed as she watched the boy go. "We should really call his mom to let her know we're all right…"

"I guess." Said T.K.. His eyes then lit up, and he leaned in a little closer to Kari, a look of mischief on his face. "Well if you call his mom, then no one up here can have time to themselves…"

Kari smiled and leaned in as well. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

"It means-"

A large hand grabbed T.K.'s collar. "All right, break it up!"


"Nothing to see here!"

"Big brother!"

Tai had T.K. by the collar and Kari by the shoulder, steping over the bench and physically placing himself between the two. "Head on up to the cabin. I think Sora and/or Matt has some work for you."

Kari glared. "And/or?"

"Pick one."

T.K. shighed and walked off, his hands stuffed deep in his pockets. Kari stayed behind a while longer and stuck out her tongue. Not to be out done, Tai did the same. Kari rolled her eyes and she too headed for the cabins. Tai watched them go, satisfied he had fullfilled his job as brotherly interference.

"Still looking after her Tai?"

Tai blinked and turned to meet the knowing smile of Joe Kido. He sighed. "Somebody's got to do it."

"Ah, but its young love, isn't it? Don't you think you shouldn't interfere?"

Tai shrugged. "It sure made me feel better."

Joe and Tai laughed, and the two headed towards the main building.

August 1st, 2003

5:45 pm

"Do you remember the last time we were all together like this?"

Gabumon smiled at the amber fured digimon and shook his head. "At the same time? No."

Ten Digital monsters sat at a pair of picnic tables. The light was beginning to fade, but the sun had not yet gone down, giving the sky a kind of sleepy feeling. A perfect time to reminisce.

"Gosh it's been a while." Gomamon admitted.

"A long time indeed." Nodded Gabumon as he nibbled on cookies.

Gomamon grinned, hoisting himself on the picnic table. "Isn't it great that we finally have a chance to talk?"

Patamon sighed. "We really miss you guys.

"Armadillomon is just not the same as you Gomamon," Gatomon grinned.

"It's true." Armadillomon nodded with his southern drawl. "My jokes are nowhere near as corny."

Gomamon rolled his eyes. "Oh lighten up. Laugh a little, it's good for you."

"Agumon, want to go find someplace… quiet?"

"Hmn?" Agumon blinked. Biyomon ruffled her feathers a little and inched her way closer. Agumon thought for a moment, not entirely sure what she would be asking him for. "Um, it's alright Biyomon. I don't mind the noise."

Biyomons head tilted to the side, his fore-claws nervously bouncing against each other. "O-oh."

Agumon frowned. "Is something wrong?"

She shook her head. "N-no! Biyomon is… I mean, I'm..." She sighed, disappointed. "It's fine." She hopped away from Agumon and towards the trees.

"I'll go see what's the matter," sighed Hawkmon, who took off after her.

Agumon scratched his snout, confused. He turned back to his seat… to find several pair of eyes glaring at him. He frowned. "What did I do?"

"Agumon, really…" Gatomon sighed bringing the palm of her glove to her forehead in annoyance.


"Biyomon's ready for a Life-mate."

At that Agumon looked disappointed. "...Oh."

"With you numbskull!"

Agumon blinked again. "Oh… OH!"

"Congratulations." Wormmon looked cheery.

"W-wait, with me?"

"Well who else would it be?"

Agumon balked. "But I'm not even… I mean, what brought that on?"

Gomamon smirks. "Well Agumon, when a Digi-girl loves a Digi-mon…"

"See. Corny joke." Armadillomon pointed at Gomamon. "Would've avoided that one."

Gatomon frowned. "I don't get it. Why don't you make a move?

"I just… We're friends! Why do we have to be anymore than that?"

Patamon looked sad. "Don't you like her?"

"Of course I do. I care a lot about her…"

"So then what's the problem?"

Armadillomon yawned. "It isn't like Gabumon's making the moves on her."

"And Gabumon won't be doing that anytime soon", the lupine Digimon snorted. "I see enough of Biyomon as it is."

Gatomon nodded towards Agumon. "Tai wouldn't mind. Biyomon's a nice 'mon…"

"It isn't about Tai minding." Agumon sighed. "It's about me."

"What are you guys talking about out here?"

The collective Digimon body jumped in fright when Tai's head popped out of the window. The teen glared in annoyance and cleared his throat. Gatomon was the first to retort. "You pretty boy. Where is everybody?"

Tai swatted at his sisters partner half heartedly before leaning back into the cabin. "The guys are getting ready for dinner. We just threw ribs on the grill. You guys should come in."

Gatomon looked up at the tree and sighed. "Yeah. I think we'll do that."

Tentomon got up eagerly. "I get the spare rib!"

August 1st, 2003

6:10 pm

"Joe's skipping a summer session!"

Joe Kido sighed and put down his fork. He didn't expect the others to make such a big deal out of nothing. "It was only an extra credit assignment", he said in his defense.

Matt shook his head in shock. "Who cares what it was. You never avoid school work. This is huge."

"It's nothing; I wanted to be with you guys."

Gomamon snickered as he waddled into the room. "That, and Joe's avoiding this girl that likes him in class."

"I am not!"

"So what are we waiting for", asked T.K..

"Davis." Kari made a face.

Joe frowned. "He hasn't come by yet?"

Yolei shook her head. "He was supposed to meet us at our apartment but he never showed. We decided to leave him."

Ken sighed. "You really shouldn't have left him Yolei."

Yolei frowned, placing both hands on her hips. "Hey, we waited thirty minutes for goggle head to show up. It's not our fault he's irresponsible."

Tai scratched his chin. "Did you call him to find out why?"

"What am I, his girlfriend?"

Ken looked horrified. "Eh…"

Yolei nearly choked on her own spit. "I'm not!

T.K. rolled his eyes. "I don't think we have to worry too much. He probably got lost up the mountain."

"While that's not unlikely", Ken interrupted, "he would have tried to call us by now. I don't think Davis is just lost in the mountains."

There was a short silence from the others, realizing that he was right. While Davis had been late for many things in his life, he'd always called someone to let them know his reasons – no matter how ridiculous they were. Kari sighed. "I hope he's alright."

August 1st, 2003

7:40 pm

Much of the trip through the woods was made in silence between them, with only the ramblings of this Style character providing any sort of noise. Davis was beginning to doubt that this guy had any intention of driving him to the campsite. How could he have been so stupid? As much as he had been in television over the last few months. He'd landed himself right into a Digi-hater. He clutched the duffel bag and hoped DemiVeemon could hold out for a little longer.

"Digimon. These reckless, amoral, demonic little monsters have been plaguing the world since their discovery. Destruction of property, attempted murder… these are only a few of the charges leveled at these accidents of nature. Who knows what evils they are capable of?"

The bag began to squirm. Davis tried to clutch it tighter; to get DemiVeemon to stop budging, but the Digimon seemed to be frantic.

"Not to mention…"

The man starred at the bag.

"How much they smell."

The zipper opened and out flew DemiVeemon.


The sound of rubber hitting gravel burned into the evening air, and the cab came to a stop in the middle of the woods. The Driver leaned over and growled at the blue dragon, who cringed in fear.

"Sorry Davis…"

The Driver looked at the teen. "Well, well. I thought it was you."

"Yeah? What are you going to do about it?" He griped his D-3. But this was a human, not a Digimon. What could he do?

"A human fraternizing with a demon." The old man spit. "The lowest form of life."

"He's not a demon!" Davis spit back.

"Yeah, I'm not a demon!" DemiVeemon chirped.

"You think I'd listen to your lies kid?"

The old man reached for his dashboard. Davis, having an idea of how cabbies are, quickly reached out his hands to keep the man from retrieving whatever weapon he had stored there. The two struggled, with DemiVeemon sneaking out to bite the older mans fingers. Things were getting dangerous.

Suddenly, something huge flew over the cab.

Man, boy, and Digimon all looked out the window in a panic. "What the…"

August 1st, 2003

7:41 pm

Kari breathed deep, her eyes white and face drained of color. T.K. noticed immediately and griped her arm.

"You okay Kari?"

At first the girl didn't respond, her breathing labored and her eyes misty from... something. She couldn't tell what. It took her a while to return to her surroundings. A park bench outside the main cabin. T.K. by her side. No Davis to worry her.

And that's what was bothering her.

She shook the feeling off and sighed. "Yeah. I'm… just a little cold that's all."

"Here, I'll get you some coco. It's a cold august this year."

He got up and entered the cabin and left Kari to stare off into the night. Something was wrong.

August 1st, 2003

7:45 pm

It had come from nowhere. A huge spider-like creature with thin, blade like arms and ghastly eyes. Davis leapt out of the cab in a heartbeat, duffel bag and DemiVeemon in tow, as one of the arms buried it's self into the roof of the car. The man struggled with his seatbelt, managing finally to clear out as the monster attacked again.

"What the heck is that thing?" snapped Davis.

"No idea!" DemiVeemon shot back.

They sat back and watched as the monster chased after their bigoted driver, slashing against trees and ferns in a blind rage. They looked to each other. "I guess it can't be helped huh?" Davis grinned at his partner. DemiVeemon smirked. Davis gripped his Digivice.

The old man had never seen something like that before. He had heard the stories from the man named Style. Had heard that this Digital Demons could reach as high aas skyscrapers, but he had never seen anything like this. In defense, the old man grabbed a stick and hurled it at the monster. The creature reared up, unleashed an ear shattering squeek from its mandibles, and attacked again. The man backed himself into a tree and cowered in fear.


The man looked up to see the spider thrown for a loop, tumbling from a massive head shot from a blue blur. That Digimon! It was the same blue dragon. But stronger. About the size of a small child, but definitely stronger. Veemon was in the house.

"Let's rock it!"

August 1st, 2003

8:00 pm

"Miss me anyone?"

Yolei of course, was the first to answer the loud soprano. "Mimi," the young teen cooed. "You made it!"

"Of course!" Mimi smiled, before having to steady herself when Yolei leaped headlong into her arms. "Wah! Easy Yolei!"

"What took you so long!"

Mimi sighed. "The flight on the way over was horrid and my parents took two hundred dollars out of my monthly allowance, but it was worth it…"

Tai cringed. "Two hundred dollars?"

Cody blinks, confused. "That doesn't sound like much."

Ken scratches his chin. "Eh…Two hundred dollars is like two thousand yen isn't it?"

"Ehh!" the youngest Digidestind face-planted at the thought of such an exorbant amount for an allowance. He got maybe ten percent of that.

Mimi rolled her eyes. "Daddy works for FacTry Mark, remember? Multi billion dollar electrics company, etcetera, etcetera… So how have my darlings been?"

Tai yawned. "Fine."

Palmon peaked out from behind Mimi's leg. "Fine? You guys don't look so fine."

"Trust me my dear, we are," said Tentomon as he proceeded to fill his mouth with spare ribs. Everyone else however clamored over the former 'beauty queen' and her partner.

Palmon looked around. "Hey Biyomon!" She quipped. "How is everything?"

Biyomon narrowed her eyes. "Why do you want to know?"

Palmon blinked. "Sorry, just asking…"

Biyomon glared a little longer at the plant before settling beside Sora, who was by now rubbing her temples in annoyance. On the other end of the room, Agumon tried hard not to be noticed.

Mimi frowned. "Why so gloomy?"

"Don't worry about Biyomon", said Sora. "She just isn't herself. We're all a little concerned about Davis. He hasn't made it yet."

Kari sighed. "I'm getting worried."

Mimi frowned. "Oh?"

August 1st, 2003

8:13 pm

"Data Crasher!"

The blue-black orb slammed hard into the ground that Veemon had been standing under, debris flying about everywhere. The dragon rolled quickly away from the blast, then took off running towards his enemy. Davis gripped his D-3 tightly. The driver sat in a clearing a few feet away, his arms wrapped around a tree for comfort that wasn't there.

Veemon charged the strange new monster, hoping to land another decisive head butt to its skull. The spider had him scouted however, and brought its long bladed arm to bear. Veemon barely had time to realize what was happening before he was stuck hard in the stomach by a kick from this monster. He rolled away quickly, knowing he couldn't withstand too many more strikes like that.

"This isn't working!" Davis shouted, and brought out his D-Tector. "Digi-armor energize!"

Veemon grinned and took off running. His body glowed bright gold in the night as he began his transformation.

"Veemon Armor digivolve to…"

Veemon shifted to all fours. His body was encased in black and gold armor, and he rushed even faster towards his adversary. He was Veemon no longer.

"Raidramon. The Storm of Friendship"

The old man lost it. "Oh god!"

"Data Crasher!"

Raidramon dodged the attack. It was a blur, his speed astounding. The Crysalimon fired again to similar results. Raidramon was a whirlwind of energy, circling the enemy time and again with his speed. Satisfied, Davis signaled his partner to end it, and electricity flowed all over the dragon as he made a final charge.

"Blue Thunder!"

August 1st, 2003

8:29 pm

"You all right?"

Kari looked up to see a worried T.K. staring at her. "Yes! …No." She sighed.

T.K. frowned. "Which is it?"

"I'm just really worried about Davis," Kari said softly. "That's all."

T.K.'s voice dropped. "Oh."

"Kari? T.K.?"

They looked up. Izzy was in the doorway. "Yes?"

"It's almost time…"

August 1st, 2004

8:33 pm

Davis was tired. He sat beside his partner still in Raidramon form, taking slow breaths and wondering what was going on. The strange creature had disappeared into the woods not to long after the fight, leaking data from the beat down Raidramon had just given: leaving the goggle head with a bigoted Japanese man and large, rather hungry dragon.

Speaking of that weird guy.

Davis turned to the old man, and annoyed expression on his young face. "Oi. Old dude… You all right?"

The guy has a huge stain in his pants. Great. You wanted Digimon, you got Digimon, thought Davis. He took a step towards him…

The man leapt to his feet, ran to the cab, turned the key, and drove off.

It took Davis a moment to understand exactly what had happened. He was stuck on the side of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere, with Raidramon; who despite being more polite than his alternate personalities was still grumbling about food. Davis sighed. "Great."

Raidramon huffed. "Well your mother always did tell you not to talk to strangers."

Davis mounted his partner. "Shut up and start running."

August 1st, 2004

8:59 pm

He came in late. That was expected. He came in riding his Digimon, battle tired and looking like a mess. Definitely not what the Digidestined expected. Ken was the first to reach him.

"Davis, you okay?"

Davis groaned. "Yeah, we're fine."

Ken didn't believe him, tending to the boys face with concern. "That's a nasty scratch."

"It'll heal." Davis pouted.

"What happened? Why didn't you catch a ride with Ms. Inoue?"

Davis sighed, dismounted, and sat on the ground. "I got held over from summer school, and by the time I got out they had already left, so I caught a cab. Turns out with the wrong kind of guy. But before he could do anything we were attacked by a Digimon." He swatted a concerned Ken's hand away from his head. "Raidramon got me up here the rest of the way."

Raidramon nodded, and then dedigivolved, morphing once again from armored dragon to lovable puffball DemiVeemon.

Joe adjusted his glasses. "What did it look like?"

Davis groaned and shook his head. "A big purple monster. Like a spider, kind of. With swords for feet."

Izzy frowned. "It may have been a form of Kuramon. Kids have still been reporting sightings, even after Armageddemon's death."

"I should have been there", said Ken angrily.

Davis simply rolled his eyes. "I should have been here!"

Tai frowned. "What did you mean by the 'wrong kind of guy'?"

Davis sighed. "He was one of those extremists. The guys that don't like Digimon."

DemiVeemon's eyes were wide. "He said he wanted to delete me… ME!"

Gatomon rolled her eyes. "Of all people…"

"What he look like?"

Matt stepped in. "Tai, you can't go find him now."

Tai shot a glare at the blond. "I can try."

Izzy laid a hand on their leaders shoulder. "Relax Tai," he said. "I doubt we'll ever see him again. Besides, it's almost time."

Davis raised his eyebrow. "Time? For what?"

Izzy and Tai exchanged looks with each other. "Come on. We'll show you."

August 1st, 2003

9:30 pm

Izzy led them up a hill, just a few meters from the main cabin. For a tired Davis, the trek seemed meaningless, but many of the older kids were respectfully silent. Fo what? Davis had no idea. Still, he and DemiVeemon plodded along after the others, until they got to a small clearing.

"Where are we?"

Izzy looked up. "You don't recognize this place? This is where it started. This is where it all began."

Davis frowned. Then he took a good look at the clearing itself. What he saw sent chills up his spine. Seven familiar shapes were imbedded into the ground. Their size was unmistakable. Davis knew instantly where he was.


Matt smiled. "I remember this place."

"I was hanging in that tree over there." Tai pointed to a weathered tree in the distance. "It's been so long."

Then Izzy opened his backpack to reveal no laptop, but a cup and a glass of wine. Cody fidgeted a little but said nothing. Even he knew the importance of the moment. Izzy filled one of the small cups with wine and passed it around. When everyone, Digimon and human alike, had one, Izzy raised his cup into the air.

"To those we've lost."







"Black WarGreymon…"


"We're here so we don't forget." Izzy was near tears now. Something that rarely happened. "We're here to honor the sacrifices people have made for us. The lives that we've lost in our battles. We're here to recognize their importance to our growing up. Their importance to our lives. Tonight we recognize them." With that he took his small cup of wine and downed it. The others did the same, though Cody held onto his a little more than the others. In the end it was done. They stood symbolically on the hill for many moments. No one dared to say a word.

Finally a teary eyed Tai broke the silence. "Well, lets not be soppy forever." He wiped his face and smiled. "Come on guys; let's have some fun! We've got the whole weekend to party!"

Slowly the Digidestined came around, and some cheer came back to their faces. Izzy smiled, took the glass, and poured the remaining contents into the ground. The liquid filled the seven impressions of the original digivices, and the moonlight shimmered of their surface, before the wine disappeared into the ground. With that, the sad part of the Digidestined Grand Reunion was over. It was time to have fun.

August 2nd, 2003

1:43 am

The night air was crisp, with only a hint of the approaching fall loaming above the campsite. Tai Kamiya stood on the high ridge overlooking the cabins, a cup of coffe stirring small pillars of steam skyward. The faint echoes of laughter and love flowed to his ears, and he was satisfied. He took a sip of coffee when Izzy joined him. The two stood side by side, not saying a word for the longest time; simple basking in the joy they'd had.

It was Izzy who broke their moment. "It's going to get worse Tai."

"I know."

"Soon we won't be fighting Digimon who return to the beginning. It'll be humans."

Tai shook his head. "We can stop it."

Izzy sighed. "I hope so."

"All in all though," Tai smiled as he sipped another teaspoon of coffee, "it's been a good night."

"Yes, this was fun." said Izzy.

Tai took a sip, savoring the moment. "We should definitely do it again."

Izzy raised an eyebrow. "What, like an annual reunion?"

"Sure. An… Anniversary party. How's that?"

Izzy turned back for a moment, basking in the glow of the fire. "I like."

Tai smiled and raised his glass. Izzy took his, and the two made a toast. Tai smiled. "Happy Anniversary."

End Year One...