Author: Kristen

Title: Intertwined 1/1

Disclaimer: No, I don't own any of the Roswell characters. Sigh.

Rating: PG, YTEEN,YT. I think that covers every board's policies. So hard to keep all the rating systems straight now.

Pairing: Max/Liz

Summary: It started out as a drabble for roswell100 (prompt #86) then got a bit…wordy. I couldn't bear to cut any of it out though. It looks at the events of the shooting and wonders…what if?


The sound of the gunshot blasted loudly throughout the Crashdown Café. The noise of the other customers' reaction, their screams of panic, seemed to echo down a long tunnel as Max's awareness narrowed down to just one thing. Liz Parker, the only girl he had ever loved, would ever love, had been shot.

Max Evans watched, horror stricken, as Liz fell to the floor in slow motion, a crimson stain already beginning to mar her uniform.

He shot out of the booth, not even noticing Michael's hands or words as he tried to restrain him.

So much blood. There was so much blood. Max fell to the floor at her side, his knees no longer able to hold him up.

His hearing came back in a rush as time resumed its normal progress. Maria was screaming hysterically and Mr. Parker had rushed in, the sound of his agonized weeping accompanying Maria's shrill words.

Max tore open the uniform he had fantasized about removing so many times before, not even caring about his first glimpse of what lay beneath, only focusing on the wound. He could barely see it for all the blood that was spilling from Liz's flesh, flowing steadily to form a spreading puddle beneath Liz's body. Instinctively, his hands rushed to cover the wound, to heal her. "Oh god. Liz." His voice came out hoarse from the tears he tried to hold back.

"Maxwell!" Michael's voice barked in his ear, accompanied by a heavy hand on his shoulder. "There's nothing you can do," he said pointedly, eyes motioning to Maria and Mr. Parker nearby, and the few curious customers huddling beyond the counter trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on.

"But, it's Liz!" Max groaned out in anguish, tears spilling forth. In desperation, Max sought Liz's eyes, trying to form a connection. "Liz," he breathed out urgently. "Liz, look at me. You have to look at me!" He ordered, putting all his desperation, his fear, and his unspoken love for her in his voice. "Don't leave me!"

Though he could feel that she was fading fast, soon to take a journey that would put her beyond his reach for good, she somehow managed to open her eyes.

That was all it took. Max sighed in relief. He was in.

He cast his powers, seeking the extent of the damage and willed Liz to stay alive, holding her fading spirit within an iron grip. Fresh tears spilled from his eyes as he realized the damage was too great for him to heal in the limited time she had left. Grief rose up to choke him. He couldn't lose her. He loved her too much. Being connected with her, feeling her around him, seeing that her soul was every bit as beautiful as he knew it would be only strengthened his feelings for her. If she were going to die then he would go with her. He didn't want to live in a world where there was no Liz Parker in it.

'No!' A weak voice that he recognized as Liz's protested in his head.

In his despair he had forgotten that the connection went both ways. Just as he could see deeply inside her beautiful soul, she could see into his too. There were no secrets.

'No,' Liz's voice whispered again firmly into his mind. 'Not for me. I want you to live.'

'I can't. Not without you,' Max wordlessly said back. And Max let all of the passion, all of the love he felt for her flow through the connection to her like a tidal wave. His soul swept around her, baring everything he was to her.

Liz was in awe. She gasped what little breath she could manage with straining lungs, and would have blushed if there had been enough blood left in her cheeks to do so. She had never imagined that the quiet Max Evans she had secretly admired had been hiding all that from her beneath his mysterious exterior. A wave of regret swept through her and echoed along the connection to him for all the time they had wasted.

'You see?' Max's eyes stared meaningfully into Liz Parker's as tears streamed down his cheeks. Max finally uttered the words he had longed to say, speaking directly to her soul. 'I love you. I love you with all that I am. Don't make me live without you, because I can't do it, Liz.' His shattered heart flooded their connection with grief at the knowledge that she was dying. 'I can't.' His shoulders slumped, all hope of a life with her drained from his body like the blood from her own pooling on the floor.

'Then you won't have to.' Liz's voice rang with a quiet assurance in his mind.

Max stared at Liz, confused by her words, but not for long.

Liz's scientific mind had quickly assessed the connection they were sharing between their souls, arrived at a possible hypothesis and put it into action with the last bit of her remaining strength.

The connection suddenly expanded and it felt to Max as if Liz was rushing into him, finding the empty spot in his soul that was made for her, and making herself at home there. Her soul poured into him, filling him to the brim, until all that he was, all that he felt, was Liz Parker. His head bowed as he was overtaken by the sensation and unseen by anyone else his eyes briefly glowed like molten amber, lit from within. The connection finally dimmed down until all that was left was the steady hum of her presence in the back of his mind that let him know she was with him even as he watched Liz Parker's body take its last breath.

He could no longer tell where he ended and she began, it was as if their two separate souls had blended and become one. She was truly a part of him now. All he knew was that he loved Liz Parker and he wasn't alone anymore. She was his, now and forever.


Author's Note: Well there it is. Not sure if that's the end of it or not. If inspiration strikes, I may turn it into a series. I've had so many dreamer ideas for fics and I figure the roswell100 livejournal community is a good way to see if I have any aptitude for it. Please let me know what you think. If there's enough people that like this or show some interest, I may just dust off some of my dreamer ideas and give them a shot too.