We're All Just Stupid People Doing Stupid Things in a Stupid World


A/N: The title's long, the storie's crap ... and you're still gonna read it? I love you. Anyway, I have something to confess. I had a Fruits Basket story in mind, and then I read Define This! by Yosuke and I decided to use the idea of Yuki studying vocabulary to move my story along. If Yosuke reads this and is in any way angry with me for using that idea, tell me and I'll delete this fic immediately! And on that note, anyone who hasn't read "Define This!" needs to click the back arrow and find that story because it is sheer brilliance! It's funny, and it's clever and it's YukixKyo ... you'll love it!

Now, on with the story. Enjoy!




It was stupid.

Incredibly stupid.

Unbelievably stupid.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Cat.

God, I hate him. Hate. Because he's stupid.

Ah … let me explain.

It all started at school, when sensei reminded us about our huge vocabulary test we were having the next day. I'd forgotten all about it because of all of my student council activities, not to mention all of the other homework I'd been getting lately, as well as trying to have this little thing called 'a life'. So after school I went straight to the table and started my homework. Upon finishing that, I pulled out my Japanese notebook and started studying my vocabulary. The words might as well have been in English, because I had no idea what any of them meant. Already, I felt a headache coming on.

Number one: Amiable … adjectivefriendly and agreeable in disposition. Synonyms –

At that moment, Kyo burst through the front door, storming into the kitchen, painting the air with all sorts of colorful words.

– Synonyms: Any adjective that doesn't describe Sohma Kyo. Like Honda-san; she is very amiable.

The Cat continued to rant and rave, going from the front entrance to the kitchen, raiding the refrigerator, and then sitting down across from me. I tried my hardest to block him out, to no avail. I wasn't even listening to Kyo's words; it was all noise, noise that was driving the nail in my head farther and farther through my skull. My headache had grown to excruciating proportions. Finally, with my hands fisting my hair desperately, elbows propped on the table, I shouted, "Stupid Cat, shut the hell up!"

Kyo froze, glaring daggers at me. I huffed, turning back to my vocabulary.

Number two: Amplify verb to make larger or more powerful, as in volume. Synonyms: increase

"Well excuse me, your Highness," Kyo snapped irately.

"You're excused," I answered absently.

Kyo turned red with anger, but I hardly noticed.

Number three: Analgesic noun a medication that reduces or eliminates pain. Synonyms: pain-killer

Oh God, how I wanted one of those.

Also: adjective free from pain. Psh, only once I'm free from Kyo.

"That's it!" Kyo shouted, jumping up and startling me. "Come on! Right now! You and me! I am going to beat you, you damn Rat!" He stepped around the table and took a fighting stance, the beads on his wrist knocking together softly.

I brushed him off. "I'm studying, Cat. Later."

He bristled. "'Later'? No! Right now." He took another step towards me, fists still raised.

I screwed my eyes shut, as if that would make him go away. "Later," I repeated.

"Come on!" he persisted. No dice; he was still there.

"Why bother? You're going to lose anyway." Oops, wrong thing to say.

"Not this time!" he shouted, practically in my ear. He had somehow gotten even closer.

I was never going to get anything done. But how to make him shut up? With my headache pounding through my forehead, irritation pulsing through my veins, I stood up. Kyo grinned, thinking he'd finally get the fight he wanted, but I wasn't about to give him that satisfaction after annoying me. So I closed the space between us and pressed my mouth against his.

And that was when it happened. This little wave of heat washed through my body, almost pleasurable, as I felt his surprisingly soft lips against my own. My cousin, a guy no less, and I was enjoying kissing him. Upon feeling the urge to push my tongue into his mouth, I pulled away abruptly, immediately slipping a mask of indifference over my shocked countenance that was mirrored on Kyo's face. He just gaped at me, horrified and dazed, fists still raised, as I smirked.

Gathering my books, I said, "I always win," and disappeared around the corner, making for my room. Once there, I closed the door behind me and sat down on the edge of my bed, clutching my chest where my heart was beating a mile a minute. My mask fell, shattering on the floor in a display of ice. It didn't matter; I could always make a new one. What did matter was the fact that I had just kissed Kyo, fully intending to simply freak him out and make him shut up, and I had enjoyed it. It hadn't even been much, just a peck on the lips, and yet it had felt so good. I made a face, one of self-disgust, and dropped my head into my palms.

And that was what had happened. That's why I'm sitting here, feeling confused and stupider than ever. It was stupid, it was all stupid. Stupid Kyo, stupid kiss, stupid vocabulary! I threw my notebook against the wall, watching as the pages whispered their protest before falling to the floor with a defeated 'thud'.

I sighed. I hadn't meant it to turn out this way! I'd only wanted to shock him into submission, scare him away, and I'd wound up shocking and scaring myself. I'd never felt like this before, not even around Honda-san. I brushed my lips with my fingertips, remembering the way it had felt, so warm and so right, like the fitting together of puzzle pieces. And now my world was falling to pieces.

With another heavy sigh, I got up to go find that analgesic that I so badly needed.

And the next day I failed my vocabulary test.



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