Title: Bend and Break
Rating: Strong Teen
Summary: "This is the last time / that I will say these words."
Fandom / Pairing: HP, R/Hr
Notes: This is it. The last part.

"Would you care to dance?"

She looked up at him, a little startled, before her expression shifted into a smile. "Of course." She took his hand and rose, careful not to step on the trim of her dress robes. They were neither periwinkle nor floaty; they were simple and pretty and a deep, cornflower blue. Nor were his lace-cuffed and maroon. His were a deep navy, and she distantly noted that they brought out his eyes.

He led them out onto the dancefloor. He found himself smiling a little fondly at his brother, the groom. He and Fleur, the (literally) blushing bride, shared an intimate moment on the dancefloor, gently swaying to the music, foreheads touching. For a moment, he felt a distinct rush of something, but it faded and he turned his attention to his partner.

She, though, was staring at the newlywed couple wistfully. Silently, she wondered if she would ever be lucky enough to have that. A light pressure on the small of her back made her realize where and who she was with. And it was enough.

The area around them cleared and he twirled her, the skirt of her dress robes, full and free, swirling around her. They came back together without missing a step, and they shared a smile.

As they turned, they spotted Ginny and Harry together. They held each other close, cherishing what little time they had left.

"We leave tomorrow morning," she said, quietly.

"At dawn," he added. His blue eyes darkened with a flash, and for a moment, she saw the man he would - had - become.

She gripped his shoulder a little tighter. "I'm scared."

He leaned down to murmur in her ear. "So'm I." Their eyes locked for a moment and they saw themselves reflected in the other.

The moment broke as the song ended and a faster song replaced the slower one before. Suddenly, she wanted out. Grasping Ron's hand, she pulled him out of the crowd. They didn't stop until they were clear of the yard and the music. At the tip of a rise they collapsed, her skirt fanning out around her.

"I couldn't have lasted another moment. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. If you hadn't, I would have."

A comfortable silence stretched out between them. Both of them looked into the setting sun. Come morning, they would be gone. Seventeen and alone, save for each other.

She turned to him and found him gazing at her intently. His skin looked bronze and his hair shone like fire and she was enchanted.

She glowed gold, and her hair highlighted itself. The play of light on the planes of her face made her both familiar and mysterious. He rose to his knees, and raised a shaking hand to her cheek. Tucking a stray curl behind her ear, he let his hand wander over the familiar contours of her face. His thumb traced over her cheekbone, his fingers traced the line of her jaw. She felt her skin tingle under his touch, and every nerve stood on end in anticipation.

Her chin he gently grasped between his thumb and forefinger. Leaning forward, he murmured into her ear, "I'm scared."

Their eyes met, hazel and blue. Earth and sky. "So am I." Quietly, she closed the distance between them.

For a few precious eternities, they were happy.

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