Nightly Loving

disclaimer- i don't own Card Captor Sakura, though that would be totally cool! I don't own the song either, though I dunno where I got it.


"Hey Syaoran, how are you? Haven't talked to you in a while. How's it going?" Sakura asked into the phone.

Sakura had been having one of those days where everything went wrong. She'd gone back home and had a few of drinks before deciding to call up Li Syaoran. They hadn't talked in a while, after all. What with him getting ready for his wedding with Meilin.

"I'm fine. Yeah, we haven't talked in a while have we? Sorry, I've just been so busy."

"Yeah, I get it. How is Meilin?"


There was a slight awkward silence. One that happens every time. Right before...

"Hey, Syaoran. Do you wanna... wanna come over?"


Ain't it just like one of us

To pick up the phone after a couple drinks

Say how ya been

I've been wondering if

Maybe you've been thinking 'bout me

And somewhere in the conversation

An ole familiar invitation always arrives

I may hate myself in the morning

But I'm gonna love you tonight

Sakura answered the door after the first knock.

"Hey," Syaoran smiled slightly.

"Hey," Sakura answered back as she stepped to the side slightly to allow him in.

They just stood there in Sakura's entry hall, looking at each other. Before Syaoran stepped forward lightly. He was centimeters away from Sakura's face. They stared deeply into each other's eyes. Neither knew who moved first. But suddenly they were kissing. They couldn't tell. Was it two kisses? Three, four?

Gradually, they made their way up the stairs and into Sakura's bedroom.

Everyone's known someone

They just can't help but want

Even though we just can't make it work out

Well, the want to lingers on

So once again we wind up in each other's arms

Pretending that it's right

I may hate myself in the morning

But I'm gonna love you tonight

Syaoran lightly trailed butterfly kisses along Sakura's neck, grinning when he heard her gentle moan.

I know it's wrong

But it ain't easy moving on

So why can't two friends

Remember the good times once again

Sakura lightly suckled on his neck before trailing lower to his chest where she licked, kissed and nipped everywhere.

They were in Heaven, right here in each other's arms.

Syaoran smiled and locked eyes with Sakura before lightly grabbing her hips and gently entering her.

Tomorrow when I wake up

I'll be feeling a little guilty, a little sad

Thinking how it used to be before everything went bad

I guess that's what is...

In lonely late night calls like this

That we try to find

I may hate myself in the morning

But I'm gonna love you tonight


"Oh My God! SYAORAN!"

I may hate myself in the morning...

"...I love you"

" I love you too...Syaoran"

...But I'm gonna love you tonight

REVIEW! yey! i like this fic. 'Course I wrote it while watching Card Captor Sakura the Movie 2.

In case anyone didn't get it, this is about Sakura and Syaoran in love with each other, but Syaoran still has to marry Meilin because of the arranged marriage. And this song is tied in because Sakura is feeling guilty but loves him too much to actually care.