Innocence: A Façade

Chapter: 7

By: Saori

She crouched low in the hallway, spying him dozing lightly on the sofa. His chest rose and lowered evenly, signaling no discomfort, but a nice and easy sleep. Her emerald eyes left his form and redirected to the manila envelope that sat on the counter just behind him.

With the quietness of a mouse, she steadily made her way towards her goal, going so far as to not even breathe. She hid her jubilation as she placed her hand over it, getting ready to snatch and make a run for it.

"Not so fast." Her wrist was crushed by a strong force, and looked up angrily into amber eyes that looked calm and without an ounce of tiredness showing in them. She grudgingly dropped the envelope, and he grudgingly dropped her wrist. They stood for a moment, the two of them silent for a rare moment, glaring at the other.

"You know…" Sakura started, thoughts she would've rather shoved down the toilet coming to her mind. She had tried fighting, she had tried whining, she had tried her excellent use of gab – there was only one thing left. Her womanly assets. "I couldn't help remembering the other day in my room…" Was she really doing this?

Her hand reached out and trailed slowly from his shoulder to his narrow hip, all the while making her way closer. His face was impassive for a minute, simply studying her. Her other hand made its move to the back of his neck, the fingers gliding through his unruly locks. She pressed herself flush against his immobile body, laying her head softly against his chest, one hand continuing to lazily twirl his hair, the other now reaching just slightly behind him.

Her head lifted slowly, her body reaching on tip-toes to get to the height of his face, since he seemed unwilling to help. Just as she felt the heavy folder beneath her fingertips, she saw his eyes narrow just the tiniest bit, before his own hand grabbed hold of hers in a crushingly harsh grip.

Sakura could not resist the smirk that came to her face just before she smashed her lips roughly against his. As her tongue entered his mouth, Syaoran seemed to forget all about her trickery, and his hand released her wrist once more, but this time came to join his other one in a savage grab to the side of her face. Now it was Sakura's turn to forget exactly what she was doing as Syaoran's tongue entered her mouth.

Both tongues fought for control, and they grabbed harshly at each other, not seeming to notice the forgotten target floating back to the counter as Sakura rammed him against the counter. "Brat…" His mouth scathingly muttered, before it was busy again. Partly for revenge, and a small hidden part for his own pleasure, he bit her bottom lip, drawing blood.

"Asshole…" Sakura furiously grumbled against the side of his face, as she paused to breathe, and he made his way to her exposed neck. Syaoran certainly was doing a good job there, and it took all of Sakura power to hold in a moan. Not to be outdone, Sakura reached up and placed her lips against the tender spot just behind his ear.

He was going to sit there and try to control her? Her – a Kinomoto? The thought made her angrily reach for his lips again, pouring all her emotions into it. He was keeping her from her home. She tasted him. He was keeping her locked in his shabby apartment every night. She pressed into him. He was keeping that stupid impassive blank face all the fucking time.

It seemed he could sense her change of emotions, and Syaoran pulled her closer still and enveloped her with his muscular arms, bending her under the torrent of his weight. His lower back was still being crushed into the kitchen counter, and he grabbed just under her shapely butt to lift her hips closer to his own, making her gasp as he kissed her thoroughly, releasing his own raged emotions into the mix.

His instincts from being a man told him to grind away into the night now that he had her in the perfect position; but a different set of instincts, the ones crafted from skilled training since he was six, told him it was time to end this and put her in her place. His lips finally released hers, and he slowly opened his eyes, finding her own emerald gaze staring wide-eyed with disbelief. Syaoran breathed heavily as he pushed her away, and tried to shut down his racing thoughts as he set his intense gaze on her.

He calmly grabbed the folder she had been trying to get her hands on, but kept his gaze remained on her face. "Nice try Kinomoto – but you'll always be second best when I'm playing the game." And then he sat back down on the couch, picking up a book on the nearby coffee table.

"You don't even have freaking television!" She screamed at him, as she spun away toward her room (his room) and slammed the door shut behind her. What? She asked herself incredulously, as she shook her head roughly from side to side as she thought about what had just occurred. Something like this had never ever happened to her in her seventeen years of life.

Okay, that's it; she refused to let herself obsess over this. It was nothing. Exactly what he had said – a game. But oh god; the feel of his hips overtaking hers… No, stop it. She would not be stopped by stupid primal instincts. She was an assassin now. Okay, okay, fine so the cat was out of the bag and Syaoran (and his whole company it seemed) knew that she kind of stole the assignment from her brother.

"Oh, Touya…" Sakura sighed to herself, thinking of her brother somewhere out there in the unknown. She was a fake. Who was she to call herself an assassin? Sure, she had been trained like an expert, and she was damn good at it. But her career had only being going for a little more than a week now; and she had only taken care of a measly three people. If her older brother only knew what she had gotten herself into now.

She lay down on the king-sized bed, relaxing slowly into its warmth. And where was her older sibling now? She wouldn't let her mind go on and on about the scenarios. She only knew in her heart he was alive. Surely if he had been… well if he had gone then she would know it, right? Isn't that the way it worked? A heart stopping moment of clarity where you knew in your gut something tragic had occurred?

She looked at her plain duffel that was still full with her few belongings. She couldn't stand it anymore. The whole talk with Syaoran's boss had messed her sense of justice up, and she now realized how significant Touya's disappearance was not only to her, but to all the assassin corporations. Not to mention the scene from a few moments ago… Would it be wrong to go in the living room and pounce on him until she could rightfully call herself a woman? Agh, no! What the hell was she thinking? She turned her head to the side to look disgustedly at her reflection.

She jumped up from the comfy bed. She had just about had enough. Time for a plan, screw all other agendas. Regardless of another assassin accompany trying to keep tabs on her, and her final year in school coming to a close, she had to find Touya now. First thing first – she needed more weapons from her supply, along with her cell phone that Li had forced her into leaving. She thought back to the folder Li had, and cursed herself for not retrieving it. It was Touya's file, and contained what she assumed to be valuable information on where he might be and what Syaoran's mission with her exactly entailed.

Nonetheless, she could do without it. She stuck her hand under the elastic of her pants, retrieving a concealed business card with Touya's information on it. She flipped over the worn card, and read her brother's lazy scrawl: Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto. She gathered her things quickly, tucking the card back into her waistband (she couldn't help remembering that the card had just been recently sandwiched between Li and her, and wondered if Touya somehow knew wherever he was right now).

She made her escape the same way has last time- snorting at the fact that Li had not bothered to take better precautions. She slipped a few times on the way down this time because it was in the dead of the night, and a light drizzle had recently fallen. She smirked as she looked up at the open window from ground level. She turned quickly, about to break into a silent run, when she crashed into a immobile object.

Syaoran's annoyed gaze met her, and he took notice that she had brought all her belongings on the way down. Her own face betrayed her extreme annoyance, and she was surprised to see Syaoran carrying a duffel of his own, sword strapped to his waist. "You sneaking out in the middle of your duties?" Sakura snidely asked.

"New orders," Syaoran replied monotonously. "I am not to stop you, only to follow and keep my guard up." She huffed angrily, but set off as fast and silent as she could, without a word to the shadow never relenting his arm's length distance. They stopped in front of her house, and she quickly and efficiently scaled the tree and hurried around her room jamming the things she needed into her bag.

Syaoran stood his ground at the base of the tree, a little wary of going back to the place which had caused such a problem. Soon enough she was beside him, taking time to stare at her home. For a minute she looked as if she wanted to cry, and he ducked his gaze down, frowning into space, not knowing why he was feeling so irked about her shedding a few tears.

Thankfully, her dry-eyed face set a determined expression, and she turned away. This time she set a steady pace forward, at a brisk walk, towards the outer city limits. She set her mocking gaze on him after a short while. "I hope you brought your cheery smile and great conversational skills with you, Li, because we're hoofing it from here to a next destination."

"And that would be where exactly?" Syaoran asked, with the exact opposite of what you would call a 'cheery smile'.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Sakura replied impishly, smirking as she turned from him, and put on her this-is-me-ignoring-you face. He rolled his eyes at her, sighing slightly. Didn't his company regard him higher than to stick him babysitting this stupid brat? Really, he had just gotten used the their routine of staying in his apartment aside from her school and his assignments. But no, then he got a message saying to follow her instead of stop her next time she tried to escape.

He tried to think of the exact wording; something along the lines of 'Stick to her like a man sticks to a woman after hot sex.' Crude. They were always being vulgar in assignment lingo. He figured it was supposed to convey that they weren't messing around, and no human alive had any worth to them. Was he on the right side? It only mattered to a small tiny part of his conscious that had been mostly sealed away. Besides, if it weren't for her he wouldn't have to be doing this anyway… But he wasn't going to think about her.

Author's Note- In case you missed it- that last her was not Sakura. It's someone else, but I'm not telling you now, so you'll just have to await the next chapters. Man, I really liked this chapter. It was probably getting to right the agitated steamy stuff. Hah. Anyways, now they've set out on a journey! Woot! Don't worry though, Tomoyo and Eriol will still be a part of this fic, you just wait.

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