We're All Just Stupid People Doing Stupid Things in a Stupid World


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Yuki's POV


The clock struck ten, and Honda-san, Kyo, and I left the school, soaring on natural highs. It was still snowing. I darted out into the flurry of white and spread my arms, turning in an excited circle. Kyo came up behind me and tackled me to the ground. We rolled in the snow, despite the cold, and we were just laughing. Honda-san was laughing too, though her laugh was characteristic of herself: quiet, polite, yet filled with such love that it was hard not to find it infectious. If Kyo and I weren't already possessed with our own fits of laughter, I know we would've caught hers.

I staggered to my feet. My stomach was cramping, and I didn't really care. Kyo sloppily tied his arms around my neck and nipped at my ear before leaning further and kissing me on the cheek. I blushed, feeling the heat melt the snow flakes on my face. The resulting water trickled down my cheeks, leaving frozen trails in their wake.

"You know," Kyo said as we started walking down the path to home, one arm still around my neck, "you stepped on my feet quite a few times, Yuki-koi."

"Hah, that was you, Kyo. You stepped on my feet." I tweaked the tip of his nose. "You stepped on everybody's feet, you stupid Cat. I think you even stepped on Honda-san's feet."

"O-Oh!" Honda-san smiled sheepishly. "No he…he didn't, r-really!"

I patted her shoulder. "It's okay, Honda-san, he knows he's clumsy."

"But I make up for it with my devilishly good looks," he said, grinning from ear-to-ear. I don't think there was an end to our giddiness.

"Please," I said, "we all know that I am the better looking of the two."

He made an indignant grunt before pushing me into a nearby tree. "You want to fight, you damn Rat?"

I smirked. "Maybe." Then, I leaned in and captured his lips with my own.

"H-Hey," he said, pulling back, "save it for when we get home. We don't want to make Tohru uncomfortable."

"N-No!" she stuttered. "I really d-don't mind…it's just, um…"

Kyo chuckled. "So you like boy on boy action, eh, Tohru?"

She blushed a deep red at that, looking abashedly down at her shoes. "I… No, I mean…uh… I…"

I laughed, taking her hand and continuing on our way home. "It's okay, Honda-san, he was just teasing."

"Hehe," she giggled nervously, "I-I knew that."

Soon we had reached the house, still floating on our own little bit of Cloud Nine. We floated right through the doorway and into the living room, where Shigure was sitting with Ayame and Hatori. And you know, it didn't really bother me this time.

But, the somber mood was a little disarming.

"Boys," Shigure said, rising from the couch. He…wasn't smiling. "Akito wants to see you."

And just like that, our cloud dispersed and we came painfully crashing to the cold, hard ground.

Somehow, I wound up on the floor. I think my legs gave out, or something. But Kyo was beside me, though he wasn't really trying to help me up. I think he'd collapsed, too. Neither Ayame nor Hatori would look at us, which was better than the pitiful gaze we were receiving from the Dog. I didn't want pity right now. I wanted someone to tell me that Shigure did not just say what I thought he'd said. Or was he joking? This was Shigure, after all…but…

No, he wouldn't joke about something like this. Even he wasn't that cruel. Finally finding some semblance of my voice, I stuttered weakly, "Wh-When?"

Shigure sighed heavily and ran his hand through his hair. "Tomorrow evening."

"Why?" Kyo asked.

"I think you both know why, Kyo," Shigure answered shortly.

Kyo rose to his feet, fists clenched at his sides. "Who…?" he asked. "Who told him?"

"Kyo, it wasn't me," Shigure said. "And don't think it was Aaya or 'Tori, either. You know that we wouldn't do that to you. Neither would Kagura, or Momiji, or Haru, or any one of the Zodiac. We don't know how he found out."

I drew a sharp, shuddering breath and slowly staggered to my feet. Kyo gripped my arm and helped me up. "Th-Thanks…for telling us," I muttered feebly. "I…I'm going to go upstairs…get ready for bed…" I wasn't speaking in full sentences, and my voice was such that my words probably weren't comprehensible, but I didn't care. Kyo nodded and came with me as I numbly started to my room. I was vaguely aware of Honda-san's worried eyes on us as we stumbled up the stairs. Somehow, I knew that she probably wanted to say something, but every comment she sifted through in her mind didn't sound right. And so she stayed silent and still. Everything seemed to be washed in gray, and moving in slow motion. It was sickening, and painful, and dizzy. I felt drunk, like my legs were made of lead, like I was going to collapse again at any second. I think the only thing keeping me grounded was Kyo's hand on the small of my back, guiding me onwards.

Before I knew it, we were on my bed, and Kyo's lips were fused with mine. The kiss was desperate, full of longing and bittersweet passion and empty promises. His tongue wasted no time getting inside my mouth, and mine eagerly danced to meet his. My heart was pounding like it never had before, and I was afraid it would burst out of my chest at any minute if it pulsated any faster. Despite the frantic beating, the blood it was so feverishly pumping through my veins was cold. My whole body was cold. And hot at the same time. The ice and the fire collided painfully on my skin and brewed a frighteningly violent tempest behind my ribcage. I was freezing to death and being burned alive. And Kyo's mouth was still on mine. I didn't think the kiss would ever end. I was going to suffocate, and I didn't really care. If I were to die, this was where I'd want to be when it happened.

With Kyo. Always with Kyo.

But, he did pull back, though he barely gave himself time to regain his breath before he was kissing along the side of my face and down my jaw, his hands undoing the fastenings of my shirt, starting at the one beneath my chin. Slowly, or quickly, depending on your perspective, my shirt was open, falling in bluish waves to my sides, slipping from my shoulders. I think the fact that I was trembling didn't really register with me, probably because both Kyo and I were shaking. My breath was shallow and fast, and Kyo's mouth scorched my neck when he kissed it and licked it and bit it, and it didn't bother me. His hands left icy trails as his fingertips skated across my chest and down my stomach. There was none of the gentleness that he usually had when we made love, and I know I wasn't being gentle, either. We didn't want to be gentle. We just wanted to be together, in any way that we could.

Then his hands were in my pants, and I was whispering his name. His mouth had reached my chest and he was teasing one of my nipples between his teeth. My spine was bowing, my body yearning to feel more of him. So much more than I was feeling now. My hands were on his shoulders and began searching for a way to divest him of his shirt. I found a zipper in the pleat down the middle of his top and hastily pulled it. The sound it made seemed incredibly loud, and echoed through my mind like a mental reminder. I wanted the sound to stop. Soon, Kyo's shirt was gone, and I didn't really know where it had gotten to. It didn't matter. His hand was stroking me roughly, and I felt tears in my eyes. I kissed his neck and shoulder, then back up again, washing his golden skin with my tongue and nipping at it with my teeth.

"I…" he breathed, "I want to hear you scream, Yuki."

I shook my head, my throat feeling tight as I tried to speak. It was staggeringly difficult. "I…I can't… Honda-san… Shi…gure…ahhhh…"

"Th-The hell with them… Yuki…" He buried his head in my shoulder. My hips bucked to meet his touches, and I felt something wet on my shoulder. Kyo was crying. And I think I was, too.

"Kyo…" I whispered. "Kyo, I love you."

He pulled his head back and looked at me. There were glittering rivulets running down his cheeks, and his eyes were wet, his eyelashes matted. I leaned up and licked his tears away, my skin feeling as if it were on fire as he continued to stroke my arousal. I felt a familiar tightening in my lower stomach, and knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I wanted to scream for him, but I couldn't, not with everyone else still in the house. But I don't think that was really going to matter; my voice was desperately trying to break free from the chains I'd locked around it.

"I love you, too," he murmured brokenly, tears still flowing.

My eyes fluttered as white started to streak across my vision, and ecstasy exploded in my body. "KYO!" I screamed, my spine arching so that I was lifted off of the bed. And then it was gone, and I was falling, boneless, to the mattress. When next I opened my eyes, I saw Kyo smiling down at me through his tears, licking his hand clean. I couldn't help but laugh at the striking impression he was giving me of a hungry cat. I shook my head and sat up, rubbing at my face to try and dispel my countenance of the evidence of my crying. I knew it was going to do no good, because my sobbing wouldn't stop.

Kyo wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly. His pants were damp, and my nose identified the scent that was distinctly Kyo. He'd come, too, apparently during my orgasm. I took his hands and held them to my chest. "Kyo," I said, "I'm n-not going to l…lose you…"

"And don't th-think I'm going to…lose…you, either…" he murmured. "I'm never going to lose you."

"Kyo…" I whispered weakly, "…what are we going to do?"

"……I…don't know…"

I swallowed thickly, trying to keep my tears at bay so they wouldn't impede my speech. It did little good. "We…We can't win…by simply opposing him, Kyo," I began to say as a flicker of an idea passed through my mind. I thought back to Hatori and Kana, to Hiro and Kisa, to Haru and Rin… "He's n-not just going to hurt us, he's going to try and tear us apart. He finds satisfaction in…in desecrating love."

"I won't let him do that… I'll kill him if I have to—"

"You know you won't be able to do that. Kyo…" I looked up at him and placed one hand over his heart and the other over my own. "Kyo, when people fall in love, there's this…thread…that grows between them and ties them together." I drew the invisible strings from our hearts, seeing his eyes look down between us, and tied a knot in the air. The glimmer of a smile danced across my lips. "Your pain becomes the pain of the one you love, your happiness becomes their happiness. That's why making love is so satisfying, because you know that the one you love is experiencing the most amazing natural high known to man because of you. And that's also why…you would do anything to save the one you love from being in pain, even if it means giving your own life, or even separating yourself from that person. That's what Akito does. He causes us pain, knowing that what hurts one of us will hurt the other threefold. And he knows that we'd do whatever we could to stop the pain. That's how he tears love apart. He hurt Hatori, and told Kana that it was her fault, and she almost lost her mind, drowning in grief. He hurt Kisa, and Hiro immediately distanced himself from her, just to keep her from being abused again. Even though it meant his own suffering, he did it for her."

"So, what are we going to do?" he asked. "How… How are we supposed to stop him?"

"Kyo… think about it. Our greatest strength is our love for each other, but it's also our greatest weakness. Akito exploits the weakness. We can't let him do that, and the way we don't let him do that is by not giving him anything to exploit in the first place."

"What are you…?"

"We have to pretend that we're not in love," I told him.


"We have to…pretend that we're not in love," I repeated, slower, quieter. "We have to go in there and act completely indifferent to each other. If he… If he hurts me, you can't do anything. You have to sit by and pretend that it doesn't bother you."

"I… I can't do that!" he gasped. "I promised myself that…I would never let you get hurt." His tears began to flow with a renewed force. "I-I…won't just 'sit by' and l-let him…ab-abuse you…"

"Kyo!" I took the sides of his face in my hands and put on a demanding expression. "Kyo, you have to. If we don't do this, then he's just going to succeed in destroying yet another love. And then we'll have really lost to him…again. And we'll have lost each other. Kyo, if he hurts me, no matter what he does, you can't say anything. You can't show any emotion. You can't do anything, except sit by and wait for it to end. And if he hurts you, I'll have to do the same. Do you understand? This is the only way. He takes the greatest satisfaction in breaking lovers apart, because he knows that anyone can endure physical pain, but when you attack the heart, that's when it hurts the most. If we don't give him that satisfaction, we'll have finally beaten him."

Kyo shoook his head. "I...I can't do that, Yuki! Don't you get it? I..."

"Of course I get it, Kyo. But...think about it. If we react the way he wants us to, it's only going to encourage him. It's only going to make him want to break us more. If we don't give him anything to tear apart, we'll save ourselves a lot of pain, and get out with our love still intact. That's all that matters, Kyo. We have to get through this."

Kyo swallowed audibly and hugged me close to him. "Why…?" he asked. "Why does he do this?"

"Because…" I answered. "Because…no one loves him, and so he doesn't want to see others love each other."

"It's… It's not fair…" Kyo whimpered.

I laid back, pulling Kyo with me, and I dragged the covers over us. Snuggling close to him, I whispered, "Nothing ever is."


The following evening, we dressed properly and got ready to leave. The world was covered in snow, and there were still flakes falling idly from the pregnant, gray clouds. And ironically, they did little to ease the dread looming portentously over us.

Before we started down the path, I turned to Kyo. "Remember what I said. No matter what…"

"I know…" he murmured. I smiled softly and leaned in to give him a chaste kiss. And when we began our trek, I schooled my expression into a carefully practiced mask, the one I used to always wear. Now, it felt awkward on my face, as if I'd grown out of it. I wholeheartedly hoped it wouldn't slip off.

Soon, too soon, I thought, we'd arrived at the main house. The gates loomed forbiddingly above us and opened with an angry creak. I hated this place. Every time I came back here, I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. I felt trapped. And I had no way to escape.

Slowly, it seemed, we stepped across the threshold and up the stairs to Akito's domain. There, we were let in by Hatori, who gave us each encouraging looks before closing the door behind us.

Everything was quiet.

Kyo and I knelt on the tatami mats in front of Akito, who was reclining on a small sea of pillows. Next to him, incense burned, the blue smoke coiling and spiraling up to the ceiling. I didn't realize I was holding my breath until I heard Akito speak and unconsciously released it.

"Welcome, boys," he said. His voice was like a bittersweet poison, seeping into my ears and numbing me from the inside out. "I'm sorry we couldn't meet sooner, but I wasn't feeling very well earlier."

We nodded dutifully. He rose slowly, languidly to his feet, his robes rippling behind him as he went. He looked so thin, so fragile, as if he would shatter under the slightest bit of pressure. If things were any different, I would have laughed at us for being so afraid of such a sickly creature as him.

He was before us now. He knelt down in front of me, and I bowed deeply, pressing my forehead to the floor. I felt his hand on my shoulder and forced back the shudder threatening to ricochet up my spine. I sat back up and said politely, "Good evening, Akito-san." My voice was even, though inside I was trembling like a frightened puppy.

"Good evening, my dear Yuki-kun." I hated the way he said my name; it made it seem like something foul. It was nothing like when Kyo said it. "Do you know why you two are here, boys?" he asked us, though he never once looked at Kyo. Obviously, Kyo was still a disgusting monster in his eyes, not worthy of his attention. At our silence, he proceeded. "There's this little rumor circulating the Sohma grapevine that you two…" here, he laughed, and it sounded demonic, "…that you two…slept with each other." Wry amusement wrinkled the corners of his wicked eyes, and he added, "As lovers." He rose to his feet, and (though I might have imagined it) his legs trembled with the effort. "Now, tell me, how ridiculous is that?"

My gaze was tethered on the straw mat beneath me. I had a feeling that Kyo's was, as well. Akito took our silence as an affirmation, an admittance that the rumor wasn't ridiculous in the least.

"I see." The forced amusement was gone. "Yuki-kun, I'm disappointed in you. Of all the people you could've chosen why would you choose that monster as a lover?"

"Akito-san," I spoke up, trying to sound confident, "I assure you that there was no…love involved."

"Is that so?"

I nodded my head, still looking down at the floor. "Yes."

"Then why, pre tell, did you have sex with each other?" The way he said the word "sex" made it sound like a vile thing. His smile was positively dripping with venom. It made me sick. "Because, surely, only people who are in love have sex with each other."

"Akito-san," I said, "we're just…teenagers. And we can't…embrace a member of the opposite gender. We got…carried away…"

"So, you mean it was all just…teenage hormones?" He sounded amused, which didn't bode well for us.

"Yes, Akito-san."

And then he laughed. It nearly sent shivers down my spine, but I was wise enough to suppress them. "Oh, Yuki-kun, you are too much." My heart started to pound as he moved lazily towards Kyo. I was almost afraid that he could hear it. Suddenly, his arm lashed out and his thin fingers fisted around a bunch of Kyo's hair, causing Kyo to yelp in pain. "Yuki-kun, no matter the reason, you allowed yourself to be tainted by this creature." He yanked Kyo forward, sending him sprawling across the floor. I couldn't watch. I kept my eyes blindly on the floor in front of me. It did little good though, because I could see it all out of the corner of my eye. However, I kept my jaw tight, not letting it show on my face how my heart throbbed so painfully at hearing Kyo's labored breathing. It was all I could do to keep from wincing as Akito kicked Kyo sharply in the side.

I just wanted it all to stop. Why couldn't we be left alone? Why!

I took a deep breath, trying to keep it inaudible. I couldn't lose it now; if I did, then everything would be all over.

"Why, Yuki-kun? If it was all really 'just hormones', why didn't you turn to one of the female Sohmas? Kagura-chan… Isuzu-chan, maybe. Even Kisa-chan would have been better than this wretch." He tsked softly, drawing something out of his sleeve. I recognized it as his riding crop, the one he used to beat me with. My mouth ran dry at the sight of it. He ran it up the side of Kyo's arm before striking him across the shoulder. Kyo didn't make a sound, and I had a feeling it was to keep me from worrying. Like there was any possibility that I wouldn't worry. "But no," Akito drawled, "you chose Kyo. The monster. The horrible, hideous, disgusting monster."

Don't talk about him like that, I demanded mentally. Don't! But I couldn't let the words formulate on my lips. I just had to grit my teeth and bear it. And I hated that that was all I could do. I felt like crying. I felt like screaming at Akito, like throwing something at him, like killing him. I hated him. I hated him. This was all so ridiculous, so… so stupid!

"You fucked with him. That's disgusting, you know. It's sodomy! It's," another wry laugh, "revolting." I could tell by his smirk that he didn't really think that it was disgusting, but rather, he wanted us to think that it was. He wanted us to be ashamed of what we'd done.

And if that was what he wanted, then that's what I'd give him. I'd give him anything if he'd just leave Kyo alone.

"I know, Akito-san. I'm sorry. I don't know why I…chose that stupid Cat. It was a mistake, and it won't happen again," I promised, my fingers mentally crossed. Like hell it wouldn't happen again. I just hoped that my face didn't betray my lie.

"Hn." Akito looked unsatisfied. We weren't suffering enough, in his eyes. He shook his head and tsked again. "I don't know. I think you two need to be taught a lesson. Boys like you shouldn't commit such misdeeds." Kyo was on his knees again, his head bowed. Akito drew his riding crop back and sent it across Kyo's face with a sickening crack. My heart thudded heavily, and I could almost feel the painful fissures spider-webbing through it. But I didn't say anything. I didn't do anything. I just sat there.

And it was killing me inside.

But hopefully, Akito couldn't tell. Hopefully, he was falling for our charade. Hopefully, we'd make it out of here with some dignity still intact, and with ourselves still intact. My throat constricted as the riding crop was struck across Kyo's face again. I dared not bite my lip to suppress my tears, knowing that Akito would notice. Neutrality, I repeated in my head like a sacred mantra.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

And then silence. Suddenly, a malevolent sort of laugh began bubbling through the air. It bloomed into a full-blown cackle. I wanted to throw up. Then I felt my head wrenched up as Akito grabbed a fistful of my hair, turning my face to his repulsively twisted one. Neutrality, I told myself again. Don't give anything away. Don't… My mask….it still felt awkward on my face. But, it was staying in place, however desperately it wanted to fall and shatter on the tatami mats like it did in my room not but three weeks ago.

Akito put the end of his riding crop under my chin, his hand slipping from my hair. "Yuki-kun…" He dropped gracefully to his knees so that he was level with me. He leaned in so that his mouth was beside my ear, breathing hotly into it as he spoke. It made me sick. "Yuki-kun…don't disappoint me again. Don't defile yourself again, just to sate your teenage libido. I know how hard it must be, but…for me, Yuki-kun. Don't do it again."

I nodded mutely, my heart pounding at a frighteningly unhealthy pace behind my ribcage. I tried to tell it to slow down, but it wouldn't listen. Finally, my voice returned grudgingly to the tight confines of my throat and I said, "Yes, Akito-san."

He sat back, searching my eyes.


"Good boy, Yuki-kun." Then he rose to his feet and, before I knew it, the riding crop had bitten into my cheek, cutting across my face and returning to Akito's side all in one swift motion. Stars erupted behind my eyes, but once they'd cleared, I saw Akito sitting back on his thrown of silken, tasseled pillows. "You two are dismissed," he said simply.

We nodded simultaneously and rose to our feet. Bowing respectfully, but not feeling an ounce of respect for our so-called God, we departed, not too hastily to raise suspicion. We walked easily down the path to the outside, the snow crunching beneath our feet. Soon, we'd left the gates, and we were on the familiar trail to home. I counted twenty-five trees along the side of the road before I reached for Kyo's hand and took off at a run. I ran and ran and ran, my feet pounding hollowly against the ground. I heard Kyo's footfalls echoing mine as he ran behind me. We ran until our legs gave out from under us, at which point we fell in a crumpled heap to the snow-blanketed dirt. Kyo leaned back against a tree, his breath ragged and shallow. Mine wasn't much smoother.

And then I fell against him, and I started sobbing. He did, too. The tears wouldn't stop flowing, and my body wouldn't stop trembling. Kyo held me tightly, crying and shaking just as much as me, if not more so. I sobbed until I thought my tear ducts would run dry, until my throat was raw and screaming for something to quench my sudden thirst, until my stomach was cramping and protesting the strain on my body. Only then did the tears stop, did the trembling subside. For the first time since arriving at the main house, I looked up at Kyo's face, my heart sinking at the red welts on the sides of his cheeks and his bloodied lip. He smiled at me, though it hardly reached his tear-stained eyes. I shook my head, a dry sob wrenching itself from my throat, before leaning up and kissing him. The blood was bitter on my tongue, but I didn't care. I willingly lapped it up, hearing him whimper with what sounded like a mix of pain and pleasure.

Pulling back, I said, "We did it."

"We did, didn't we?" he agreed with a small laugh.

"Now that he doesn't think we're in love, he won't be constantly on our case. He might… He might catch us again, one day, but until then…we're free." My head sloped heavily forward, landing on his shoulder. "And even if he does catch us again, it doesn't matter. I won't lose you, no matter what. We'll always be together." I looked up at him, asking, "Right?"

"Right." He kissed my cheek, the one opposite my bruised cheek where Akito had struck me. "Yuki…" he whispered. "I… I want you to a make love to me…"

"What?" I squeaked. "You… You mean…you want me to…do… to you…?"

He nodded, nuzzling my neck.

"No, Kyo… I can't…" I felt tears biting again at the corners of my eyes and tried to will them away. "Kyo…you've already been through so much abuse, I don't want to hurt you any more. You know that if you…if you're on bottom, it's going to hurt, right? It's—"

He hushed me with a finger on my lip. "Yuki, I want it. I need to feel you inside of me." He took his finger away and I glimpsed the scarlet coating it. Wonderful. My lip was bleeding, too. He stuck the finger in his mouth, licking the blood away.

"Kyo…" The look in his eyes, so pleading…I couldn't refuse. "Okay."

We got up out of the snow, heading for home. There was a note tacked on the door, a note from Shigure, saying that Honda-san was spending the night with Uotani-san and Hanajima-san, and that he was visiting Ayame at his shop. They'd left us alone. I felt a rare blooming of appreciation for Shigure as I pushed the door open, taking the note and laying it on the kitchen table. The next thing I knew, Kyo was kissing me, and we were backpedaling to the stairs, continuing up them, still fused at the mouth. Then we were in my room, and the backs of my knees were hitting my bed. I fell onto it, feeling the sheets balloon around me for a moment before laying still. We kissed for a while longer before I pushed Kyo away and told him to lay down. He did, situating himself in the middle of my bed against the pillows, and then I was on top of him, kissing him again.

I pulled his shirt over his head, wanting nothing more than to feel him, feel his skin, feel his heart beating closely to mine. This time, I knew where the shirt landed. My shirt was gone soon after, wafting down and blanketing the space of floor next to Kyo's. I kissed Kyo's cheek, lathing the raw red marks on the sides of his face with my tongue. At first, he winced, but after that he mewled contently. I smiled; he was so adorable. I kissed down his jaw, moving slowly down to his neck and nipping at the soft, tan skin. His head rolled back to grant me more access, and I hungrily obliged. I couldn't get enough of him. Soon, I was biting at his collarbone, and he was purring. God, how I loved that sound. Kissing down his chest, I whispered, "Kyo, you know that you're not a hideous monster, right?"


"Kyo," I said more forcefully, "you know that you're beautiful, right? Don't believe anything that Akito says." I looked up at him, begging him with my eyes to listen to me. "Kyo…" Crawling back up to his mouth, I licked his lips, whispering, "You're the most beautiful person I know." Maneuvering my arms between his neck and the pillow, held him tightly and nuzzled his ear. "I want to make you feel beautiful, Kyo."

He shivered, making me grin. My arms unwound themselves from around his neck and my hands gallivanted down his torso, skating across his chest and stomach. He tried to arch into my light touches. I moved back down his body with my mouth, teasing his nipples. He gasped as my lips closed around one, and I sucked on it. My hands continued their trek to his pants, where I found the fastening and furtively undid it, all the while busying my mouth with his chest.

"Yuki," he moaned. It was a gorgeous sound.

"Kyo, I love you," I breathed before gripping the hem of his pants and sliding them over his hips. He lifted them to aid the process, and soon they were on the floor beside our shirts. As I went to relieve him of his boxers, he stayed my movements with a hand on my wrist.

"Before we go any further," he murmured, "we have to do something about your clothes." He sat up, and I leaned back on my knees. He pushed me down and reached for the button of my own pants, popping it open and then pulling the hem down over my hipbones. Soon, they'd gone the way of the rest of our clothes., followed shortly after by our socks, leaving us in nothing but our boxers. Before I knew it, however, my boxers were gone too, and Kyo was kissing down my stomach.

"K-Kyo…" I gasped as his tongue dipped into my navel, lighting my already boiling blood on fire. "I…I thought that…"

"Shhhh…" he whispered, nipping at my overly prominent hipbones. I groaned and relaxed into the mattress, no longer in the position to argue. His mouth was just all to close to my arousal, and it was making it incredibly difficult to think straight. And then his tongue was running along the skin between thigh and groin, and that about did it for me.

"Kyo," I whined. "St-Stop…teasing me…please…"

"Heh." He smirked, and all in one swift movement took me into his mouth down to the base, wrenching a heady moan from my lips. My fingers grasped the sheets desperately, as if they were the only anchorage I had to this world as my hips bucked. He held them down, much to my dismay, and continued taking his dear old time. His tongue and teeth teased the sensitive skin, drawing more gasps and cries from my mouth. My breath was ragged and there were fireworks going off in my head and everything was just so damn hot.

"Kyo…" It seemed to be the only word in my vocabulary at that moment, along with "God" and "more" and a host of varying onomatopoeias that basically all sounded the same. Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to take much more, he pulled away, leaving me breathless and whimpering for him to continue. And he just wore that insufferable smirk.

"I love doing that," he said, wiping at his mouth. "Turning you into putty, that is."

I shook my head clear before propping myself up on my elbows and meeting his dulled, garnet gaze. I wrinkled my nose at him and stuck out my tongue, then pushed him back against the pillows and purred, "My turn." I caught the hem of his boxers between my teeth and began to pull them down. His body immediately stiffened, his breath hitching in his throat as I dragged the fabric over his obvious arousal, my mouth apparently too close to it for comfort. Now it was me who was smirking. Finally, his boxers were at his ankles, and I yanked them off, tossing them haphazardly to the floor.

I ran my fingers up his legs, from his tight calves to his knees to his thighs, past his hips and up his abdomen until I reached his shoulders. I kissed him hotly on the mouth, running my tongue across his lips, which immediately parted. After sweeping through his warm, pliant mouth for a good minute and playing with his own tongue, drawing it between my lips and suckling greedily, I pulled back and kissed his chin. Then his jaw, then his temple, then his ear, which I paid special attention to, eliciting various beautiful whines and mewls. My hips pressed demandingly into his, rocking against them and forcing a needy moan from his throat. The entirety of it sent sparks shooting through my veins, lighting the dynamite fuse in my chest. The thought now of being inside of him was so tempting, so sinfully appealing that I didn't know how much more foreplay I could handle. I think Kyo was in a similar state.

I planted soft, ephemeral kisses down his chest, licking around his nipples as my hand crept across his thigh. I hoped I could distract him from the imminent pain that I knew he would be feeling. I noted the welts on his handsome face again, the already forming bruise just below his ribs where Akito had kicked him, the red mark on his shoulder, and felt a sting of guilt. I didn't want to hurt him anymore. But…he told me he wanted this. And right now, I would do just about anything that he wanted.

My fingers quickly found his entrance and danced around it. His gasp fell across my ears, and I could discern the threads of pleasure lacing the sound. It made my heart flutter excitedly. Slowly, whispering a quick warning, I pressed my index finger into his entrance, and I nearly lost it at the feeling. It was so hot, and so tight, and so incredibly amazing that I almost came at the thought of actually being inside of him. I was mindful of my lover, though.

"Mmn… Yuki…" I heard him whine. I could tell he was a little uncomfortable. I leaned up and kissed him gently, whispering little words of encouragement.

"It'll get better," I promised. And I knew all too well that it would. "But, Kyo, if you want me to stop at any time, just say so."

He nodded. "I know." His breathing was short and sharp, his chest rising and falling quickly, shallowly. I could feel his heart pounding against his chest as I laid on top of him, and you'd think our hearts were racing each other with how fast they were both going. Moving my one finger around a little, I added the second after a moment. I pushed in a little more. I knew it had to be around here somewhere, the spot that would send him into violent shudders of ecstasy. Every time Kyo hit mine, I screamed. And… "AHH, Yuki!" …it seemed he was the same way. "Yuki," he whined, "do that again!" I smiled and nodded, curling my fingers and stroking his prostate once more. "Ohhh… Yuki, that—" The rest of his sentence was disrupted by a short scream. He writhed helplessly, trying to get more of the feeling. His fingers were digging almost painfully into my shoulders, leaving little crescent moon marks. But I didn't care. I loved the look on his face, the twisted expression of pleasure and euphoria.

"Kyo," I whispered, placing another kiss on his lips. With my free hand, I reached up and brushed his matted bangs out of his eyes. They were sticking to his forehead with sweat. His whole body, his cinnamon-tan skin, was glittering with it. I could feel that I was covered in sweat, too. It was perfect. "Kyo," I said again, "are you ready?"

He nodded. "Please, Yuki… I want it."

"I know." I removed my fingers and took his hips in my hands, nudging his legs further apart with my knees. And then, I pushed in, and it felt like my world was spiraling in on me. I couldn't help the moan that fell, unbidden, from my parted lips.

Oh, it was so incredible. He was so hot and tight and just… "Oh God," I gasped, feeling tears in my eyes again. My vision was flashing with white, searing streaks and I couldn't help but release another moan. "Kyo… hah-ahh… you feel so…perfect…"

"Good…" he breathed. "Because…" a whimper slipped between his lips, "it feels just as perfect…having you inside me…" His hands were gripping the sheets tightly, his head thrown back, and he just looked so beautiful. I hoped he felt as such. "Yuki, move," he whined, pushing his hips forward. My breath caught at the sensation, more pleasure careening through my body. I realized then that I was sitting still, having been paralyzed by the bliss of the initial penetration.

But now I was mobile again, my frozen senses relit and blazing passionately. I pulled out and pushed back in, this time further, all the way to the hilt. Kyo let out another cry, something incomprehensible that sounded like my name. He clung to my shoulders desperately, pulling me down into a heated kiss. Our ragged breathing mingled between our lips. I thrust in again, and then again, and each time Kyo moved to meet my movements. But I still hadn't hit his spot yet, and I so badly wanted to see him writhing again like he had been before. The next time I pulled out, I shifted my angle just a little and thrust forcefully back in.

"OH! Yuki, right there!" he pleaded.

I smiled and asked, "Th-There…?" I mimicked my last thrust and his back arched smoothly as another scream was torn from his lips.

"Y-Yes…there…" he gasped. "Ahh, Yuki, harder!"

I nodded and complied, doubling the force of my thrusts and hitting his spot every time. He writhed and arched and bucked and moaned and it was just so gorgeous. I felt a familiar coiling of heat in my lower stomach, and knew that this would be over soon, as much as I never wanted to see it end. I kissed him again, nipping at his lips greedily. "C-Come for me," I whispered. "Kyo, I want you to come for me."

I nuzzled his sweat-dampened neck as he mewled and whimpered. We had fallen into a beautiful, languid rhythm. But it was beginning to falter as we both climbed to our peaks. I held back, though; I wanted Kyo to come first. I wanted to feel his body spasm while my senses were still soaked in a sex-induced high; I wanted to feel him tighten around me and bring me over the edge. And so he did, screaming my name. His orgasm splattered artistically across our stomachs, his muscles contracting and his inner walls gripping me as I thrust in one last time. The dynamite fuse reached its end, exploding in my body.

"KYO!" I cried and came inside of him, filling him with my essence, marking him as mine. We were joined, we were together. I was a part of him, and he was a part of me. We were the melody and the harmony of a beautiful sonata, silver and gold in a masterpiece of metalwork, the sun and the moon shining brightly in the day and night. We couldn't live without each other. And we'd never have to.

I pulled out and collapsed on top of him, my lips falling just short of his mouth and kissing the corner of it. He chuckled and turned my head so that out lips met, two pieces of the same puzzle. I looked at him, losing myself in the rich scarlet of his eyes. "I love you, Kyo," I said.

He reached beneath us and pulled out the covers, wrapping his arms around me and cocooning us in the sheets. I snuggled into his side, listening to his slowing heartbeat and the comforting rumble in his chest as he replied, "I love you, too, Yuki."

As we lazily drifted off to sleep, the sparse snowflakes still falling outside our window and catching the light of the moon in their crystalline shapes, a thought hazily flitted through my mind.

Perhaps, not everything in this world was so stupid after all.


love: noun. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness. Antonym: hate; Synonym: affection, amour, devotion, infatuation, passion, rapture, yearning

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