A world without time…

The Being of Light had been watching their world for some time now, calculating their chances for success on a mathematical level far beyond human comprehension. If it felt emotions in the human sense, it would have felt sadness. The lives lost as they fought the Hazard had been considerable, and though the twenty-four made it through the darkness long enough for their stop gap to be completed, they'd already lost so much. The sacrifices made by the Royal Knights in order to stall for the Izumi/Josaki interference had left many broken.

But the Being of Light couldn't feel human emotion. It was beyond that, as far as they were concerned. Mathematically, it knew that they would survive. They had to, in order for things to fall the way in which the Being of Light predicted.

The one called Kari - the one the Being had spoken to and warned of the Hazard, the one who followed it's suggestions to the letter - had been distraught by the development. The Being could sympathize – if it could have felt sympathy. The warnings it had given had been averted, the Digiworld saved. And now her only son belonged to the Harmonious Ones. The boy could not yet even walk, his brain could not even understand the exchange that had taken place. But she did.

She would see him. She would feed him. She would help in his raising. She would keep a mothers watch over him, but knew that he would never be a child. Not in the way she had been. His responsibilities to the Digiworld – to the Harmonious ones in particular – were great indeed.

The Digiworld had an avatar now. Things were the same.

But different. If the Being of Light could muse it would have done so, but the probabilities had already been worked out in its head. What had been one world was now many, broken apart by the combined genius of Shin'ichiro Josaki and Koushiro Izumi. Broken into splinters connected by one root world. The Hazard, meant to destroy everything in order to create it anew when the equilibrium of the world was thrown out of balance, was forced to withdraw from whence it came. All that remained now was the tree.

The humans were again calling it Yggdrasil – a name from long ago. The zones broken apart in to separate universes each connected to one central world. The Being of Light would have thought it fitting, if it had cared more for human history. But time didn't matter to the Being of Light. It wasn't an issue. There was always now, never yesterday, never tomorrow. And right now they were healing.

The human world was full of Digimon, refugees from the onslaught. The Digiworld was rebuilding, new monstrous creatures taking shape within. Things were so different.

And yet the same. The Being realized that there would be another Anniversary coming up in their world of time. At one point, one could say that the Being of Light had grown bored with their story – if a being of pure light can grow bored. But now, on the dawning of a new world, the Being watched them. Not with eyes, for it had no use for them. But it knew them nonetheless. The Being had a vested interest in these life forms – Human and Digimon, together.

So it stuck around, even as Taichi Yagami Kamiya mourned his former partner. Even as a son was lost. Even as dreams became realities. Even as a sacrilege was revealed to all. Even as the Digidestined grew up.

The Being of Light waited for their time to come.

It was very much interested.

End Interval...

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